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    Man Fuckin Dog Pussy


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    Gittin it in there!

    Uploaded by STFU8888 · Rating: 4.0 (253 votes) · 190758 views


    That ass, damn.

    toughboy24, posted

    i thought this was a very hot home vid

    opentoitorg, posted

    wow his ass is gorgeuos! nice long cock, good fuck!

    Pimmelmann, posted


    DirkPie, posted

    yea he got a lil skinny dick lol

    tazx, posted

    he has a nice butt!

    octaviag, posted

    His body is HOT! Damn, look at his ASS! Yummy!

    toughboy24, posted

    this is a beautiful couple

    picasso12345, posted

    rape hey pussy harder and harder

    faggotcumbucket, posted

    Geile Nummer

    HadesCerberus, posted


    yushy, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa that has a female dog i can have sex with emali me at davischris21@yahoo.com

    chris360693, posted

    exelente que rico video, y el culo del tio magistral,,,, agregueme gente joven que le guste el zoo, gente joven soy de col, leonardnach

    _xxxxxx_, posted

    You need to show you cumming - that's what makes it really hot. If you can show her cumming, that would be so fucking hot!!

    carla8124, posted

    I like movies like this, where they both enjoy it. As it should be.

    12ofTwelve, posted

    i tried this with my dog but she wouldn't let me and when i did touch her pussy with my dick my dick kept oozing slime idk why but what did i do wrong

    lildoom14, posted

    This guy has THE nicest ass. I wouldn't mind slapping it a few times.

    MistressSable, posted

    (((((((((( Hot ))))))))))

    cpsbrasil, posted

    beautiful ass man

    aquaman5, posted

    What a beautiful ass!!!! He can fuck me like that any time!!!!

    DirtyRipeMonkey, posted

    awesome ass, if someone wanna play on cam my skype is xxxsocksxxx26 and my msn nachoenjuto@live.com

    nachozoofilic, posted

    Mmmmm. And damn you have a nice body and nicer ass. Coming from a gorgeous woman btw, not a dude :)

    Laserblue24, posted

    ahoj já z ČR, ale taky nemám s čím mrdat

    kozesnik, posted

    někdo z ČR?

    dogssuk666, posted

    i love!

    Ramis06vi, posted

    dude... Hot!!.. I love the way you grabbed her..pulled her towards you..and she let you..and let you keep fucking.. wish i could film for you.. or join.. hot man..good vid

    gethere, posted

    i have a mini german shepard and we've done anal, but i want to get my dick in her pussy. But her pussy is way to tight i dont want to hurt her. any suggestions for me to get my dick in her? espguitarguy@hotmail.com

    mooseparker, posted

    next time zoom on the dogs pussy.

    Wyld_WolfDragen, posted


    HollaJimenez, posted

    17yo m/bi looking for someone who is DDF to fuck and suck, also anyone wanna sex skype? im masterbaiting right now, if so message me on here and ill give you my skype

    bigcaboom1, posted



    Oh I wanna fuck this bitch so much! So sexy

    billy20784, posted

    nice ass!

    PoundThatPooch, posted

    @ "a000000".....hey ASSWIPE.....how about beating YOU in the head over and over? you are some fucking piece of work you fucking loser. YOU CREATED AN ACCOUNT SO THAT YOU COULD ACCESS THESE VIDEOS. you don't have any business passing your stupid-ass moronic judgments on anybody! you're here for the same reason everybody else is.....and i'm POSITIVE that the whole time you were watching this video, you were playing with yourself. FUCKING LOSER!

    mikef70118, posted

    very good, this dog is a very good bitch! Sehr gut, eine sehr gute Fickhure die sich sehr gern Flachlegen lässt und geniesst!

    sadfuck, posted

    super hot, i wanna fuck hard both of em!!!!

    Cbastian28, posted

    Nice job, next time stand her up on something lower & fuck her "doggy style".

    Pergotski, posted

    beating this guy in the head over and over would be so much fun

    a000000, posted

    mmmm sexy

    areiella, posted

    dat ass.

    Coco1292, posted

    Ja --- Geil ! Sehr schön zu sehen, wie Sie es auch geniesst :>)

    capricornus, posted

    i want to get pounded like her mmmm envious of that bitch! 20/ nj msg me

    h0rnybeast69, posted

    movie dont play help?

    bobby1567, posted

    I can clearly see that the bitch loves getting fucked, she just lays there with her legs open waiting to get dicked what a lovely slut.

    kandyman22, posted

    it ok ... nice why she in a box or what is that ?

    HyenaFucker, posted

    This is one of my favourite vids, a really hot guy fucking a submissive bitch hard. She is lying on a table, waiting for the guy who then easily slides into her pussy. It has audio, not very good quality, but still, way better than nothing. Throughout the vid you can partially see the guys face, which for me is a huge turn on. The video would have been much better if the guy had of moved the camera so we got a better shot of him fucking her. Unfortunately, there was no cumshot in this vid. But in my opinion, it is still definately worth a watch!!!

    fonefanatic, posted

    a guy with big dick enter the pussy of a bitch laying in a submissive position on a table,the bitch legs are open and her pussy is in camera view, seem to be willing and ready for what to come, the guy enter her pussy with ease, good action scene, wish it was longer. wish there were more views showing different positions with his dick in side of her with deep penetration and wider views of bitch face for expression and the final close up shot of him cumming in bitch pussy and seeing the cum would be ideal.

    BIGMANT, posted
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