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    dog knot

    Uploaded by vidaliator · Rating: 4.0 (263 votes) · 57926 views


    that was hot I want some of that action if you can give me that mgs me I have Skype bi male

    shawn2185, posted

    Knot's rule.

    leeman35, posted

    I am trying to get a friends great Dane to do this to me,I can make him cum with my hands but I cant get him to mount me :( . If you have any tips pleas send me a pm. :)

    KLK_95, posted

    Any younger guys in TN, message me. Im into top or bottom

    bob682, posted

    Fuck wish it was me, love ur dog to fuck me, contact me on morkelduplessis@gmail.com

    dogcockslut, posted

    někdo z ČR?

    dogssuk666, posted

    nice handsome guy geting a good fuck from his dog,wish i was there to suck him as the dog fucked him

    married1, posted

    Nice, that's why I like having a skinny butt. It'll be easier for the dog to get his knot in me. I'm at the South Coast in MA and looking for owners with horny male beasts. Message to chat or for my pics.

    Sammah, posted

    Looking in tx. Will pay

    dsmall1984, posted

    I want to chat with and meet young guys into male beast sex and other cool stuff

    darkzoone, posted

    lovely, luck you.

    Kinkypup247, posted

    absolutly stunning video , these two have been notting for a while now , id like to se the guy suck that big doggie cock , knott and all . wny st here boys let get knotty and have some cum together . message me soon .

    ballsblue, posted

    23 wm from NJ looking for someone to help me out with my first experience.. i really want to feel a knot grow in me

    bottomboy2012, posted

    Awesome funcking and know - sure wish I could feel the dog knot inside my ass

    Jim70, posted

    You are a beautiful man! I just love your videos!!

    NevadaDog, posted

    add me on skype 7y8yyyy as we can share dog sex stories and male video clips

    knavtaj, posted

    HERRO!! 16/Male/Top/Seme/Fox Furry,prefer 14-18 (close to my age) I'm a Submissive Seme/Top Furry fox~ (Need Power /Dominant Bottom) ^P^ Msg Me?

    spiral212, posted

    Very Hot! I love to be mounted u r hot as well. Msg me to swap stories. I am having to play with both family and animals just to get doggie action. Do u know anyway to to zoo sex. I want to suck rhinos giraffes elephants and others. I have had zebras wildabeast 2 gorillas and 3 chimps. I want more. Last I had was a small pack of hyienas. I love all cock cum piss and scat. In the middle east I had sex with my buyer and sucked his camel. It was awesome.?!?

    horseloverboy12, posted

    the guy's got a sexy body and hot feet. i'd want to do him too. so hot when a great looking guy gets completely naked to get mounted.

    nakednerd, posted

    hot would love to be under you and suck your cock while the dog is humping you

    wisbare72, posted

    ich möchte von beiden gefickt werden

    nitrambln, posted

    need a btm yng guy into male beast n other cool stuff

    darkzoone, posted

    beautiful .love the slim body on the man and that dog would have to wait until i had my turnon the dudes ass .love his feet. yes this is one of the best more please more and more

    horseryder, posted

    engatada gostosa

    legislador1, posted

    anyone in spain??? or europe???

    manncius, posted

    who wants to fuck some fat 18 year old boy ass.pm me

    guyyug, posted

    een heerlijke jongen en een prachtige neukhond.ik zou graag mee doen

    gerard007, posted

    Me Next! ;)

    Swaqqie, posted

    i love a man with a nice beast cock in his ass :) mouth watering

    cntfacejane, posted

    Welcome to gaybeast. These are high quality videos you make.

    horsecock84, posted

    any guys in plymouth who need a fuck message me

    jimhydra, posted

    any body in tyrone area

    martonstewart, posted

    The fat dog fucks hunping at terrific speed.Man cannot fuck perhaps with that speed

    mastaram, posted

    bot are great. love to play with both of you

    dtguy, posted

    great vid from a very sexy guy

    ready47, posted

    never tryed anythin like this..but would love to try..any fit guys out there with big cock dogs in south yorksire...message me..

    dirtyguy1979, posted

    anyone in melbourne fl. messag me

    boatman6969, posted

    needed more sound

    Alyssa32, posted

    ja geil der typ ist auch nicht schlecht =)

    master_20, posted

    thanks for sharing loved the quality of the vid

    beachbum01, posted

    nice vidio, thanks for sharing

    maddog20, posted

    wish my dog would do that :(

    loganroberts, posted

    okay not wrong make your dog to hump you . it's also most rape !!

    HyenaFucker, posted

    il se fait bien knotter en plus le jeune est bandant

    benoitfr, posted

    any guys in MN? send me a message

    mn_wallstreet, posted

    It's a boy, you idiot. You're on a website called "GayBeast." Also, that so-called bulb is the knot. Spaces come after commas, not before. Sorry, my inner grammar Nazi just flared up. In addition, the dog's cock does NOT come out of the man. And how do you know the dog would like to repeat the fucking? Are you a telepathist? That was the worst review I've ever seen. I'll write a real review. A yellow labrador is seen in the beginning of the video, unmounted. His owner proceeds to get into the kneeling position and lifts the lab onto his waist and bare ass. The dog, obviously well trained, then immediately begins thrusting into the young man's rear. After about 15 seconds, the dog appears to be knotted at 0:30. The dog becomes still and the man shift around for a few seconds and becomes still himself for 40 seconds. The man then reaches around behind to himself to pick up the dog's leg in order to position himself ass-to-ass with the labrador. Once the turn is complete, the video ends.

    Zanos, posted

    A dog holding to the kneeling girl's waist, and mounting her from the rear ,and then fucking her with terrific speed once it finds its cock entering the girl's cunt or ass is extremely exciting.It fucks with high speed so that the bulb at the root of its cock gets entry, and then it is knotted and remains like that ,both hanging on to each other until he releases his cum inside the girl's ass or cunt .Then the cock automatically comes out .You see the thick cum oozing out of the cunt.It is a perfect dog-fuck the girl would remember, and the dog would like to repeat the fucking when the girl takes the kneeling position in front of it.

    mastaram, posted
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