• Mrs Moo's amazing vulval man trap captures my well worn worm, and mercilessly attempts to drain my nuts. Only after the camera was turned off did she suck-seed ;) .

    Uploaded by Poneze2001 · Rating: 3.9 (234 votes) · 71116 views


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    Cow pussy is the best!

    iluvcows1, posted

    she has a real nice asshole would love to fist that ass

    xbgold, posted

    HAHA. Rawhide. That song is perfect..

    Griseus, posted

    so fucking hot dude!!!

    babypet3, posted

    fuck this so hot

    dogfucker1423, posted

    penetration was beautiful

    Shadowgun123, posted

    Cows surely are the wettest creatures I've yet seen, drizzling all the time when you fuck them ... awesome

    sekonkai, posted

    here in central Cal.....is anyone out there having his way with cows? This is a hot flick.

    cwby93657, posted

    Man, with that nice cock, you can fuck me anytime.

    succum, posted

    Suche ein Möglichkeit im Neckar Odenwald Kreis um Sex mit Stuten oder Kühen zu haben...wer kann mir helfen??

    coolwichser, posted


    tika71, posted

    Damn! This guy fucking hot! The cow have a delicious pussy!

    oroblanco, posted

    Anyone interested in sharing my mare in scotland let me know by inbox

    glpasswords, posted


    simfonietta, posted

    Jungs, ihr habt keine Ahnung, wozu ihr einen Schwanz habt? ;) Schaut euch dieses Video an, dann wisst ihr, wozu er gut ist und wofür man ihn benutzen sollte :-D

    Beastur, posted

    i want to fuck a calf v.v or cow or anything~

    kittyxwolfy, posted

    nice cow pussy i will love to fuck

    jason20123, posted

    nice video ;3 just curious. any idea where I could find that version of rawhide? x3 I love the lyrics

    Fox1123, posted

    She looks absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing. Might have to go see my mare now ;)

    nativestallion, posted

    mmm that looks yummy, im a 18yr old bi curious male, in northwest uk near liverpool! get in touch peeps xx

    samgrayson94, posted

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