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    Man Cums In Sheep


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    man fucks sheep and cums in her

    Uploaded by TheKurgen · Rating: 4.1 (258 votes) · 106984 views


    nice to see his cum leak out but not long enough

    BadDoggy01, posted

    Anyon share my mare in scotland let me know via inbox

    glpasswords, posted

    I guess I must really be a sick fuck myself....man I got off on this video I had no clue that a sheeps pussy was just like a womens I mean I heard of it just never saw one before....shit now I want some sheep pussy.

    dismart, posted

    Wow....that was sweet! I just wish it was longer.

    mavsboy, posted

    nice to see his cum leak out but not long enough to see anything

    wallsvince, posted


    animalloverg1, posted

    Where are all the South African beast lovers? Mail me at George_herman@ymail.com

    NowOrNever, posted

    can I be next with his cock just slide it right on in my cunt no need to clean it first cuz my pussy will wash it for ya

    farmgirlslut, posted

    i dont know

    suelama, posted

    My cousin grew up on a farm. I used to visit him during the summers. When we were 12 he taught me how to fuck sheep. it was awesome!

    Paxon, posted

    i have 15 free movies and maybe i get to watch 2 out of 15. not happy

    jacktadams, posted

    Man's sperm dripping in sheep's cunt, good movie

    vinothcma, posted

    Nice vid, even if it was a little short. It would've been even better the guy had a nice big male dog to suck his cum out of her pussy when he was done. The guy could've held her still while the dog gave her a good deep-tongue job before mating with her too!

    vonCaldwell, posted

    that looked tight it must have felt heavenly

    dreadlord, posted

    does anyone know the best way to fuck a sheep?

    patsy234, posted

    Yet another one I would like to try.

    Londontower96, posted

    mmm nice pink pussy! can I try it with my dick?

    Brock88, posted

    looks like fun! ;))

    k9inky, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    That looked like a tight pussy.

    dog_lover84, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Its very short but good, very good.

    oroblanco, posted

    That was short lived but it looked good.

    Londontower96, posted

    what alovely big ewe just made for my big cock

    barnboy1966, posted

    go fatty go

    tonktaf, posted

    hi there i like that vidoes.. i can show u also.. just hit me up in my yahoo messenger leahhotdizon@yahoo.com alright i love fucking pets:) and i have snake too..

    maria123, posted

    I want to try that so bad!

    kissimurran, posted

    Looks like it felt so good .. had to be nice and warm inside that warm slit great cum shot ..thanks

    lonestrider28, posted

    oh wie geil

    klettke, posted

    short but nice cum shot.

    luvembig, posted

    change that lucky cock with my horny cock...lemme feel that warm pussy....yummy

    goodfarmer17, posted

    nice cumshot... wish it was longer

    deedee333, posted


    GJJJJ, posted

    Wish it was my cock in that sheeps vagina anyone know were i can do that

    hunter6662009, posted

    Nice cumshot ;)

    Larissa_slave, posted

    Everyone likes to get a little kinky once in awhile, but Knot Nice (clever play on words!) is for those who are really into fetish and BDSM. I admit I'm a little on the dark side myself sometimes, I really like to see filthy whores take a good punishment. So I can tell the difference between a quality bondage site an one of them that is just thrown together for someone looking to add the obligatory bondage site to their hardcore porn reportoire. I have to mention that all of these pictures and movies are exclusive to this site. In my opinion, that is the single most important feature you can offer on a bondage site. With all the "faux bondage" and "vanilla" BDSM that is out there, I think that having exclusive content on your site shows that you are really into the fetish and know what your viewers really want to see. The site appears to be updated a couple times a week, although I can't figure out a pattern to the updates. That doesn't matter to me however. As long as the site is frequently updated, and it is. That being said, let me tell you about some of the things I saw inside of Knot Nice. Plenty of young ladies bound with professional rope work. The pictures appear to be professionally shot by a real photographer. They are great lighting and posings. The girls are whipped by riding crops, horse hair whips, canes and several other bondage utensils. Some of them are also mildly tortured with spurs and wooden ponies. The sexiest thing I see them do is fuck the girls with a fucking machine while they're all tied up. One girl even had a vibrator tied to her pussy so she was forced to orgasm several times and there's nothing she could do about it! Hot! All of the movies are in RM format which is the format supported by Real Media. This is an interesting choice of format because I thought these types of movies were no longer made. Apparently I'm wrong. I'm wondering if these movies have some kind of Digital Rights Management encryption on them. That means that they have encryption inside of each clip that only allows the clip to be played on the computer that downloads them. That way it prevents file sharing.

    madirish, posted

    This is short but very good quality. The video is clear and, best of all, the audio is there. Towards the end he pulls out and you do get to see the cum dripping out. It would be great to have a longer video of this guy because he really knows what he is doing. The ewe pussy is very pink and inviting. If you are into sheep, this is a must-see, and this is an especially unique clip since we get to see him cum inside her, and also to see the cum dripping out again, which I think is the best.

    bustabrown, posted

    it was awesome hope to seee more of these awesome videos but there no cumshot so the movie little laggy but it will do had me goin wild over the dogs pussy hope to see more soon kooldot out nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice smile smile smile smile smile smile smile hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey boom boom boom boom boom boo boo bob tim jim emily Eric nice nice nice nice god god god god god god god god god dang dang dang dang dang dang dang awesome awesome awesome

    koolmaledot, posted

    This video is GREAT. It starts of by the guy(who has a great dick) fucking the hell out of this ewe's vagina. The man thrust deep a few times and is rubbing his pubes ub against her thick wool. Then he trust deeps and fills this luck sheep with his cum. He pulls his nice dick out and you get a great view of his cum oozing out of the lucky little sheep. The only thing that could make this video better would be if the sheep would make some noise and let out a nice bahhhh! This video is sure to make you explode thinking about being this man's little sheep.

    justin4cock, posted

    This is a video clip showing a thick bodied guy enjoying a woolly ewe vaginally, outdoors. He is buried, balls deep in her pussy, fucking her nice and hard. A few deep strokes, before he has an orgasm, and fills her with his cum. He then pulls out to show us the cream pie he left behind. There is a nice close up shot of her pink vagina, dripping with his semen, surrounded by her thick wool. It is a decent quality video for the sheep lovers among us. And since it is a free movie, it is worth the time to watch it.

    meli, posted
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