• calf sucks cock balls and all

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    yo can u get std if a calf suck ur dick???

    mangaman121, posted

    Nice video and cock!

    Dman181986, posted

    21 year old straight male looking for female anything to fuck near maple grove MN if willing to share please contact

    cold12345, posted

    It looks like you put something on your cock to get the calf interested. What was that?

    mike69huntABC, posted

    i want to be sucked by a calf !! text me an inbox i'm from méxico

    Rdzemmanuel, posted

    they just naturally start sucking, and they're so fucking good at it! they don't need to be trained don't worry ;) just, show your cock and they'll suck it!

    davidboy94, posted

    message me with info pls :p

    evangelion89, posted

    so do they just naturally start sucking or do they need to be trained? would love to try this one day, looks like it feels fucking good

    evangelion89, posted

    The first I let a calf suck my cock when I was a teenager I just about passed out. Always loved the calves sucking my cock.

    garyhillstrom, posted

    Looks like he nearly passed out in the end. LOL

    fuckazoo, posted

    I eish I was the calf

    Dubhappy, posted

    Loved when the calves would get on my balls and suck them for awhile. Miss this a lot.

    HOGFarmer, posted

    MMmmmmmmm i fucking LOVE watching calves suck and lick cock!!

    katniss007, posted

    Did this when i was 13. Best bj i ever had. Theyre such hard suckers

    666pedro666, posted

    this makes me cum every time i watch it

    nicoladoggy, posted

    calves that are still suckling are awesome to enjoy..more than 2 or 3 is even better.. then they take turns till your satisfied.,,making sure to treat them for their enthusiasm

    furluvnspirit, posted

    Hey there! Im 15 and in the Houston/The Woodlands Texas area, Anyone want to fool around? Im slim,not too tall not too short im 5' 11" and a virgin. Im bi and woulld love to do something with anyone -17 ! PM me if you want Pics!

    yorknstuff, posted

    fucking hot :)

    zhiko, posted

    if anyone knows where i can experience this send me a message on here please , I am in the Houston, area and want to try some of this stuff out , but want a guy to teach me the ropes and we could have fun too

    tcx315, posted

    thats fucking hot, Would love to try it out sometime, anyone in TEXAS do this? and willing to host me we could have a hot fun night

    tcx315, posted

    the felling of that is so awesome!!!!!!!!

    doggiedoer2, posted

    i love fucking and spanked calves! they're so good at sucking, they're born for suck dick! :) and you're so cool! i love gay bears so much!!

    davidboy94, posted

    You're one fat bastard!

    EvilWolf, posted

    yes it was out in public. the road was fifty feet behind the calf hutch, if i would have moved the camera higher you would have seen the house across the road

    jssam337, posted

    ive always wanted to do this!

    horsecumcurious, posted

    Any one in England lancashire, if so let me know

    jebendjoe, posted

    ohhh... its so tiny. sweet

    chang1, posted

    And you are out in public?

    mmhmmm234, posted

    ne 1 in chicago

    iamthebeast2, posted

    it is so good it will make your cum till your dry,,

    nthnreed, posted

    I love young animals. They are so cute!

    skawdtdawg, posted

    i wanna be a calf

    Bottom4dogplz, posted

    LOvely!!! anyone in IRELAND???????????????

    Pembury, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    They are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ! :D

    zoophilialover, posted

    such a good little milker, had daddys juice all over her mouth.....mmmmm

    missi35, posted

    hot :P

    innocentdog, posted

    Seems like we have seen this one before.The balls mashed into the wire etc. But then there are so many of calves sucking cocks who could remember.

    philip, posted

    so sweet!

    elukka, posted

    mooooo i want to suck u ....... dont he have teeth >

    lilcock1, posted

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    Can one ever get enough of calf sucking cock videos? I don't think so! This was supposedly was posted recently, and it may have been a repost or it may have been a new post but regardless it's a great post! A clear and steady camera with good sound lets us watch this calf go after his human pacifier eagerly. the calf was not forced and for most of the video he works on the cock on his own without actually taking it fully in his mouth like he would a teat. Eventually the man holds his cock still and the calf finds it and takes it in as naturally as he would his mothers teat. I wish i had a cock and could appreciate what this must be like. So for now I have penis envy and live vicariously through this amazing video and others like it. keep them cumming!

    RottieFan, posted
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