• old homemade film but nice

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    Would love to suck a horse cock til he fills my mouth with his hot cum.

    LWJII, posted

    OMG I want to suck a horse dick and eat his cum. Anybody in southern California have a horse that could use a blow job?

    dude4mk9, posted

    I used to suck horses since I was 9

    justlovescum, posted

    Love watching horse cock get sucked and stroked!! Love watching a horse blast his huge load in the mouth of the sucker and then watching it drip out of their mouth!!

    suckonhorsecock, posted

    omg, i love horse cum, ive been sucking horses at my dads farm nd letting them fuck me for a long time. notyou36830@gmail.com

    auburn202, posted

    beautiful cock. reminds me of my teen days when I sucked horse cock. I miss it, if anybody has a horse or dog that needs oral pleasure message me. 27 in Maryland usa

    justlovescum, posted

    Wünschte ich könnte so was auch mal machen. Wenn mir da jemand aus Bayern helfen kann bitte melden :)

    Sepp123, posted

    Hi im looking for K9 sex with dog or horse im on skype -stevebutt69 or ooVoo or stevo1953@ive.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com or gaybeast .com or beastforum hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    nice sucking. Someone from Mexico to talk about this and other stuff

    Giovannidemty, posted

    Nice, wish that was me sucking that sweet horse cock.

    LWJII, posted

    whoo - i like it - even more - when it gets me - so tare me down - at the niederrhein area - western germany!

    gregoraachen, posted

    I am about to suck horse cock while getting pounded. I love a big horse cock in my mouth and my cousins big cock breeding me.

    horseloverboy12, posted

    hi, bin m 21, lust zu chatten? suche andere männer die mit mir erfahrungen austauschen. bin noch unerfahren, habe erst einmal den schwanz meines nachbarhundes gelutscht, würde es gerne öfter tun. freu mich über eine nachricht ;)

    lacall, posted

    Nice horse cock, wish i was the one in the video, just love sucking off Horses. The longest horse cock that i sucked off was a 22 inch-er and it was so awesome when the stud splashed.

    zog57, posted

    dessa härliga hingst kukar att runka och suga mums

    A-Z07, posted

    likewise, i'd enjoy making an newer film.

    phreakerd, posted

    any one in the riverside county CA with a nice horse? I wanna try that.

    murilloj, posted

    id luv to take this !! was made to take a lot and still up for it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Bleh. At least the horse is mostly hard, unlike some others that also get high marks here. He's not even begun to flare, and it looks like the guy's not very experienced with horses, doesn't know the really sensitive spots on a horse's cock. Where's the GOOD ones? And no, I have no horses these days, nor access to one, so I can't post better. You'll have to settle for this stuff.

    275303572, posted

    need that cock in my mouth & a creamy explosion as well...

    THIRSTY, posted

    Lucky ass slut,love to suck this SEXY LORD take that big dick in my ass,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    Nice clip, but should've finished him off.

    dickeater, posted

    Sorry no cum but nice

    Jonathan18, posted

    reminded me of a black cock

    lamas1, posted

    Would have been better, if your mouth had been filled with his hot horse cum. But nice nonetheless.

    LWJII, posted

    horse didnt cum.....fail

    marylasher122, posted

    Dam nice cock on him x

    pissfuckme, posted

    let me have a go with that horse I let him cum

    aass2fuck, posted

    Shame it wasnt me doing that. Id love a horse <3 or a big man ;)

    Young_one_64, posted

    lucky man

    bootedskinhead, posted

    He is a PRO at the BLOW.

    horsecock84, posted

    Your videos are hot my friend.

    wannagetinme, posted

    ein geile sache.. =)

    master_20, posted


    bitemebigtime, posted

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