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    Bear Gives Head To Man


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    A bear licking a mans cock

    Uploaded by dick46 · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 72388 views


    hay .belinda me and my dogs would tounge you to death . lol

    krazyeagle60, posted

    im a 15 year old girl looking for some animal fun willing to fuck owner and or pay videos too xxx

    kateps1996, posted

    thats a quick way to lose it lol

    10301991, posted

    hes veryyyy lucky

    Kosmo0987, posted

    Brave man and good licking!!

    abramel3377, posted

    Firstly, excellent video, I must concur that its very brazen. Second, the Bear's reaction really is no surprise (other than it NOT being a domesticated animal) as Bears and Dogs are closely related. Finally, I would so love to do that! Except I can say in all certainty that I would risk putting my dick through the fence to see if it takes a mouthful and starts sucking!

    Daggoth, posted

    mmmm what a tongue, bet that would feel fantastic on my cunt

    Belinda402007, posted

    Daaaaaamn!!! And I live in Bear-Country! I was always curious about bears ( especially seeing so many videos of them giving themselves head ). Damn, this is a fine clip! I am looking to see about how I can carefully meet a bear, and hopefully, get a good shagging from it!!! ;-p` ( THAT would be my wildest fantasy!!! ) I soooo badly want to have such a relationship with such a nice, BIG creature! That clip about made me cream in my pants!

    PansBestFriend, posted

    Wooow, sexy!!

    Mannedanne, posted

    dam where were u 2 get ur dick lickd by a bear so fucking hot dam!!! most ppl wld ask hw did ur cock not get bit off but dam im majorly horny frm it lol

    ggay1990, posted

    chubby men and women? Bears are not fat and lazy shits...they are strong, powerful social animals with amazing tounges!!! Whoever wrote that review, seriously...there is more to bears to love than the fact they do store fat for winter and got alot of fluffy fur...lol How cutes is the bears nose? I wanna cuddles hims!!! <3

    marylasher122, posted

    this was amazin i want to do it like he did tho threw the cage

    yujgjuyhggk, posted

    I knew dogs liked the taste of cum, looks like bears like it, too!

    maletom, posted

    Holy shit... normally... people would be asking you... how did you not get your dick chewed off... I... don't know what to say but you get some serious kudos for that dude... and I mean that.

    nanaki087, posted


    Alleswoller, posted

    Dangerous yet sexy

    yiffwanter, posted

    verdammt taff supermanncape umhäng oder Eselsmütze verleihe :) ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher*fg.... aber interessant...ohne Zweifel :)

    ColdestBlood, posted

    This guy is nuts put honey on his dick for the bear to lick

    Goodfelo, posted

    holy shit that guy is brave that or very dumb

    akaryu, posted

    it was a bit shaky and had no sound but it was a good interesting video.

    vanessa305, posted

    that guy is retarded lawls

    jijigirl, posted

    medo voli med he he

    didiyer, posted

    lets see him put his cock through the wire

    johhnys, posted

    o dono do zoologico deve ter ficado puto da vida!kkkk

    mafagafo, posted

    Sicher super geil, aber auch großer Nervenkitzel. Wer in Germany / NRW hat realen Sex mit Haustieren und lässt mich zusehen, später evtl. auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    i like bear i like bear gay.XD

    wscjbt, posted

    except for the film jumpiness, I really liked it...I live where there are wild bears within a couple of miles and I agree with aj16749 that they would not be out to give me or anybody some head...they might tear your head off and shit in the hole, tho'...bears are definitely some of the meanest animals on the planet...this guy was lucky...lucky that there was a fence between them, lucky that this bear was tamed enough to lick his dick, and lucky to still have a dick afterwards...kudos to this guy for guts...

    buggerboy, posted


    perrot, posted

    Did you put honey on your cock? NIce 1......

    mexben86, posted

    and who says bears are dangerous

    all4you, posted

    Your a brave man. -claps to you-

    shadownight, posted

    Very interesting, I have run into a few bears in the wilds and don't think they wanted to give me a blow job. Nice thought though. Looking for animals in the Jamestown, NY area.

    aj16749, posted

    that was interesting but picture quality was a little jumpy but great action.

    dragonarchmage, posted

    The guy is cheating! He's using honey! (and the only reason i noticed is cuz i came earlier in this) Good none the less.

    Aleate, posted

    More of a tongue job than head job - but I don't blame the guy for not sticking it in the cage, wouldn't want to get bit. I suppose Bears are like Dogs, they like to lick, and love the taste of cum!

    maletom, posted

    This is astonishing! How soft was the bears tongue.This is the first time i have ever seen this too.This was very nice. Your semen was like honey to the bear, I wish i was near the zoo where that bear was.

    kobidobidog, posted


    animal38, posted


    Zet, posted

    i dont know if i could stick my dick infront of something that could potentially take my face off. bear seems to enjoy it though, i would come back again and again to give it my cum... dont feed thee bears lol

    winterdreams, posted

    wow - interesting :-) first time I have seen this .. thank you so much for your amazing video!

    geoff, posted

    i wanna try something like that cuz it looks like it feels good n plus i like bears idk if i could have the balls to do something so dangerous but yet feel so right but wear were you at somebodys back yard lol but 4real were wer yhu cuz i want some of that action that yhu got from off that bear come on man let us all get some of that action that yhu getting lol i hope 1day i get lucky like yhu n get licked up by a smokey the bear well bye bye hope yhu had fun wit your animal freind n i bet yhu got extreme pleasure

    jaystaks, posted

    Holy smokes this video is incredibly unique! I've never seen anything like this or anyone attempting to do anything crazy like this. I mean come on, a bear?! These creatures are known to kill hundreds of men every year and yet this guy pulls off this stunt like a pro. Truly special indeed. Aside from the fact this is strangely erotic, this isn't something I'd want to try myself. Just a tad too dangerous for my own tastes :P. The camera is a bit fuzzy. Disorienting the view of the video is a little annoying. But all in all this video approves for my thumbs up. I'd encourage others to watch this for a unique experience!

    aabay123, posted

    This movie is just amazing, I've never seen anything like this before, a bear actually licking a mans cock, this movie is one of the hottest movies on this website in my opinion, the quality is clear enough to obviously see the bear taking his or her's sweet time enjoying that beautiful cock with his or her's nice and soft tongue. And as you can see, the bear really wants it bad, I give this video 10 out of 10 because of how extraordinary, shockingly good, and how sexy this movie is, also because of how close up us viewers can see the bear and aside from no cumshot, or if there was and I just didn't see this movie is still over the top, great jop and props to the maker of this video nice work...

    cum_cum_cum, posted

    I am actually lost for words… That has to be a first for me. To see a bear licking some guys cock. He most certainly is one lucky man. I can not say I know anybody who has gotten their dick licked by a BEAR! That is just outrageous. The one and only thing I could say I did not like about it was the quality… Sorry but that brought this down a little bit…. It is still definitely a video (who’s interested in this kind of thing anyway) that everybody should see. I saw the title and I just had to see this, and I was shocked to see that it was what it was. This man has every right to tell that to his friends. Hah. I wonder if he returned the favor to the bear.

    blooog, posted

    This has to be one of the most unique and impressive videos on this website, and definitely one of my favorites! The fact that it features an actual bear is simply amazing, and somewhat of a fantasy of mine. I consider bears to be such sexually attractive animals (they remind me of chubby men/women), and was extremely ecstatic to find this clip. Watching that sexy bear use its long tongue to lap up the sweet jizz from that lucky guy's hot cock after he exploded from the lick-job he received, was such an awesome visual to shoot my own load to! Seriously one of the best movies available in the Free Area!

    Beastophile, posted
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