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    Dog Sex


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    same but more

    Uploaded by gay696969 · Rating: 4.0 (236 votes) · 140878 views



    Morgan13, posted

    nice fuck...she really seemed to like it

    xray69, posted

    ja die kleine ist der hammer^^, man merkt ihr das richtig an, dass sie es auch will

    meisterbetty, posted

    Geile hündin :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Bitches just love it.

    bdchase, posted

    This is hot!!! Her vulva is all swollen up and receptive, yes!!!!

    jayko, posted

    nice cock he can fuck me to

    teddybear2, posted

    zoom out

    zeppelin9r, posted

    love to fuck his big pussy

    Christian1970, posted

    wat geil, ik wil ook neuken

    jeansboy, posted

    ik wil ook

    marcel123, posted

    this is one of the hottest vids ive seen so far nice work:)

    LadyUndead, posted

    I wish I could be your bitch, having you rape my male pussy.

    wannagetinme, posted

    I like the way she tried to hump when he fingered her, female dogs will hump when being fucked love it, augusta , ga area for animal that need fucking, leave me a message.

    bigjimbo, posted

    nice big pussy it must sweet

    morudo, posted

    sweet..hot to watch!

    acidblood, posted

    She is so willing I need to fuck her, Augusta, Ga leave a message if there are any animal fuckers in Augusta, ga. Horses Cows dogs Pigs any type animal female.

    bigjimbo, posted


    Dozenus, posted

    i love that she wants him and love evey stroke she gets from him...such love

    mmmlike2watch, posted

    i love how she knows when your about to fuck her she jsut takes it in

    pangmvp, posted

    Great Danes are the best. big fat pussies to plow your cock up in. and they enjoy it. even in the bibical times humans had sex whit there animals. and still today it's done . safer than going to a bar and having one night stands. no child support or std's and no bitch to take your money. wemen get old and borring. LOL

    Justfurrious, posted

    Ja --- Geil ! Sehr schön zu sehen, wie Sie auf seinen schwanz wartet :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Great video and delicious cock!!!

    Chris506, posted

    you gotta be a despreate cunt to fuck a dog. i only came here because my mate is a sick fucking induvidual

    Coco38, posted

    Ah Yes thats it! She was so fuckin horny,you was given her what she wanted and needed!!!

    ydal, posted

    Nice well trained bitch.

    likesitbothways, posted


    floflo081, posted

    @fgsy87uyhk: can you tell me, why exactly you achieved an account on an animal porn site? What do you want here?. What did you expect? Obviously it´s beyond your horizon, that humans and animals are able to undergo real relations and have joy together. I cant see what could be wrong with this. regards Pan

    pan_66, posted

    your all fucked up whats wrong with you didnt know there were even people like u sick cunts

    fgsy87uyhk, posted

    Looking to fuck and/or befuck by an animal(s). Male,20,dnd free. Msg me if someone is willing to share animal(s)

    shaysire22, posted

    Great cock and hot fuck!

    Chris506, posted

    skype name ims3d

    ims3d, posted

    Long fuck her nice..

    tntslutz, posted

    mmm nice vid.

    rover1966, posted

    She looks nice and slutty. :) @bigcaboom1 I bet you will have a lot of fun training that puppy. So hot to teach them about sex.

    DoggieHunter, posted

    very hot and i lvoe ds movie...........

    tika71, posted

    ahhh that pussy looks so nice, cant wait to get a puppy... and train her well

    bigcaboom1, posted

    love it!

    dog_lover, posted
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