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    Man & Small Dog


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    Small female dog fuck by a man

    Uploaded by Avinaki · Rating: 4.3 (264 votes) · 62054 views


    Cute guy, i love your video. i wish i was that f dog.

    sweetthing, posted

    geile sache der typ ist auch geil...

    master_20, posted

    you can tell how she turns and steps when he goes faster not sure she enjoyed it much. and the next question would be was she actually going to his length or to check her poor bum.

    blaustars, posted

    mmm!! <3 what a nice little fuck toy :3 her pussy must be so warm and tight

    suppehans, posted

    cute guy

    catmandior, posted

    it needed sound :(

    Beastlovinpussy, posted


    crazynympho33, posted

    Love seeing you fuck that bitch!

    Risa2012, posted

    is it possible to fuck my pompex when she comes in heat? Wouldn't her pussy open up more for me to penetrate her, please tell me yes.

    rastablood, posted

    so hot. wish it had sound though

    cmr0311, posted

    Good girl! Take Daddy's cock! :D P.S. Shut up Aluzky.

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    Good fuck, & you looks good too.

    rafha, posted


    cavassani, posted

    this is the most amazing bitch fuck i have ever seen. Great. you really fuck that bitch.

    adampsycho, posted

    nice video ...very awesom

    nada123, posted

    sooo sexy!!!

    sugarfox, posted

    looks like ur fucking a stuffed animal.

    Astarte, posted

    if only it had sound! :(

    Alyssa32, posted

    Love it!

    Mannedanne, posted

    god this made me so fcking wet...

    dggyfck, posted

    hot guy as well makes it hotter

    ckskr, posted

    Oh it's splendid =)

    zoophilialover, posted

    Wow! Super hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    Love it

    cjgrig01, posted

    •Aluzky• Video needs sound and that was very ruff, sure dogs would fuck a bitch like that but humans know better, you must take it slower to not harm the bitch like a male dog would do.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    so i'm 7.5in regular thickness i would think can i fuck my chihuahua?

    seancody86, posted

    i need a bitch like this, she takes it so hard and deep with out any troubles or concerns, wow. talk about mans best friend and shes gorgeous too!

    browneyedog, posted

    got me dripping wet,love the way he's holding her tight and forcing her to take that cock!

    wetgirl79, posted

    Hot guy, love how his cum filled balls slap against that bitches cunt - happy to clean him off after - nice stretched pussy.

    Newbie1, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    very well pounded, it turns me on,would want to try it that way, hes such a good fucker

    faberich, posted

    o yes

    dooooogy, posted

    damn that is how u suppose to fuck...........love it..only thing better is how male dogs fucks a pussy like an animal..so fucking great...

    slipandslide, posted

    I don't know what turned me on more. The way his cock was pounding that pussy or the way his balls were bouncing.

    lelu, posted

    That looked like Eminem? Oh Insane Clown Posse (ICP!) Ehem! A new Song needs to be made!?!

    Shunt2011, posted

    fuck that pussy! damn that was hot watching his cock pound that small puppy

    angelrelease, posted

    Looking for people in MI that have animals. Hit me up... need to be pounded hard

    mustang72884, posted

    made the man smell on my cock fill the air when i cam from this video

    fastdraw, posted

    that dog need a double penetration !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    Rape that bitch, fuck it hard and deep, as much as u can, all the time u can, fuck it in the ass, fuck it hard deep fast like that, pump it full of your cum man !!!

    Rabbitfucker, posted


    oroblanco, posted

    perfekter fick meine herren also ein echt gelungenes vid

    ColdestBlood, posted

    Oh man that was hot. It made me loose a load. Woof!

    Crazy4Balls, posted

    hi nice vidoes of you by the way i dont kow how to upload my vidoes fucking my pets. and i got german pit bull k9 and snake if u want to see my vidoes dont hesistate to drop a message in my yahoo messenger its leahhotdizon @ yawhow . com. love it:)

    maria123, posted

    VERY hot...love his long legs, thick cock and bouncing balls; you even get a quick glimpse of the guy's face at the end! Made me sooo wet...

    DKLA, posted

    I love the way his balls are bouncing. Would love to lick and suck on them while he is in her then fuck his tight ass while he blows his load in that little bitch. Looking to play with somebody in the MD/DC/VA area

    dirtyslag, posted

    i love the way he gripped the dog in place while he pounded hard!! sound would have been great, still i enjoyed it

    Alust4Fur, posted

    Wow, made me HOT!

    djw, posted

    great but needs sound

    doubleddelly, posted

    can you do this to me?

    loserts, posted

    This was off the chart hot!

    markus706, posted

    Oh god. I was so horny by this

    1980mod, posted

    This is a good fuck.

    Dennis16828, posted

    Me da igual, puedo ser uno de los dos.

    Jordihors, posted


    raduradu, posted

    thats a great fucking

    pooh4530, posted

    mmm that looked so good ;D lucky bitch

    nastytrickkk, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    I wanna be that dog soooooo bad! I even like being told i'm a dirty little bitch boy and seriously I actually can't cum quickly unless I'm told I'm a good boy or I'm told something that makes me BELONG to the person saying it, like "your ass is MINE and I'll do whatever I want to it" (blush alot) I'd do anything to be that dog :)

    neko4fun, posted

    That was great!!!! would have loved t licked his ball and ass...suck his cock when hie was finished.

    cyapac, posted

    Great vid.

    TheYaoi4Me, posted


    macsicman, posted

    that was so hot i couldnt help but touch myself

    courtneymarie, posted

    you sir are sick wrong and immoral....TAKE ME! great vid X3

    toonking, posted

    mmmmmm made me fucking wet

    Belinda402007, posted

    wow, i wanna be that dog ^^

    Mimi_moon69, posted

    I am so jealous of the dog. Great vid.

    OnyxKitty, posted

    Fucking hot .. he pounded that small bitch deep and hard ... fucked her real good .. oh yeah .. got me hard ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    Whoa, HOT AS FUCK.

    joaddict, posted

    my pussy is so wet right now. fuck that bitch!

    joss44, posted

    what do you usually do to get cock fit the dog's pussy? i tried it once but it didnt fit in... lol

    ilikecock, posted

    I love the way he fucks!

    georgekathay09, posted

    Great movie! A small bitch gets a really hard fuck, I love that!

    k9bitchlover, posted

    love the way he fucks that small dog

    deedee333, posted

    thats hot...fuck this small bitch whit 2 cocks...

    rapefuck01, posted

    wow that bitch must have felt great. his toes were even curled up as he was banging

    lovinhorse, posted


    a928323, posted

    very lucky k9 . but i feel sorry for small k9s that are used that way. i sure it must HURT THEM to be used that way

    ontariomale, posted

    poor doggie :(

    fettezitzen, posted

    these two were not playin,staight to the point.

    cashronin, posted

    hot stuff

    rocketzx, posted

    makes me so wet

    tease08, posted

    mhhh nice tight doggy,u can fuck me like that to im tight to

    hardilike, posted

    Wonderfull !!!

    moryak, posted

    makes my pussy wet!!!!

    ineeditbad, posted

    thanks a lot! its an old classic: hot action and a very hot guy!

    entudom, posted

    that was really nice. would love to know what kind of dog that was. also if it was hard to put your dick in it for the first time. Fucked that dog slow and fast. damn you can come and do me the same way. feel your dick way all inside. and just plowing me until you cum. so far every video i have watched this one is close to being my all time favorite. i hope in the nearby future you make more videos and do a lot more different camera angles and up close shots of you doing it and cummin

    controlmesir, posted

    this video is quite good. the dude has a nice big package and the bitch takes it very well. the guy starts off kinda slow but soon hits his stride and absolutely destroys the bitches pussy. the camera angle is very well placed for you to see the guys balls slapping up and down as he pounds away at his dogs tight pussy. he really gives her pussy a good stretch. the bitch takes it very well, he goes in all the way and is very rough with her, but she stays there and takes it. the only two downsides to this vid id=s that theres no sound, and that the lighting makes it impossible to see the guy shoot his load at the end. this is a good clip and i'm sure it will make you very horny

    kisagod, posted
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