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    Sucking Dog Cock


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    Sucking dog cock was a great clip of a huge dicked dog , and his master. his master enjoyed sucking on his dogs big cock that he began to get turned on. with that he decides to let his dog suck on his now hard big dick. he enjoys it so much that he starts to take off his clothes so that his dog could put more of him in his mouth. Once he discards all his clothes he is so turned on that he turns around and lets his dog lick his ass. you can tell that he is enjoying for he jacks of while his dog is rimming him.He then decides to turn around again so his dog could finish sucking him off.

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.1 (565 votes) · 83801 views


    junge deutsche hier? :P

    superhallo, posted

    I like the way the guy starts stripping for the dog. Really hot.

    curiousgeo, posted

    musste meinen schwanz gleich wixen

    lusti, posted

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    hornyasscock, posted

    love this perv guy! anyone for chat? pm me!

    italianperv, posted

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    mhistory, posted

    das vid is geil...suche in berlin.schöneberg gleichgesinnte ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

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    stevebutt109, posted

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    shawn2185, posted

    nice ass

    Cawblen, posted

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    Night_Men, posted

    Straight 20s couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted

    the dog and the guy both have nice cocks love to suck them both

    hairybear2039, posted

    Hell yeah...he even swallows!

    Jake07, posted

    I'm an 18 year old male virgin looking to get my cherry popped. I live in New York and I'm into male dogs as well. Looking to get fucked and knotted hard. 714-673-8956 ;D Hit me up sweeties <3

    LUVSHUSKY, posted

    cool dog!

    mastiffdog, posted

    geil das hatte ich eben mit meinem freund und einer deutschen dogge, geiler riesiger schwanz zum verwöhnen und ver wöhnt werden ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    great cock that would hurt me mmmm x

    hjcstc, posted

    NC anyone?

    beastiegayboy10, posted

    This guy can be my bitch!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    I'd def fuck a younger fit lad if he did that

    hungbiboi, posted

    This guy needs lessons on how to give a blowjob!

    Jake07, posted

    I have seen this twink in at least one other clip here. He also loves eating doggy butthole, just like me. Which brings something else to mind that some may be interested in. Me and my doggy lover are now in our second year together. I have been his bitch from 2 hours after I got him at the animal shelter. But familiarity-- being each other's pack-- has brought me closer to also being his top. When I alternate between fingering him and tonguing his butthole, I'm now inserting a finger, besides half of my tongue sometimes, inside him, and he's curling himself into position to be fucked doggy style. He likes it when I hump his butthole and perineum. In another year-- maybe less, maybe more-- with love and patience, I will have the plunging ecstasy inside him that he has within me sometimes more than daily. That's the secret, folks, don't expect everything you want to happen immediately, though some dogs are more natural zoosex lovers than others. Eventually, if you love your dog(s) in all the ways that man can love dog, he will open himself to you as you do to him. God, it's fantastic. Ask Aluzky about it, he knows what I'm talking about.

    boyoboyo, posted

    mmmm i need some nice cum down my thraot and in my ass

    lpitts, posted

    würde auch gerne mal ein hundeschwanz blasen! habe leider kein hund... wer würde mir sein hund mal zur verfügungstellen und mir zeigen wie man so ein hundeschwanz am besten steif bekommt? wohne in der schweiz.

    lacall, posted

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    tdog62868, posted

    damn the dog has a great cock and his is fine too,,they both are so hot would love to suck both of them

    married1, posted

    what a sexy guy love that cock and he's so into it

    thurstonformen, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

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    stevebutt109, posted

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    Young_one_64, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

    any more videos? Different dogs? X

    lovebummingdogs, posted

    I love this video very much. this is beautiful! Sorry your dog died. How did he die?

    Cawblen, posted

    hmm i glade to see so many nice comments to my old vid. i have only one vid of this dog. he died several years ago :(_

    bdog1981, posted

    nothing etter than sucking a dog good

    lovemydogknot, posted

    If anyone i. Texas has a dog or horse to fuck me i will pay

    dsmall1984, posted

    that dick is a lil big

    Margaret4, posted

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    Young_one_64, posted

    I want a 3some with this guy & the dog

    wannagetinme, posted

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    Gutterboy, posted

    hab grade das gleiche mit meinem bruder und meinem hund gemacht :)

    test30, posted

    I hope I can find a dog that good Great video Would have been even better if he had fucked the dog, and came

    gayhorselover66, posted

    I have great admiration for this guy who is not ashamed to show his face as he sucks dog cock. I, too, love to be video sucking dog cock. Looking for locals to video me sucking their male dog so I can post them here.

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    mmarko423, posted

    this video would be great if i could actually watch it im so sexually frustrated

    luvspups69, posted

    That's what I like!!! Great!!!

    dogorallover, posted

    any young guys willing to share there big male dog with me?

    gayboy88, posted

    mmmmmm turned me on soooo bad...

    jouilol, posted

    id like to fuck that guy while he sucks off his dog again

    woofwoof88, posted

    OMG!!! Nice HOTT HOTT :D

    1980mod, posted

    this video makes me wana ram my dick into someones ass message me "I also textz nd stuff" 16 yr

    spiral212, posted

    perfect, man i want to spend the day with this boy and is dog !!

    headcase, posted

    Hey, anyone in the CA bay area have any animals I could fuck? I'm not picky, dog, horse, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, etc

    KangarooBoy69, posted

    i've never tried anything with animals but i WANT to soooo bad. can anyone help me out? message me if interested

    sasha1316, posted

    nice cock *dog and this man

    lieblingvon, posted

    I wish I could suck a cock and have man or dog fuck my male ass.

    yorbegas, posted

    Has a long time since I suck one of those cocks...I want it.

    gildelivers70, posted

    nice dick on the dog wish there was more cock sucking by the guy on dog hmm scruffy had a cute face too

    chubbyladie, posted

    geil und es hat dir geschmeckt!!! würde gerne mal auch zusehen dabei!!

    sport72, posted

    Id suck and lick this guys cock and asshole all day long:)

    horselover192, posted

    hum..belle queue ce chien......je voudrais la sucer aussi..hum..écrivez moi moi ga au quebec

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    so geil, möchte das auch mal wieder ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    fukin hell so brilliantly gross xx

    doggerwank, posted

    I lived in Riga. I want zoo sex.

    sunmen, posted


    Nickstfelicien, posted

    super geil, die beiden hätt ich gerne auch

    nitrambln, posted

    A very good and sexy clip. Artistically quite good.

    Rudi706, posted

    NICE wolfhound dog .. u yet him fuck you ... i will. take that knots too ... HUGE HUMPIMNG oh yeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    HyenaFucker, posted


    HyenaFucker, posted

    Awesome!!! ;-)

    curious4beast2, posted

    quite amazing, after years of searching finally a site that delivers but need more bright lights. would love to see several men in the same scene

    horseryder, posted

    Anybody from North Texas and would let me do this to their female dog msg me plz

    blackOokami, posted

    ein tolles geiles video, weiss gar nicht welchen schwanz ich lieber geleckt hätte. schade das die kamera nicht obtimal stand, und wer hat schon einen vertauten der so was filmen kann. es muß ein absolut göttliches gefühl sein so genial am po und schwanz geleckt zu werden. schade das er nicht abgespritzt hat.

    Flowerpotman, posted

    •Aluzky• Awesome video, the dog licking the camera man while the other guy suck him then it is his turn to get oral and a rim job. Just wish the dog breed where a different more sexy kind of breed. :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I would like to suck both of those cocks.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

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    mefuckdogme, posted

    what do you use to let you lick?

    galuppo1, posted

    Wow. Best clip so far. would like to see more of these two

    bumble35, posted

    what a lovely piece of meat to suck!!!!!!!

    fredpotts, posted

    wow boy i like ur big cock and balls i like the way ur doggie suck ur big cock and ass to i love it more please?

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    lookslike the wife is teaching her husband n dog to take care of each others needs. so she won't have 2...see her hand

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    hotdog7878, posted

    Fuckin awesome!

    kinn781, posted

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    hrymnws, posted

    i hope the dog humped him

    damtrav, posted

    Nice cock on the guy,his dick and his nipples were hard,love the riming of the male bitchs hole at the end.

    dogbottum, posted

    great film really turned me on.good quality picture and sound.fantastic.

    gleemingblue, posted

    dog and guy both have nice big cocks love to have them both suck on my cock

    hairybear2039, posted

    made me sooo hot....

    Urko, posted

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    boobsforlife, posted

    Please someone answer this question: How can a person let another person tape them?

    22Property, posted

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    bluesgirl13, posted

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    imskul, posted

    Lucky puppy!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    both the dog and guy have beautiful cocks would love to take them both. the friend should have joined in too.

    hairybear2039, posted

    You and your dog are so fucking hot <3

    wweisbest, posted

    Very nice,I need a dog like,love to experience something like that. The guy has a very nice dick and a sweet ass. Will like to see more of you !!!!!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    he cock very nice I would like to suck you cock

    pintoro, posted

    Excellent, more please!!

    trey69, posted

    hot ass love to suck you

    imskul, posted

    We all whant more of that!! Please.....

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    trendyboy_poa, posted

    made me sooo hot....damn

    queenariah, posted

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    Scarletslut, posted

    looking for guys and their dogs for threesome here Palm Springs, CA.

    ablutSCHER1, posted

    would love to do a three-some

    ablutSCHER1, posted

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    darsiney, posted

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    Doglover2010, posted

    awesome cock on that guy. very nice :) i would love to have that cock in my pussy. he's not bad looking, either. lol .... i thought the dog was going to be SUCKING the guy, not licking him. oh well. and i thought you would be able to see him jacking off while the dog was licking his ass... ??? ... yes, the lighting does suck, but its a pretty cool vid, nonetheless. was lucky to catch it in the free vids of the day section. better than some of the other ones they call "premium".

    beingstrange, posted

    sehr sehr geil...

    AnimalBoyBLN, posted

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    fitwelshsub, posted

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    doesent anyone think this is morally wrong

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    Maikol, posted

    if that isnt love then i dont know what is.

    furry666, posted

    knot bad considering the lighting sux.

    k9boy3, posted

    this is so hot!!! any more vids from them?

    MinChi19, posted

    Great clip...a little too dark though...sure would like sucking both cocks...MMMMmmmm. Really would like to converse with like minded souls and find someone local to engage with.....

    cyapac, posted

    Somewhat dark pickture. Not that clear to see what happens. Sorry

    jippiee, posted

    the dog and his owner can take turns fucking me hard,.... any day ! but i have to drink them when they have finished with raping my ass off. mmmmmmmm

    nytro, posted

    This is such a hot vid!!!!! Wish I was there with 'em all!!!!

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    guy4horses, posted

    Would not mind spending some time with this dog. Looking for animals in Jamestown, NY area.

    aj16749, posted

    i think the dudes are related

    codyak66, posted

    great clip - love to see guys n dogs taking turns

    tonycub, posted

    Dude works that hot dog cock with his hands and mouth... gobbling up spurts of k9 jizz... the dude has a nice cock too and the dog returns the favour and licks his dick and arse. The dude is clearly gagging to get that k9 rod in his arse.. the dude and the dog know what they are doing... pleanty of practice i think... lucky dude!! Wish i was there to offer my mouth and hole for that tasty pink slippery cock... would make sure i took knot deep in my arse till it filled my hole with its puppies... would alternate between my throat and hole for that yummy k9 jizz...i never leave the house!

    stufm71, posted

    sucking dog dick was really hot..shame that the lighting was so bad..the guy with the camera also moved around to much..it looked like the guy was throughly into that beautful piece of dog dick..it wouldhave been great if he had gone down on it further..he let his own desires get the best of him..even though it was hot in and of it's self..the dog seemed to be thourouly enjoy that hadsome dick..would have liked it if the dog had gotten more attention..also it wouldhave been really hot stuff if the dog had cum..just thinking about it makes me want to wack off..next time get the dog on its back so one can get to see all of that pretty dock dick..and take that thing in gobble it up..shit man if it had been me i would have been janking that thing but good..

    angelica39, posted

    This is one of the truely enjoyable oral movies around. the guy is not embarassed to show his face and enjoys sucking his big black dogs cock and getting some nice cum as a reward. He then lays bacl and lets his dog lick his cock while he slowly undresses. The guy has a look of pure enjoyment on his face and encourages the dog to lick his hole, which the dog seems to savour the taste of. He then lays back and lets the dog continue to savour the taste of his cock as he chats to the camera man. Overall a good movie for us to enjoy masturbating to.

    rustie62, posted

    This movie was one of the best that i have watched so far... The way he sucks that dog cock gets me sooo hard. It was so good that i had to rub one out just watching it, let alone taking a glance at it. Man i wish that i was there, i love my dog. I suck my dogs cock - dick all the time and let me tell you i know how it is. I also like that your dog actualy loves you to suck him. Most movies on here the dogs are squealing and it looks like rape, but yours wasn't .. Let me just say this video is amazing.

    wildbeast1234, posted

    Sucking dog cock was a great clip of a huge dicked dog , and his master. his master enjoyed sucking on his dogs big cock that he began to get turned on. with that he decides to let his dog suck on his now hard big dick. he enjoys it so much that he starts to take off his clothes so that his dog could put more of him in his mouth. Once he discards all his clothes he is so turned on that he turns around and lets his dog lick his ass. you can tell that he is enjoying for he jacks of while his dog is rimming him.He then decides to turn around again so his dog could finish sucking him off.

    adham09, posted
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