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    Deer Fuck Man


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    deer fuck man

    Uploaded by likeit19582008 · Rating: 3.3 (200 votes) · 77846 views


    this can be quite easy with doe estrogen.

    Dragonboy25, posted

    i would take it as well marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I can't believe this... A DEER!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU FIND A HORNY DEER AND ABLE TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO SEE IF THIS WOULD EVEN WORK?!?!? Now I want a deer dick to suck and go deep in my ass like this!!

    PetSexLover143, posted

    hi im on stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    Is this an outtake from "The Yearling?"

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    Now I can say I've seen a man get fucked by a deer. Prolly a pet.

    usenetemailaddr, posted

    God i want a buck to fuck my ass hard now wish one would!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    very hot I liked it but would have been better if it was clear

    rexs2010, posted

    God what id give to be fucked by this deer!!!

    horselover192, posted

    that was so hot. Lucky guy..

    armaldo68, posted

    wouldn't it be better to stay with animals that have thick dicks than to risk being puncturd by these long narrow sharp cocks

    horseryder, posted

    me gusto pero malo la calidad

    homeros, posted

    als iemand in nederland een bambi heefd,dan wil ik graag door hem gedekt worden

    gerard007, posted

    Oh BAMBI, I cried when they shot your mommie!

    furontop, posted

    very differnt

    hotlatino, posted

    wow wish it was me trying that!!! a booted skinhead ebing a deer bitch

    bootedskinhead, posted

    awesome even if shit quality

    dirtybitch88fuk, posted

    [07.01.2011-04:50] Absolut außergewöhnlich !! Ein Reh bzw. Hirsch ? Dies scheint wohl nur in einem Zoo möglich zu sein ?!!!! Bis auf die technische Qualität, sehr sehenswert !

    PetOlli, posted

    i agree with scarletslut

    pissandy, posted

    fuckin hottt, but not v clear

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Bad quality, bad angles, no sound. Do it properly next time.

    Scarletslut, posted

    Not a bad vid but I'd rather play with a dog... 22 m indiana

    coksucker0687, posted

    Deer....The Other White Meat!

    Manimal688, posted

    Looks like fun

    coksucker0687, posted

    would b amazing if it was claerer

    xyzdeer, posted

    I love seeing things out of the norm!!! Veryyyy Nice!!!! Thanks

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Can I borrow that buck

    Shadowfang_N, posted


    gioo, posted

    wow is that for real?

    katy4u, posted

    very lucky man

    ontariomale, posted

    That is certainly rare!

    udpets, posted

    men your the luckiest.how did manage to get such good fucking deer iwish iwas u

    manono, posted

    Wish it was clearer. How did u get access to a horny deer, and where do I sign up?

    auto736, posted

    Awesome content hampered by horrible quality. Good vid anyway, rare stuff.

    trevorlanch, posted

    New meaning to I love you dear...lol The way the man was taking the deer up the ass was great. I wish it would have been plainer and showed more of the penetration...The deer on the guys back with his head laying on his lovers back was so cute. May they make more and send them in. Deer hunting would be a lot more interesting if you could take them alive and train them to do as this one does. It must feel great to have an animal holding you in place and fucking your ass. Maybe one day I will be able to try this.

    johnjohn699, posted

    I was interested about seeing a male deer and a man. I would not think that an animal such as that would be tame enough to have sex with a human. Obviously, I was wrong. Although it was interesting, the video was a bit to grainy so you really could not tell what was going on between the two. I mean it was obvious but the detail was not good enough as to where it could have been 100% arousing. With that being said though, I would probably recommend that if you are looking for something interesting to watch, watch this video. Because it was apparent both the man and the dear were enjoying it!

    foxfire85, posted
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