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    Big Knot


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    big knot

    Uploaded by vidaliator · Rating: 3.9 (255 votes) · 84284 views


    deve essere molto eccitante tenere il cazzo in culo annodato del proprio cane.

    gianlucabisex, posted

    I know just how he felt!!! I have Rott and love getting knotted with him and his knot is the size of a tennis ball so I can keep him in me for a good 30 minutes before he can pull out.

    sidhorny, posted

    i was made to take just like that!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Hi im looking for K9 sex with dog or horse im on skype -stevebutt69 or ooVoo or stevo1953@ive.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com or gaybeast .com or beastforum hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    I am 16 m gay looking to fuck

    Tylerfucks45, posted

    see you like big cocks up in that ass, now you need some guy with a big cock mount you after that dog pulls his cock out while you are still filled with dog cum.

    castingrod, posted

    46yo looking to share a knot . hope to here from you

    thimsdenor, posted

    if you wanna fuck dog, horse, or you wanna become movie star or porn star, maybe you wanna get paid for what you do for fun send your mail to williamclark420@yahoo.com or msg me here

    williamc, posted

    Brevard FL, 20 gay male looking to meet fellow zoos and make some new friends. Perhaps help introduce me to zoophilia if things go well. I prefer male dogs, but any animal/gender is fine. I'm open to just about anything. I respect pets and their masters. Message me if you'd want to talk or anything. :)

    tempname1232, posted

    Anyone who wants to fuck me is open to it. 18 Gay male into k9. looking to get knotted...NYC area. hit me up 714-673-8956.

    LUVSHUSKY, posted

    Woof real turn on .... only did suck knots that big sofar woof

    humpybeer, posted

    Male lookin for anyone with dog in Wolverhampton, UK

    FURRY5, posted

    Great knot and brings back great memories. Would love to be mounted and take the knot again if only I could find a guy with a dog to share.

    Knot4me34232, posted

    I want to take my g-sheps knot but i am a bit scared and keep pushing it out...i love the feel of his cock in me...but i am still nervous about his knot...how long does the average dog hold a knot?

    wolfman01, posted

    I am trying to get a friends great Dane to do this to me,I can make him cum with my hands but I cant get him to mount me :( . If you have any tips pleas send me a pm. :)

    KLK_95, posted

    anyone in the wyandotte mi area got a dog that can fuck me ill let u tape it

    10301991, posted

    great vid! and that's where a knot belongs. i bet that felt so GOOD! Atlanta, GA here looking to be bitched out

    phz7e, posted

    hey whats going on? 24 5'11 looking for my first time with a male k9 would love to chat more and see if we could meet up.. hopefully your close to me, i live in south new jersey

    bottomboy2012, posted

    Toledo area in Ohio anyone????

    sweetchc825, posted

    Nice knotting. NE ohio here looking for k9 to mount me

    farmboylove, posted

    what a lucky man to take a beautiful cock!

    timula, posted

    i would like to know how many minutes can you stay knotted?? i mean for how many minutes can someone hold a knot inside, considering that there is no pull out.>> ?

    stefun24, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has well enwowed dog. and would not mind me haveing fun with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    I'd do almost anything to take something like that.

    hardflare, posted

    Que hermosa cojida te dio me imagino yo quisiera una verga asi en mi culo, alguien en los angeles que me quiera cojer?

    albertoalcala, posted

    i took my dogs knott

    knavtaj, posted


    rhywiol, posted

    HERRO!! 16/Male/Top/Seme/Fox Furry,prefer 14-18 (close to my age) I'm a Submissive Seme/Top Furry fox~ (Need Power /Dominant Bottom) ^P^ Msg Me?

    spiral212, posted

    I would love to be knotted by a dog cock - so hot

    Jim70, posted

    Lucky sexy slut wish it was my ass,love to be everyones bitch slut,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    This guy knows how to enjoy a dog fuck.. no returning to MEN..he is now a BITCH

    tiyya911, posted


    legislador1, posted

    Herlich einfach nur herlich THX

    ffrreeddddyy, posted

    anyone in Saint Louis email me

    bigtopgog, posted

    lucky guy.

    portoalrs, posted

    Great view. I love cute 'family' dogs like this. So nice and fluffy and sweet, but you just know they all want to do the most bad things... fuck u up the ass!

    dogman1234, posted

    I wanted this kind of sex but never had the opportunity to do it.

    Blessmysoul, posted

    Sexy as

    dirtydogcumboy, posted

    Been in that position before.

    bredmare, posted


    oroblanco, posted

    The humpings of the dog before knotting should have been shown

    mastaram, posted

    i want this so bad ;~;

    xxthatguyxx, posted

    i only had one dog that knoted me and stayed in for about 20 minutes, the other dogs knoted but was still able too pull out

    maddog20, posted

    any guys in MN? send me a message

    mn_wallstreet, posted

    You know how to breed buddy. Keep that dog happy so we will stay happy too. Thanks.

    13859gaybeast, posted
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