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    Oral From Dog


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    me getting oral from a female dog

    Uploaded by Grawdy · Rating: 3.8 (62 votes) · 12398 views


    haha nice :)

    Gromo12345, posted

    Young hot tattooed girl in Chicago looking for my first time experience. Any takers with a big dog that want to help me? Also really into pee play.....

    conniechung, posted

    Wow, I would love to do that and cum in their mouth

    minecraft2013, posted

    mmmmm i love when a man makes me choke on his cock too!

    yourmammaaa, posted

    Good girl so well trained to play with her master.

    iamveryhappy, posted


    y-y-yushy, posted

    This feels awsome.

    dogpussylover9, posted

    make more vidos like this !

    minnie89, posted

    can you made an another video like this with must duration please this is so awesome i do the same than you, please do it

    bluderj, posted

    then why you watching @mikef70118

    hefadog77, posted

    this guy is FORCING the dog to suck him. you can clearly see the guy is firmly gripping the dog by the nape of the neck and forcing the dog to do this. not cool.

    mikef70118, posted

    that dog must love the man. i would to do it like that because the dog wouldnt want to play sex games anymore. but it must have felt good

    lomike, posted

    Very willing, deep throating dog who just loves man cock pounding its throat. Very clear visuals and very hot cum shot at the end, which the mutt licks of his master's knob. HOT!

    thataboy, posted

    attacking starting in 3..2..1

    aimy2, posted

    Yes! <3

    dalma7, posted

    mmmm geil.. =)

    master_20, posted

    a really great video. there isn't that much videos of deep throat blowjobs on the internet, this is, in a way, a very rare video. i really, really enjoyed this video. and i would recommend anyone reading this review, that they wave to watch this video. in the video you can clearly see a female dog being facef*cked. i really get horny at the sound of that gagging. the only things that i don't like about this video is this: 1.) the video is too damn short. it would be better if it would last around 2-3 minutes. 2.) i don't like the way that the guy puts the camera facedown so we have a black screen i we can't see the part where he sticks his beautiful cock in the dogs mouth. but ignoring that two things i just said this is a REALLY GREAT VIDEO and i would recommended to anyone who is a fan of bestiality video. have a nice day, and enjoy the video!

    jebacu3pm, posted

    In the beginning of this EXCELLENT video, you can see the actual bond that these two share, animal and human, she doesn't struggle, she enjoyes it, she may've gagged a bit, but thats natural if there is something down your throat, only complaint I have is the camera darkening, I would've loved to see ALL The action, but this was enough for me, Very great video, I recommend watching! :) And, I hope that you, the user whose made this excellent video for us, makes MANY more for the future! :D Goodnight! Also, one last thing... I REALLY loved the ending, where we got the view of your cock coming out of her throat, that... was orgasmic, it... was totally orgasmic. Anyhow, have a nice day and to all that read this, PLEASE watch this masterpiece! :D

    at4simmons, posted
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