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    Calf Suck Guy


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    Calf suck cock

    Uploaded by Littelspirit · Rating: 4.3 (251 votes) · 100049 views


    any dads with dog for c2c skype? i am 20 write me pvt

    dermabion, posted

    lucky calves lucky guy

    sikperv, posted

    Anyone from New Jersey with a calf or two i can play with? Message me please, I wanna make this fantasy come true!!

    mihorsey, posted

    Oh what a hot cock, just the right size for sucking on. I wish I was that calf yum.

    Almar63, posted

    I wish I had a cock so bad.

    Yaoi21, posted

    every calf in the world is sweet, cute, stupid, innocent bitch! they're perfect toys for sex ;) best cocksucker, and when u fuck theyr little pussies and asses they scream of pleasure like the bitch they are!! best animals for sex!!!

    davidboy94, posted


    babe1402xxx, posted

    i just cam in my pants

    bornsinner, posted

    goddamn i wish i had a cock so fucking hot

    indianamom4play, posted

    wish i had a cock

    fucks123, posted

    mm this got me so hard

    emmanem616, posted

    Guy from uk looking 4 groups ov guys or single guys or girls or anbody who will help me make sum anmial porn movies I will let any animal fuck my ass I really want a huge dog cock and knot all way up me and fuck me until I'm full ov luvly animal cum mmmmm email me plz jimmyblackburn64@gmail.com I can travel anywhere xx

    dogluva13, posted

    Damn that was hot. Nice hot cum for them to drink. I just wish that he would have had sound. It would have been hot to hear him moan as the calf sucked him down.

    sexydoesit, posted


    ABCDE06, posted

    If you maybe live in sweden and love to be sucked by a calf or you are a girl live in sweden and love to be licked by a calf/cow and maybe want to se me fuck an horse/cow let me know,, maybe we can meet and have nice sex whit cows horses,, puss och hör av dig snälla!! min mail: claymates@hotmail.com

    claymates, posted

    Damn HOT. I remember when I was a kid, some puppies still not teething sucked my cock and it felt really good. LOL

    chase57, posted

    cant se anything

    pitbulltijuana, posted

    I have to try that...anyone have any?

    bennie-dk, posted

    after watching thes clips, i would suck a dogs cock and let a calf suck me too, damn i am horney!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Don't fight girls there's plenty more cum for both of you to drink

    feedit2u, posted


    Travisbickle, posted

    This guy can really shoot! I'd be worried about having my balls up against that 2x6. What if they got butted? Ouch...

    balloonguyaz, posted

    I love this game. Unfortunately i have no Friend with calfes. Between my 14 and 30 age my sister are married with a farmer. In the first 6 years i´m allone. His calfes sucks often my cock.

    Longus009, posted

    I have to try that...anyone have any?

    rlee1976, posted

    i soooo wanna try it it looks like lots of fun.

    snowball, posted

    made me sooo hoorrrnnnyyy

    asselfig, posted

    Mmmmmmmmm , I'v pumped my cum down a many of calves throats.

    bud, posted

    Hot video. Man walks up pulls his dick out and two calfs walk up ready to suck him down there cute throats. One calfs sucks him while the other keeps waiting for their turn, but the little calf wouldn't let him go. The guy in the video slowly pulls his cock out to give the calf a hot facial, but the calf wasn't having that. The calf sucks the dude's penis right back down her throat as he pumps the last of his cum in her mouth. She then starts to suck and lick his balls wanting more than he had to give. My guess is that he does this often because they seem to know what he wants.

    sexydoesit, posted

    "Calf Suck Guy" was definitely worth watching. There are two calves fighting over this lucky guys cock and balls.The animals really enjoy sucking this lucky guy cock.They take turns sucking him until he loses his masive load. My favorite part is when the guy cums on one of the calves nose. That lucky calf then sucks the guy load until he's finished cumming.Awesome!The video is a little dark. Also more sound effects are needed. I still enjoyed this great video.The cum scene was worth watching. I look forward to the next video. Remember more sound effects. Keep up the good work.

    Lat-anim2, posted

    I love to see a nice size cock go in and out of a calf's mouth until he cums. After he comes my body tingled when he put his cock back in the calf's mouth. His cock was so hard. It was standing straight out will the calf used it as a pacifier. The calf sucked and sucked on that hard cock until the man's hot, steamy, white juices flowed from that cock. The calf loved the tasted of that hard cock because it seemed as though the calf could not get enouch of it. That juicy thick cock stayed there and took the calf's sucking until it was satisfied. I wish there was sound that would have made this video excellent!!!!

    vnjones04, posted

    this is a great video it has good quality and it is really amazing. i hope more people will watch this and enjoy it. it is a video that i would reccomend for people who like beastiality. its well done and i have to say it looks like the calf is enjoying itself. if i had to rate it it would be a 4 / 5. this video really can be enjoyed to its fullest potential and should have a higher rating. i think the video will go down well but all i really have to say is amazing video it is really well done and deserves every rating that it gets

    hfreak69, posted
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