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    Dog Play...


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    What a great clip this is. This is what I wish I could do every day. Love the camera work. When he points it at the camera, I could almost feel the cum hitting my chin. I'm not sure how he kept from jumping under there and sucking the shit out of that fine cock. I know I would have been on it in a heartbeat.If there was 1 thing I did not like, it was the choice of music. But that is a minor detail. I think this movie gets a 10.Hope to see many more clips like this one.

    Uploaded by EdgarFitz · Rating: 4.3 (210 votes) · 64690 views


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    Thomas1290, posted

    Not a fan of the music, but definitely a fan of the dog - his cock and hot cum. I would love both in my mouth and also would love to feel him spray it all over my small breasts and tummy, then I would wipe it up with a finger and taste it, of course.

    katierez, posted

    hot vid...do more

    gymlad, posted

    was fürn geiler schwanz das würd ich au ma gerne

    assassin741, posted

    extremely sexy... just like my Mastiff <3

    mastiffdog, posted

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    SilentFreak, posted

    prelep kurac, velik, divno pskanje, steta sto nije meni u usta....

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Que pau espetacular, lindo e gostoso, só faltou mesmo ser chupado como merece.

    Pauloventura, posted

    Let me take handle this XD

    henry100nx, posted

    Beautiful Dog Cock - would love to enjoy it

    Jim70, posted

    Would love ta feel that cock grow inside of me

    Abcde963, posted

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    KIKI1112, posted

    looks like fun.....

    bigtopgog, posted

    Geil wie der Hund einen runter geholt bekommt

    luka1, posted

    I would really like to know the song please! Thank you!

    furpaws, posted


    sissybutt, posted

    id definately suck that dog cock anytime :)

    phreakerd, posted

    i would like 2 be his bitch 4 him 2 fill me up with his cum . anybody in melbourn fl. message me

    boatman6969, posted

    That is one fine cum dripping cock-aahhhhhhhhh

    craveit, posted

    Mmmmm love dog cock:)

    horselover192, posted

    what odd music to be playing

    tittybitchs, posted

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    Theporgirl, posted

    what kind of dog is it?

    michele119, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Why must dogs have an erection after they ejaculate? I find it kind of weird and disappointing.

    RandomOrgasm123, posted

    slurp up that hot cum bud!

    professorgolden, posted

    great K9 cum shot, love to see a dog cum and of course love to be under his throbbing dick and lap it up too, yum, very good clip!

    Maikol, posted

    lep kurac, mora da se prizna. super prska, bar da je meni u usta...

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    nice video the music sucks...

    happynono, posted

    Oh FUCK! Where can I find a beautiful dog cock like that to suck???????? Are there any dogs and owners available in North London?

    keristal1, posted

    I want this dog to fuck my mouth!!

    hellotiger, posted

    i would love to suck that dog!!

    mizoka, posted

    thats a hot video a real turn on

    josephp_08, posted

    one of the most beautiful K9 cums I've ever seen. Luv to have that K9 cum in my mouth but have 2 appreciate the guy letting us see how good his dog cums

    kokkyd, posted

    Guys wtf...just because he doesnt suck doesnt make this a waste. Jerking dogs is an artform of its own, and this is amazing. I love men and girls that can please their dog, sucking vids usually hide alot of cum action going on :P msg me if ur in aus and are bi lady or dude, doesnt really matter tho: marylasher122@gmail.com

    marylasher122, posted

    that video is a real turn on

    carousel, posted

    haha and the music with counter-strike sounds ;D

    sgrodzki, posted

    der riesen schnautzer hat auch einen riesen penis.der geilste hund überhaupt will auch mal wieder von einen großen rüden gefickt werden.

    knoten2009, posted

    I wanna suck him off.

    somprs, posted

    how could you not suck that sweet cock?

    toguy4k9cock, posted

    omg, y didnt u suck on it? i would slurp that cock forever!!!!!!!!!!

    dirtydog33, posted

    I agree with Dr Jack - I have jerked off over this clip twice now and the sight of the sheath pulling back over that thick knot gets me off big time. Awesome cumshot too. Thanks for posting/sharing.

    curiousukguy, posted

    Every time I see that sheath pulled back over the knot that's swelling I shoot my bolt!!

    Dr_Jack, posted

    id love to throat that cock real deep

    blondiej, posted

    I love these cum shots. They make my mouth water.

    tinyguy, posted

    gorgeous cock. i'd love to suck it hard then take that hot load of cum deep in my pussy. mmm

    concave_scream, posted

    would love to feel those contractions and have it ooze...shame on me, but they enjoy it too...shh, don't tell...

    onelivewire, posted

    This clip was great I loved the angles he had in the beginning he made the dog hard then he jerk him off a bit then the finalie when he had the dogs dick cumming at the camara I give this clip an 8.5 now I would love to jerk a dog off but I don't have a male dog right at the moment and my female dog is an elder so I can't do anything with her oh well love watching these vids keep posting vids like these and I know i'll stay tuned and keep looking for great jerking videos

    badboy8546, posted

    very hot movie. the guy jacking his dog off is really hot. the nice dog penis is being please. nice big shot at the end.wish got to see the dog fuck him. i love seeing him jerk off his dog. should mix his cum and the dogs cum together. the angle was fine the audio was good. maybe more verbal would be good, like to hear a guy telling his dog you like that and start playing with the dogs cock. I cum everytime i watch this. wish i could have a dog that would just play around like that.

    codyl123, posted

    WOW nice dog cock I would be suckin on it and swallow all. would even try to let him fuck me with the knott in me till it goes limp. did not like music but photograpghy is ok. looked like a black lab.the movie should be longer to show dog getting soft. and maybe he will get hard again and shoot one more time. I see dogs fucking other dogs one after another. would be nice to see how many loads he can shot I have sucked a guy off eight times in three hrs non stop section.so a dog can do that too.so here it is and will watch more to see what fun the perverted can do to get off.dont think I can do large animals

    pbdawabbit, posted

    Very nice camera angles, The music fit the video very well. The cum shot was just Awsome. Jerking the dog of was a very hot to watch. It was by far one of the best jerking videos i have seen in a long time. I hope to see more videos like that from you and mabey more than that. And a well done job on teaching the dog not to move during the video. And I also hope to learn your ways of keeping him still and not fight back during that. All in all, keep up the good work.

    Dogcummer111, posted

    Even though I found this video too short I still enjoyed it very much . Watching this dogs cock swell to it's impressive size and shoot his load was very erotic. I believe the dog is a large shnauzer . I also enjoyed wachting his large balls bounce around . The only down side I would say was the music. Very distracting. I would much rather have heard the dog's panting . Something I enjoy when my pitbull fucks me . I believe I have seen some other bestiality movies "starring" this particular K9 . Again he has a really big cock that I would love to service. A beautiful cock on this dog . Very big cock. Thick in the middle and let's not forget his Knot . I could watch this movie over and over again.

    hellotiger, posted

    One of the best dog movies i've seen so far- I liked how they showed the dogs "member" pumping his juices...if only they showed it a little longer! The dogs cock was nice too- big fat knot and a smooth finish from top to bottom. I also noticed that when the camera zoomed in and you couldn't clearly see the dog cumming, you knew he was still pumping out his juices because his tail was bobing up and down for a minute there. There at the end of the clip I think that maybe the camera could've been positioned a bit different, but besides that, I like it. Kudos to the person who made the video... he should do another one. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'd have to say that i'd give this video an 8

    BeRoskii, posted

    What a great clip this is. This is what I wish I could do every day. Love the camera work. When he points it at the camera, I could almost feel the cum hitting my chin. I'm not sure how he kept from jumping under there and sucking the shit out of that fine cock. I know I would have been on it in a heartbeat.If there was 1 thing I did not like, it was the choice of music. But that is a minor detail. I think this movie gets a 10.Hope to see many more clips like this one.

    jimmyb555, posted
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