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    Man Banging Malamute


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    Man banging a malamute.

    Uploaded by Sram · Rating: 4.6 (1220 votes) · 104499 views


    I just reacted to that the dog seemed to be so varm all the time...

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    Malamutes look allot like huskys. so im pretty sure its a malamute and not a husky

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    She's certainly not a purebred malamute, but based on her build and size, I would say she's half or more. She has blue eyes...purebred mallies always have brown eyes. Beautiful bitch nonetheless.

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    •Aluzky• @Jenners, dogs also pant to cold down, when stressed, when exited, after exercise, considering that she is a husky with all that fur in a close room having sex, I think is way more possible that she is just panting to cool up. Also, if she where in pain she would be yelping, I do think she was annoyed with the guy moving her all over the place and being a bit too ruff, that was done only for the fun of the spectator and not for the fun of her. She would have enjoy it more in doggy stile position.

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