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    Hot Bitch on the Bed

    Uploaded by Raffnix · Rating: 4.5 (145 votes) · 10383 views


    würde gerne den arsch und so wärend des ficken lecken

    nitrambln, posted

    Rottie cunt tastes pretty good and it is great to get them turned on and wet. Good job and thanks!

    Codyak666, posted

    love the relationship he has with her... no doubt she's in love but i think he is too... he starts off by licking her hole and she finishes by licking his hole.... AND hes a hot guy! im jealous of both of them

    rnoguy, posted

    THIS is what good bestiality porn is all about... hot guy, sexy bitch with an irresistable pussy, anticipation, desire, real chemistry, and the beauty of primal lust and passion that joins a human and k9 mated pair. HOT HOT HOT

    animal-fucker, posted

    Great video! love the fuck shots!

    dirrtybeast, posted

    HOLY FUCK this is HOT, loved all the raw dick filling her hot cunt

    Beastlovers1, posted

    how can i watch this without having any credits? I can't even upload anything but this is the clip I want to see the most. has anyone downloaded it? Please!!

    HippoBoy, posted

    nice video, good lighting and camera work, nice fucking and the bitch taking all the cock. the best finish would have been filling that pussy to show your graditude for her allowing you to fuck her

    castingrod, posted

    What an outstanding and beautiful young man and playmate. How long till their next masterpiece.

    weepet, posted

    not too bad

    slimpick, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Nice and tender. She really opened up her pussy for her healthy lover's thick dick, and he opened his legs for her to return the love.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    Mmmmmmm, he fucked her so good, damn, he could have fucked me that way, lol. He really pleased her and took care of her. I loved the way she licked his cock after he cummed. Mmmmmmm, very sexy and one of the best vids on here. Please do so more.

    pjd220, posted

    DAMN,DAMN,DAMN! This is one of the most erotic, if not the MOST erotic movies I have ever seen! The camera work is outstanding! the guy is a looker, and the pooch is beautiful. This vid had me hard from the start! I love the way he coaxes her to give in to him...awesome! AND MAN CAN HE FUCK! She's wet from the start! Wish we had more vids like this!

    curiousity1, posted

    great love between these two lovers you can tell how gentle he is

    fredpotts, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    I agree with Mikey Cantor. However for me, it is the best vid on site. Production value great-- where did they find the cameras and then the talent. Resulting story -- slow even moments in two lives -- one instinct -- one expectant! Great!

    DanMcG310, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    Wow! Two healthy animals mating. They fit together like a glove. Him being on top of her, making her submit to his wishes is superbly sexy. They're forging an inseparable bond with each other with each thrust of his dick into her receptive pussy. He should've let her suck his titties too, since his nipples were hard. Also, nice shot of her licking his dick and belly. He f**ked her so thoroughly, she looked paralyzed at the end. She recovers enough to lick his protein cream treat between his legs, and he gratefully raises his legs so that she can "deep-tongue" his ass. Too bad they didn't "open-mouth" kiss.

    vonCaldwell, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    One of the best vids on this site. Everything about it is super hot! Hot bitch & dude, great camera work & sound..the best ever!

    mikeycantor, posted

    Wonderful foreplay!

    Littlemoo, posted

    I love your fuck, you def. know what you're doing bro. total fucking taboo perv here w no limits

    joaddict, posted

    This guy really knows how to fuck.when he started I thought he was gonna be boring...but not, hey

    spring1234, posted

    FUCK!!! THAT IS SO SEXY!!!!!!! Thank you! xxxxxxx

    beastigirl, posted

    my wife came so hard watching this vid. she wanted me to fuck her hard after this. where has this been all our lives.

    tonloc173, posted

    One of the best on this site. The guy is a hottie and I'd trade places with the bitch any day. The sounds only made this video even better. Post some more, please.

    wild4cum, posted

    This is really what I love to see. Only wish I could see more of the bitch pussy. I wish that i had a dog again, and I will have one soon. I was really into this one. I never tried a rott, but I think that it will be my next one. I can hardly wait once I seen this on. it is the bomb. Now I am happy that I came to this site. Everything in this movie was right on, and I can hardly wait until I can see more. Now my days will not be feeled with just watching tv. I think that I will come and watch this one each day as long as I have any cum left in me. What can I say, it really excite me.

    blackla65, posted

    very good movie ... we begin by wathcing a very goodlooking young man walk to a bewd where a female Rottie is lounging, the young man begins by removing his shoes and play a quick pawing game with the Rottie ... he then leans on his side to lovingly examine and finger her awaiting pussy ... then we watch as he removes his shirt inorder to roll her on her back and finger fuck the canines swollen pussy, after which he lets her lick her own pussy juices from his fingers, while skillfullu eating her pussy ... the young man then finally disrobes, and begins passionate foreplay with her ... then we are very treated to watch him jack his cock to an erection then begin his fucking her pussy, throughout which, you will hear his grouns, and gasps, and watch as his cock gets wet from her pussy juice ... at the the climax this young man pulss his cock out and begins cumming onto her flank, then lays down to let her clean his cock and balls, then turns her attention to his spilled cum licking it all up ... very good video ... would love to see him with a male Rottie!

    thoml, posted
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