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    Boy Fucks Bitch Dog


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    Young Male Boy fucks bitch dog on bed

    Uploaded by chrisinuk · Rating: 4.8 (57 votes) · 5308 views



    geemale, posted

    mmmmm so fucking hot I'd like to play with them both....mmmm

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    That was one hot fuck, nice uncut cock too

    buckoo, posted

    bom d mais

    toby14, posted

    small cock but good fuck ! great quality sound !

    lousol, posted

    Great quality fuck vid thx...I'd never heard of petlust before...now its GONE ;(((

    sk1nfuct, posted

    this video better than that cumming up raven on premium and be put on premium site

    toby14, posted

    good loving here

    hung4dog, posted

    fucking amazing

    ruffdog6272, posted

    this has what 99% of zoo vids dont: full mouth/tongue kissing session with her, hot tight pussy he slowly fingers and licks, and finally a bitch completely in love with her dad while hes fucking her missionary and making out with her mouth.... i want to see what goes on at home

    rnoguy, posted

    what a sexy boy! beautiful fucking ...

    eristalis, posted

    •Aluzky• Hail petlust, though I'm sure these videos are copyrighted ._.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    WOW !! these two have it all !! The kissing - the oral sex - the hot fucking !! What a happy coulple !!!

    ercole69, posted

    I'm going to go make love with my dog, and then I will come back and write about this young man and his. This is a real moving picture, a movie, om the far side of being just a clip. We are taken from the opening of the door, to the beginning of foreplay, all the way through a moaning, panting, thrashing in-cunt orgasm, and along the way we are given, slowly, gently, a clinic on all the things a man and his dog who love each other can do. My doggy boy and I know how these two feel. I'm going to take a break from this writing right now and go feel that mutual, unconditional pleasure with him again.*****************an hour later****************** After our breeding and 69 to mutual simultaneous orgasm, I am sitting here thinking about what this young man and I enjoy together. We have dogs of the opposite sex, it's true. But there are only a few individuals filmed in this archive that totally get into locking mouths with their canine partners. Aluzky is one, and this fellow with the Golden Lab bitch is another. I'm a third! Dog tongue and teeth inside my mouth are a penultimate turnon. The rythyms of dog/man kissing are one of the things we can hear as the two mouth each other, which they do for the first several minutes, and then the youth begins readying his lover's cunt for entry with his fingers, showing us all the pretty pink inside. Then he begins to eat her. This is undoubtedly the best dog pussy eating on the archive, as for several minutes he digs his tongue, from a couple of very explicit angled closeups, into the Lab's vagina. Female dogs do have orgasms orally, you know. If you eat a dog's pussy you will find that there are ridges on the walls which are analogous to the same ridges in the walls of a human pussy: they are there for the pleasure of the lady, of whatever species. Watching this young man dig and dig into his mate, we know he is getting to those ridges, getting his whole tongue up inside her. Eventually he readies her for penetration, and although we do not see his first entry (the only thing in this film we do not see), we join him humping vigorously inside her. This man's penis is fairly small-- surely no more than 5 inches-- and so his humping is short and usually rabbit-speed. But he has outstanding endurance for fucking her so hard, and somehow never once pulls back too far on a hump and slips out. And we get to watch he and his lover with their arms around each other kissing passionately as he drills her. It looks for all the world like a man and woman. He is fucking her side by side and actually rolls on top of her, never breaking their kiss or the fucking rythym. After almost 15 minutes of solid fucking, the young man begins to bring himself to orgasm. His fucking gets even faster, and eventually we hear him moan and howl as he blasts out his sperm inside her! The two share another sweet kiss in afterglow as the film ends. The Lab throughout was ecstatically happy. Whether in bliss lying on the pillow while being eaten, or wildly wagging her tail while being ploughed, she is one happy, happy dog throughout. And this is the very best on the archive in several important ways that I have described. This is above rating on my system of 5. This is what zoophilia is all about-- making love outside your species.

    boyoboyo, posted
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