• I love the way it feels...

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    got to feel fantastic. push harder and they lick harder, once they find that tender meat inside..

    luciendog, posted

    i love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    coolniyas, posted

    mmm so close to doin a big juicy fart in its face

    dystopia47, posted

    You got a great licking, the dog got his rocks off - Everybody's happy!! :-)

    Grizzly260, posted

    mmm beautiful ass. oush it open

    dystopia47, posted

    Hot I would lick that ass;) Love my dog for doing the same.

    Graysky, posted

    HyenaFucker, What the hell are you talking about?!

    CyberWolfy, posted

    why being so careful NOT!!!! YOUR DOG ? DOG RAPER

    HyenaFucker, posted

    great vid, im am 18 and from london message me girls if your interested

    pornyguy, posted

    nice vid great shot of the dog licking your butthole

    beachbum01, posted

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    This film's contributor tells us how nice it feels. Well, of course! Unfortunately this clip doesn't seem to ever get anywhere. Although the clip starts with very nice footage of a dog eagerly licking a really good looking butthole, for the last 48 seconds out of a mere 1:11 the action stops. The man is petting the Rottweiler and doing all manner of convivial man/dog pleasantries, but the film is done at 0:23. The dog even yawns somewhere near the end of the clip! This is another of those missed-opportunity films. Any time a Rottweiler shares the stage with a human butthole, ACTION ought to happen. This was not a vid, merely a demonstration (I don't think the filmer was actually trying to just tease us) so far, and needs doing over again, of course. 3.4 on my scale of 5.

    boyoboyo, posted
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