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    2 Dog Lick Man


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    2 dog lick man. Cum/

    Uploaded by vergile · Rating: 4.6 (1035 votes) · 201491 views


    nice cock!

    portoalrs, posted

    they love their nectar

    lonewolf34, posted

    lick lick lick - lick that dick --ahhh I'm cumming

    jrpa, posted

    die eier schön mit honig und dann lecken lassen einfach geil

    lusti, posted

    nice video 16 yo male looking to chat skype: namitu1

    nammmmmmmmmm, posted

    i wanna join them licking that gorgeous cock,licking the head as he cums,then licking the dogs till they come...

    vicki123456789, posted


    abc0775, posted

    from semi to ejaculation, and no hands, nice to have a gentle tongue on the balls. Now thats a blow job!


    love it son . do a rimming one please. use butter, pets like butter

    dayrider, posted

    MMMM Did THAT ever make my pussy wet Hey when my dog licks my wet wet pusssy I squrit my juice So much that I need a mop to clean up the mess.

    hurk123, posted

    i love how that one laps up the come off the floor, cant waste any baby mm mm mm

    luvinthelickn, posted

    I love your video. and love you cock . i wish i was the dogs. can i see more of you and your dog. i love your big cock.

    sweetthing, posted

    beautiful cock, beautiful dogs and amazing cumshot!!

    CrisCross, posted

    yes love it, just when i was abou 13 my grandma got a small dog and he would bring me to extasis while i was at that age. unforgetable times.

    pals145, posted

    Lucky Dogs!

    FZG112, posted

    Great vid. Wish it had sound.

    TheHandle, posted

    made me so fucking horny I had to eat a load of my cum. would love to suck his gorgeous cock and both dog cocks, what a concoction of cum juice that would be. his cum looks soooo delicious

    lablover696969, posted

    great awesome

    benwater, posted

    Fucking amazing...came very hard watching

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    amazing! =)

    aiyohhh, posted

    I don't know what to say, other than really amazing. I wish I could cum that easily from my boys licking me. I love how you don't even have to touch yourself to go over. Your samoyeds are really cute too :)

    taiga06, posted

    so fucking hot, wanna suck u cock

    nitrambln, posted

    that is so fucking hot

    AccDickkk, posted

    i loved this flick. i had to watch it a couple times before i came

    playingalone, posted


    stuart20, posted

    fuck thats hot, love it and cam after a minute

    windwolve, posted

    loved this completly. i'm a female and i came constantly

    iamtwank, posted

    Ever time I watch this I jerk-off!

    JonnC, posted

    fuckin hot......nice big cock. n a fuckin big load..love all the pubic hair n tight ball's.

    mydogsissy, posted

    lols nice

    foulquack, posted

    What a great dog and cum shot, loved every second.

    protection, posted

    Good doggie! Very nice move.. Good quality, great dogs, nice cum ;) Just amazing work! I'm gonna see some more of your work, thats for sure!

    Ex1, posted

    i wish i had your dogs my new dog wont do that great dick and great dogs

    g1rl, posted


    bermybowa, posted

    is it ok if you fuck a dog? I mean dont you get some infection or something like that?

    sexcabo, posted

    I reeeeaaaaly wish I had a dog...

    MiyoMiyagi, posted

    lucky guy....lucky dogs...nice dick

    Alleswoller, posted

    amazing video !! more like this one please,,Excellent.Thank you.

    roverover, posted


    greedybitch, posted

    Damn nice video. I've had a dog lick mine but not as good as that!

    ktks81, posted

    i love it...

    Sivaji1259, posted

    I can't believe the way this guy can spontaneously cum just from having his cock and balls licked. I wish I was that sensitive sometimes.

    tundra98, posted

    super lekker cum

    poesjeloesje, posted

    Would like to be licking that cock; my Lab does a good job too nothing better.

    sciotovalleyguy, posted

    Very good video! tag teaming cock licking good! and nice cum shot! wish i was there to lick it up!!

    wetfortnt, posted


    skoddi, posted


    121426, posted

    nice double team

    ilovedogs24, posted

    thats so awsome Im jelous! can I have a turn?

    beejay, posted

    i lik

    JOUDAH, posted

    Nice,How much does he love his pup's in Beautiful condition and he cums long and lots just from the licking the love he has from them mmmeow!! and the Dogs just love it. Post more Pweeese Cam to this mmm

    Undertailchaser, posted

    OMIGOD this one is great. The man has a nice body and a beautiful cock that stands proud while the dog licks and licks and licks at his balls. Fantastic cum shot!! Please post more--this one made me so wet!!!

    DKLA, posted

    2 bad all that cum landed on the floor, looked delicious

    dirtydog33, posted

    Nice vid and super nice cock,beautiful dogs very hot video!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    2 richtig geile hunde ! würd mich auch gern so lecken lassen

    seratiu, posted

    lucky dogs!! ...that cum seems so hot...yummmy

    fredog51M, posted

    nice video

    youngfan, posted

    I love you, man! Very nice support, the dog dog, sf, also very cute! Hope to see you better shot!!! Look!

    lingjiale, posted

    absolutely amazing how he can come just by having his balls licked! lucky dude

    enzov, posted

    I love it when my dog licks my dick... It feels amazing... Especially when he licks my asshole, usually ends with me fingering myself

    huntley32192, posted

    Very hot video.. great camera work... Nice cock and lovely dogs... I love how he explodes without touching himself, and a nice load it is too! Dogs seem keen to taste his cum!

    janisjoplin, posted

    good film the dogs made him cum and they cleaned up the floor for him as well there is no need for toilet paper in there house if the dogs rim his arseholl to would love to see

    riguta, posted

    It must have been pleasurable to have two dogs licking you and your cock is exploding without you rubbing it. Good video

    Mafb, posted

    Sweet times

    alzer, posted

    This is one of the greatest vids here. Just love to see him come.......GREAT !

    danishbbw, posted

    Wow! This one's even hotter than the other one by the same guy. Love his hairy legs. Love the way his dick bobs around. Love seeing the cum shot unexpectedly. And then the dog lapping up the sperm. Great. Newsie

    newsie, posted

    that cock is beautiful!! i would suck him so baaaad

    blablabla, posted

    This made me so fucking wet!

    bluesgirl13, posted

    This is simply the best clip here!!!

    punch_ca, posted

    what beautiful dogs.&what beautiful cock.fuck my ass!!!!!!!!

    wscjbt, posted

    I wish I was there licking away:-)

    rainman96, posted

    i want to be the dog so i can lick his balls and dick and let him shoot his cum in my mouth.

    teddybear2, posted


    doggiegal, posted

    Oh WoW I soooo wish I knew another guy in my area into all this ravinmik@yahoo.co.uk

    ravinmik, posted

    Mmm what a good boy licking up that cum. Makes my pussy so wet.

    cozmolove72, posted

    Love this Video. So hot watching his dick and balls jump around while the dogs lick him.

    doitonetime, posted

    I Love watching this vid over and over and over! Sooooo Hot!

    jlongtail, posted

    OMG this is the best I've seen. I love the angle the cock pointing right at me! And the cum, I was licking my computer screen!

    puddy, posted

    hi i live in oshawa ontario and im up for any animal sex

    beesnest14, posted

    would like to be you dog

    loveflies, posted

    What a pair of beautiful dogs^^ so cute and horny

    Predator87, posted

    The dogs knows what there are inside.. ?

    and-h, posted

    beautiful to watch these canines at work.Nice cock and great to see the natural cum.very hot clip. thanks for posting.

    tan69, posted

    good film the dogs made him cum and they cleaned up the floor for him as well there is no need for toilet paper in there house if the dogs rim his arseholl to would love to see that.

    smint123, posted

    Fucking Hot Cock

    puddum2, posted

    quite simply....beautiful

    melbguy2play, posted

    One of the best. Sure wish I was under there helping out. The dogs really doing a great job. Working with ours to get him to lick cock more too.

    JessiMom, posted

    Wow stunningly hot.

    chrisindu, posted

    Lucky lucky man. I can tell all of them love it, He's dripping with need and the pups are eager to have some of his flavor. Already favored for the great angle and wonderful drip.

    kusaragi, posted

    Those dogs love that cum - great movie

    smdick, posted

    thats something good!

    Prasak, posted

    makes me horny just see to it, damn i need to get fucked myself, that is a good looking cock, i remember as teenager, I would let my dog lick me until i came, damn that dog was fucken good... better then some men i have been with..

    jhameus90, posted

    Seeing how you get a hard cock while you are licked by the dog makes me hot, too. Great to see how you shoot your loads. Your dogs like your cum, so one time one will wait for your cum in front while the other is licking your balls and dick. Horny !

    Peter_M, posted

    Just love the way his cock gets hard and squirts

    edsgoldwing, posted

    geez i came so hard after watching that. thank you and respect x

    onlymeforyou, posted

    wish you would post video with sounds. sounds of dog slurping makes me so wet

    savagestu, posted

    very hot good dogs

    alpolove, posted

    best feeling in the world.

    lborobastard, posted

    A very lucky guy to have 2 wonderful dogs available.

    lowlife1, posted

    Very nice!! Lucky dogs and lucky guy!!

    needtoknot, posted

    cant stop watching this love to lick that spunk up

    budgieboy, posted

    wish i were there to help the dog clean up ;] yummmy!!

    browns82jk, posted

    Will your dogs do that to me???

    cantharis, posted


    1979qwer, posted

    Love seeing a man cum like that and with a couple dogs just soooooo much better. And I thought things were wild around our house. LOL

    JessiMom, posted

    ich schlucke das so gerne ihr glücklichen hunde.

    heinju, posted

    great show. I enjoyed very much.

    germandad61, posted

    wish i'd have been under there, the dogs would'nt have got a drop

    gemdewy, posted

    Wow!!! Cumming without touching yourself? Respect;-) Makes me sooo Horny

    James_wangliang, posted

    hmmm.who sad that dogs dont like mancumm ??

    badmaddog, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm that was so yummy! love the cumming & dog licking it up! wow ur a lucky guy!! wish the dogs lick my pussy like that!! i know i would cum!! & i am a juicy girl!! kisses to u love!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    Wow!!! Cumming without touching yourself? Respect;-) Makes me sooo Horny!

    gaensehaut_m_38, posted


    swallowall, posted

    hi i'm from brazil if u like camxcam add samael_miranda@hotmail.com or mytchell_86@live.fr

    mytchell86, posted

    Beautiful cock, I would love to lick those balls too.

    lola101, posted

    Lucky dogs, lucky guy... =9

    Raposa, posted

    After watching this clip a dozen times...I was wet. I wanted to be underneath you sucking you dry while the dogs licked your balls and ass so sensually.

    swivelboy, posted

    How do I save this so I can watch it again?

    dogcocklicker, posted

    see if you can get one of them to lay underneath you and lick up

    winterdreams, posted

    damn hot video, fuckin love pawin myself watchin this dude bust a nut gettin licked, LOVE getting so stoked while gettin licked that i cant help but bust one out

    cdnwolf, posted

    is there a way we could get in touch? I want your dogs to give me the same treatement the way you got.. appreciate a response ... damn nice video and an awesum cum shot.

    ytamins, posted

    awesome video man!!!!!

    babypet3, posted

    super video

    jchonsen, posted


    janusz, posted

    Woww,super!!!!Nice man and smart dogs Good for me,sucking super mans dick with dogs

    janusz, posted

    how the heck did you cum like that?? I mean they weren't even licking the head of your penis much!! I can't cum unless the head of my penis is fully in something.. Like a hand or mouth or vagina.. But licks alone won't do it for me.. I have tried many times.. You're lucky you can cum without hardly any touch!! Wow I am impressed!

    intokniners, posted

    makes me so horny

    sameera_sethi, posted

    Super climax.....truly depicts the power of sex.....with an animal

    italianstallion, posted

    Fantastic! One lucky well hung guy! Awsome vid!

    jackny90, posted

    Very lucky guy.

    k9lover100, posted

    wow, lucky guy and nice cock too.

    colover1, posted


    asktao, posted

    adorei que delicia

    mytchell86, posted

    Love it too, love the toungue action on your balls....hmmm wow

    uncutbloke, posted

    fucking hot. love it

    OldJ, posted

    wow...this is a man i want to meet

    debra2656, posted

    amazing climax. Lucky man great cock

    katy4u, posted

    yeah, love it! been doing this since i was a little kid ^^ wish i had a dog like this still today

    growlingnexx, posted

    that was hot...nice cock too

    curious_chick, posted

    kla;kdjf fda;fhdsj;hfase f fda;kjfdlja;fkdlslhfrer asd;fjkl;sadjfwekr qawe;lrjopieuyd fasdkfjewioujhds dj;klafroewir

    hem, posted

    amazingly hot hot hot!!!

    pussycat22, posted

    Feels so good to be primed like that. Been there luv.

    23Maelstorme, posted

    would love u fucking me while the dog tongued ur balls!! hot cock!!

    tease08, posted


    kerplop, posted

    HOW I

    ianselement, posted


    ianselement, posted

    Wow - awesome cum shot! Having had the same experience I felt like I was right there with you. Unfortunately it has been years since I have had a doggy tongue bath. I am jealous.

    BigBikerBrad, posted

    absolutely amazing cumshot! very hot!!

    concave_scream, posted

    That soft fur against your balls when he reached through to eat your cum must have felt so nice...

    smeetsya, posted

    cool film of 2 samoyed dogs and a man.

    smint123, posted

    i love your videos... so jealous of you

    bucknutz, posted

    bet that hot load tastes great

    tonycub, posted

    would have loved having my mouth wrapped around that squirting cock mm mm good

    gemdewy, posted

    Fantastic - very hot - feel those tongues

    ifonly, posted

    LExcellent, love your video. Have had some dog licking, and loved it!UCKY DOGS!!!!

    lalit123456, posted

    LUCKY DOGS!!!!

    lalit123456, posted

    Excellent, love your video. Have had some dog licking, and loved it!

    denbulge, posted

    Totally Hot!

    diggerdoesme, posted

    Wow great movie!!! Awesome

    yorkstudent1982, posted

    Very hot. love the double dog tongue action, nice cock, and great cum shot!

    febfantasia, posted

    Wow! Was that all cum or a lot at the start precum?

    aaalll, posted

    oh man just what i want - lucky bugga

    beh322, posted

    I love this video, real turn on. I need a good dog.

    freakie, posted

    nice.. luv how that beautiful cock swings as two tongues work it. mmmmmmm yummy, baby.

    luv2blicked, posted

    i like animal sex

    shalu, posted

    very hot, would like to have the same thing myself

    K9man2009, posted

    LUCKY DOGS!!!!

    jlongtail, posted

    Now that was something remarkable! I can remember the times I have been deep inside one of my girlfriends and the dog has been licking my balls and the ejaculation was SO powerful. Lovely memories! Pokerman

    Pokerman, posted

    Hell that's hot! Beautiful cock and nice bod! Would love to see a hot rimjob....piss would be hot too. 10!!

    spanky342, posted

    Wow! Was that all cum or a lot at the start precum?

    wild4cum, posted

    YES! Excellent. Beautiful perv meat.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    great cock...how about letting them lick your ass??that would be awesome....

    aiantas, posted

    Totally fucking hot !! great dick - cum was hot ..ummm want the dogs to do me .. got me so hard and spunked loads ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    make my horny

    farah, posted

    I found my movie posted on this site, and it got me off!

    jimmy77, posted

    GREAT CLIP!!! Hot guy, nice dick, beautiful dogs.

    jlongtail, posted

    Absolutely hot. Can't wait to cum now!

    philip121659, posted

    That was totally HOT....Reminds me of my first orgasm

    tw1sted0ne, posted

    Wow. Cumming without touching yourself? Impressive! :D Good vid.

    BladeofHate, posted

    <3 :D

    naz1, posted

    Beautiful hun. Really hot!

    RoxiJade, posted

    Thank you for posting a great clip.

    yxz, posted

    hot clip..thanks

    tan69, posted

    from behind nice cum shot bro thats some professional squirting there

    winterdreams, posted

    what did he put on his nuts.

    rickademus, posted

    wow amazing hot!

    dedeco, posted

    making me horny too

    j712, posted

    really horny

    ekie, posted


    landers, posted

    This is one of the hottest movies I have watched in a long, long time! Not only are the two dogs beautiful but their continuous licking of the guys balls and outside of his prostate get him shooting his hot jizz all over the place, and he's not even touching himself!! This is a hot, hot, hot no hands cum scene you need to watch, rewind and watch again as I did (3 times actually) until you shoot your own cum load all over your best friend.. A fabulous handsfree cum scene you will check out time and again. If these two scrotum licking pups are Akitas then I have to go get two just like them!! What a job they do for this lucky guy!

    greyhound33, posted

    A very juicy watch...kind of wish I was there helping the dogs do their very nice ob of arousng their master one by one and circling around in wait for their ultimate reward the very very ample wet juicy cum shot that the owner gave to his pups as their very nice reward for an enthusiastic job well done indee...could not have hab any better camera action for the big climax at the end of it all...worth wath ing ti again and again if you like...pause at that cumshot and slow mo right through it again and again for that extra effect.

    luupe2, posted

    This movie came the closest to my fantasy dreams with two dogs licking my genital area continuously without stopping. I love the uncut cock as I secretly also want an uncut cock; alas someone else decided to cut me. While watching the movie I was secretly wanting to come for the guy in the movie. Well I thought; this is the end like all other movie's ending with an anti-climax for otherwise a great movie. Was I surprised when I saw the guy dumping a load. I could not believe my eyes. I had to re-look the movie just to see the guy dumping his load again. Again. Again. Again. Wow just great. I think this is one of the best movie's bringing my fantasy to life. Well done.

    cummunity, posted

    As the film begins, a white fluffy dog is beginning to lick his masters sizable cock. You can see him getting hard at this point, which is a big turn on. Then as the guy bends over you can se the second dog join in the feast as they begin to lick him from behind. It is apparent a few times that he was near his explosion pretty quick, but he managed to hold on a bit. I doubt that I would have had the control: I enjoy recieving oral pleasures. I enjoyed watching the white liquid oozing from this mans dick... a lot. I would watch this man again. I would also like to see a lot from of him and "from" him.

    fuzzygirl69, posted

    Amazing. Hot, and amazing. From the camera work, to the hot tongues of those dogs all over this guys hot dick. I grew up with dogs but never thought of this, and now I am jealous of him, and the dogs. I love how while one is working on the head and shaft the other comes up from behind and starts licking at his ball sack. Fucking hooot. One of them licked up all of his cum! I'd love to have dick licked by those dogs, or be where the dogs are be licking his hot dick. Those dogs are amazing, along with this video. Keep on licking and keep making videos, I can't get enough

    MiyoMiyagi, posted

    This was one of the best videos that I have seen on the site. These two dogs are so sexy in how they go about doing their job. hungrily lapping at his swollen tight balls.You can tell that dogs love their owner by the way that they lick him until he comes and some very hard spasms, but then they realize that their job is complete and like obedient little bitches, they clean up the mess while his rock hard cock bouces and sways with cum dripping of the tip. truly a great movie in a great series. I only wish that I could own pets in my home. Two sexy white dogs licking and sucking on my hard black cock and balls would be a beautiful sight.

    jaywolf78, posted

    one of the hottest vids ive ever seen. Two dogs please there man. both orally n with a nice ass licking. watch as the man just knees there and the dogs know exactly what to do you can tell that theyve had some practice and know what there master wants and just how to get him off. as one dog licks from behind gently licking the ass and the underside of the ball sack the other dog works the shaft and moves to the back side n helps the other dog give the sack a good licking until there master cums. the man doesnt even have to stroke his cock the dogs do all the work and get him to climax with little to no effort

    meiscool, posted

    this dogs like the man his cock and i thing thats very nice and i want that the dogs do that to my cock it's so fucking horny and fucking nice to look at mmmmmmm i want more and more of these fucking horny movie's i love that dogs so fucking horny i want that the dogs give me a blow job xd and i want to fuck female dogs i thing dogs can give nice blow jobs i think the movie is good it looks good and i loved to watch it my cum in there nice mouth's that's verry nice

    herman345, posted

    An amazing and beautifully captured video of a man enjoying what his two dogs can do. You can clearly see what's going on and that makes it even better. The angle throughout the video was perfect and you could see quite clearly what was happening. You can obviously tell that both man and dogs are enjoying this! The only thing I would really consider changing would be the lack of sound as, generally, that's what makes a movie extremely memorable. Other than that, I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. A must watch for sure! Got the job done and went way beyond expectations.

    Gigglesxx, posted

    I loved the completion, we could see the whole moment, from the hard on to the ejaculation. The guy had a good cock and he came well. Having two dogs lick him like that is very stimulating, obviously to him and to me or any viewer. And not just his penis but his balls as well. Not every dog does that. His one dog hung in there and licked to the end. Beautiful. When the second dog came around in time to lick off his semen, that was perfect. Great camera angle, it caught everything and the dogs didn't obscure the view accidentally. Hope the guy and his dogs do more.

    Nickelback2929, posted

    Those talented tongues were definitely put to good use as the dogs licked and slurped at that beautiful set of human cock and balls. Not only was the angle of the camera superb, but the quality of the picture was excellent--especially when the guy finally creamed all over the floor. This is a great video for anyone who likes ball licking and a nice cumshot. The canines are more than eager to get their human partner up and make him shoot a load, and they even clean up afterward! Those talented tongues were definitely put to good use as the dogs licked and slurped at that beautiful set of human cock and balls. I just wish I knew those pups!

    Aikuri, posted

    One of the best lickings I've seen. Great camera work. Brought back memories of childhood when I lived on a farm with 4-5 dogs. In the barn with all of them taking turns licking and bringing me to orgasam. Always had one sleeping with me at night between my legs for a midnight snack. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my bed mate licking on her own bringing me to an orgasam without me touching myself. It's something I'll never forget. Thanks for posting such a memorable video. I'm unable to have a pet but its postings like yours that keep me wanting...

    laorchids, posted
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