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    Calf Fuck


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    Guy fuck a calf real deep with his big cock

    Uploaded by rubberhorse · Rating: 3.9 (261 votes) · 105477 views


    I wanta calf like that one!!!

    Gidge, posted

    Hell yes, thats fucking hot! Its too short and it lacks volume, but hey....

    jayko, posted

    Does anybody knows where i can find more of this guys stuff ? BN videos ? Althought really like how he took the cherry of this hole, he literraly break in and fuck the shit out of it.

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    Is the full version of that anywhere? Its well hot

    sk1nfuct, posted

    i really want to do that.....

    Gidge, posted

    I would love to watch a guy do this!

    sassycat, posted

    I'd love to see the long version, and with sound. I'll bet there's a lovely sound track goes with this. I can't believe she would hunch up like that and not have something to say.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Hey, looking to fuck a Calf, message me if your willing to allow me if your in the northern colorado area!

    lolpiko, posted

    anyone in upstate south carolina willing to let me fuck there animal? message me!

    fordkid302, posted

    thats just wrong ...its rape you ass

    furluvnspirit, posted

    What a lucky little calf to get cock at that age! So hot to see the calf arching back as the man pushes his big cock into her tight pussy! Very hot! I just wish it was longer

    doggyasslover, posted


    heyheyimcool, posted

    last week i was fucking 3 brothers male calves so hard, they're so cute!!

    davidboy94, posted

    •Aluzky• This guy videos "BN" is a well know animal abuser and rapist, also a zoopedophile that rape baby animals. Hate him so much for all the suffering he has cause to those animals , I wish he has a horrible life and painful death.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    oh god fuck yeah fuck that little pussy mmm so hot

    sweetcher, posted

    I fucked a young calf, wow it was great, about the same age, later as she got older she remembered me in the pasture and wanted more. wow they do remember and like the fucking early.

    bigjimbo, posted

    Calf Fuck

    www.petsex.com, posted

    clearly she did not enjoy that if your going to do it have respect for the animal size and age as well! not impress that look like rape to me

    sana23, posted

    I agree with you TZwolf.

    spacealien22, posted

    This short little video shows VERY CLEARLY why a calf should not be fucked. She arches her back and strains and shifts her feet in pain when this guy jams it in. Videos like this one are exactly the sort that anti-zoos look at and then make judgements about true zoos who care for their animals. What conclusion would YOU come to if you saw a video like this? That's right....we are all rapists who use animals as "cum tools".

    TZwolf, posted

    Love to see her shove back and jerk when he breaks thru.You can tell the second that she loses her cherry and he slams home.Could watch this for hours.

    philip, posted

    oh wow i love the big cock with the tiny virgin pussy SO HOT

    sweetcher, posted

    i love having anal sex with male calves,they're so sweet!

    davidboy94, posted

    This it the best dam calf video i have ever seen i jest love the the way the calf back lift up too show she fill it , i jest wish there was as minny of calf fucking as calf sucking , the thought of sticking my cock into a tight little pussy is almost too much ,if there were more fucking of calf's i buy a member ship and money well spent

    mark3d, posted

    this is wrong, its a baby!

    imsosick, posted

    Well, that pussy is broken in!Fuck her hard and long.

    philip, posted


    wu1231235689, posted

    Great! Now post some more of the same please.

    philip, posted

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. It's a Fucking baby for crying out loud. I would consider this as animal cruelty and forced rape. It is also obvious that the baby animal is in pain, just the way it arches its back. Not cool at all!!!

    spacealien22, posted

    i have been sucked off then cum into the calf mouth most amazing feeling ever

    4age20v, posted

    i broked virginity of lot of calfs it was fantastic

    casanova1972, posted

    you guys dont seem to realise that it hurts her ALOT! faggots like this are which makes true zoosexuals look bad. This is named bestiality, forced rape.

    brownhill, posted

    Damn! You just broke her virginity. HOT!!! Must be super tight pussy. Wish you had taken a longer video of it.

    chase57, posted

    HOT !!!

    todoesdual, posted

    luv a calf to suck me off. that vid gets me rock hard.

    644724417, posted

    nice tight calf cunt

    liderlig, posted

    I wish it was longer... and harder!

    mmcc, posted

    me encanta!!!

    lokyta88, posted

    i love to whatch him fuck verry hot

    pokey66, posted

    ok this is hot

    blackjack3, posted

    a turn on

    blackjack3, posted

    I find exciting as it gets the dog over and over again I'd like to meet people who like this around the world I would like to practice it, is a rich sex really enjoy seeing him and I think the best thing ever and I would be friend to many people who practice

    carlosmendieta, posted

    this is taken from cow shaggin video, its so old.

    xbgold, posted

    veru hot

    ketankumar, posted

    Sehr geil nur leider ein wenig kurz aber dennoch sehr sehr geil.....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    hot tight fuck....like to see a sperm deposit...

    actionman22, posted

    wow that is sick but so fucking hot. anyone else that likes this taboo stuff contact me, lets chat about it.

    furlust, posted

    Klasse, so ein junges Tier mag ficken. Ich mag alles was jung ist schmunzel, auch Tiere.... :-) Wer in Germany fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder mehr..??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    damn that calf was enjoying it. did you see her keep arching her back?

    einaj, posted


    dctg, posted

    well that looks like a hole lot of fun

    walter7480, posted

    rape = pedophile

    jslp1234, posted

    Gross. Like fucking a baby.

    pinaplepoop, posted


    prabhatsingh, posted

    hi i'm Glen i like how you fuck your calf so hot i love to do it with you if it ok 0430032446 and my msn is adelaidestud20@msn.com

    adelaidestud, posted

    That is what I call deep in that pussy, I would like to try that again, anyone know where I can find a calf to fuck

    bigjimbo, posted

    out of order

    po123333, posted

    she seemed to be hurt...wrong man!

    fettezitzen, posted

    i m in luv with the stud in this movie. he has a really big cock that is rock hard, knows what to do with it and is the sex superstar of the barnyard. this is the same stud from calf bang that shot a huge load all over the calfs ass. B N Productions has a winner and i would luv to know where to get their stuff and maybe calf substitute role for myself with that stud. lol!!!

    luvembig, posted

    Very hot clip, I have a dream to fuck a calf myself some day. Anyone here that know how old a calf must be to be able to fuck it? (if you do please send a message to me)

    k9bitchlover, posted

    Very hot and sexy video - I have some experience like that.

    guruomer, posted

    Great vid... wish it was longer though... but still very good!

    yung_buck, posted

    pretty neat even though she is a bit young!

    udpets, posted

    I would like to Fuck that beautiful Pussy

    kasey5471, posted

    leider sehr kurz, kann mir einer über E-Mail Clips empfehlenß hab och was zu zeigen.

    klettke, posted

    A very good, even if it was so short, video. Thank you!

    Swedishboy7, posted

    This is one of four clips.... I used to have them all and now kick myself for getting rid of them. Great clips!!! Oh....I wish....

    mavsboy, posted

    Did this guy cum in calf pussy ??

    kocksnot, posted

    WOW HOT!

    mountme5, posted

    This is extremely sexy but It would be nice to see some young horses, They're so adorable and... mmmmm... and besides you'd need to find a yound horse, cause then you could be the first, because I'm sure not many people know but horses also have hymens, and it would be great to be able to break through a nice young horse hymen.

    micapadilla, posted

    I would like to Fuck that beautiful Pussy

    petlover6920, posted

    wasnt her first time but hasnt been many times she taken cock the guy knows how to bull calves

    MNfarmer, posted

    sweet very young calf with a nice small pussy. a great hard consequent fuck of this sweet young calf fantastic video - wish I could have some interessting experiences

    nightglow, posted

    wooow sexy pussy

    animal38, posted

    Fantastic video.

    ace1987, posted

    "Calf fuck" was ok. It was too short.It felt like it was a tease.The beautiful calf was being broke in by a guy with a nice size cock. He was pounding that ass really good. I would have liked to heard the sound effects or any animal noise. I also would have liked to have seen a cum shot and the calf lick it afterwards. That would have been awesome! The well hung guy is really good in this short video. The camera work is pretty good too.I hope he continues to make these videos.It really made me horny.Unfortunately, it was too short.

    Lat-anim2, posted

    well let's just say that the calf just her virginity like in the comment said i bet it was super tight and like the video but the only thing is it was alittle to short i perfered if it was longer but i'll say it again it was a very good video and i give it a thumbs up and if we put gold stars on it i would give it five but still it just needs to longer and everyone who watch calf fuck wish it was longer too so in the near future keep doing what you are doing but make them alittle longer please.

    thekmachine992, posted

    Good penetration of the calf could have used a warm up or an intro, you know fingering its ass a bit before just jumping on it. Also could have used a cum shot or some close up shots of his dick hamering in and out of that baby animal. Though the amount of penetration on that calf was far beter then most of the vids ive seen but agin too short and not enough vaired camra shots to make it a great vid cant say its not something i wouldnt have done if i had the animals and the time but some work is needed to improve a fairly solid vid

    NightStalker400, posted

    This was a very nice movie. You can tell the guy loves fucking this calf. He strokes he deep near the end. I think the calf liked it as well. He is really just thrusting into her throughout the movie; the calf bounces her self back so he can get deeper. This was a passionate movie but very short. I would have preferred more camera angles rather than a single static one. I would really have loved to see the guy fucking her harder and longer!This movie is not as much of a turn on as some others I have seen. It seems to be more of a romantic than erotic thing.

    sideswipe35, posted
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