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    Man Fucked By German Shepherd


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    A man is fucked up the ass by a German Shepherd

    Uploaded by hamishcs1 · Rating: 4.3 (312 votes) · 51086 views


    that guy got fucked pretty good

    charliemyboy, posted

    Guess this is a good reason for my next dog to be a large male so my willing and waiting asshole would regularly get doggie fucked.

    MyAssIsYours, posted

    Congratulations, Rasmm, you haven't seen much of this porn.

    Mauler, posted

    NJ boi that has never been with an K9 before looking to meet someone that can maybe help me out. I have always fantasized about being knotted by a big K9 and maybe playing with his master. send me a PM if you think you can help

    bottomboy2012, posted

    Only silly whites get fucked by their pets and people are to see their fathers being fucked. this can not happen to a black person. Respect....lol

    rasmm, posted

    pretty good nice big cock on dog pity not longer time to see more

    wallsvince, posted

    my wolf mix german shepherd and do better lol

    1silverblood, posted

    Love it! 28yo white British guy would love to hook up with some other beast guys or just chat on phone or skype. michael.zheng.informtech - gmail.-com

    nick_jenkins, posted

    muito bom adorei

    baceria, posted

    geiler Fickköter..

    Subzeroma, posted

    If anyone out there lives in Texas and has a good hung dog. Pleeeeease help me out XD I dont mind being recorded.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    i wish was me that was me with dog any one that has a dog let know

    boatman6969, posted

    Am bi and a beast virgin message me Am 16 and i want some new fun <3 manchester and am a furry

    Madaraobi, posted

    wish I had a male dog or knew someone with one. live in wisconsin

    soul99, posted

    UK guy here. Will be bitch to any male dog and take knot. Got a garage and photographic equipment? Then film me! Take pics. I want nothing but the dog in me.

    bitchboy, posted

    made me really horny. how do u train ur dog to that? and by the awyany guys w/ guy dogs feel free to send me picsof youfucking ea. other at johnnydumond@yahoo.com

    danehumper5, posted

    Wish he would have gotten the knot!

    Cockstrapped, posted

    would love to suck your dick while the dog fucks you next time

    antoniog33, posted

    Have to say that germansherperd is quite an idiot -.- if you're not trying to get any canine partner off you're doing it quite wrong and should probably go find some human to fuck or better yet leave any living creatures in general alone. Thanks.

    Roystoy, posted

    I wish I had a male dog to do that to me...23 m indiana

    coksucker0687, posted

    Pretty cool and hot dog love it

    crisvendee, posted

    female is better, you get pussy , + you finish insted of the dog

    germansherperd, posted

    i wanna be fucked by a dog, somebody help me , i can't do it here at home

    chakito, posted

    Great !!! That guy is very lucky !!!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    man fucked by german shepherd is the greatest piece of film i got the bigest hardon what a beautiful cock that shepherd has.

    fredpotts, posted

    having been made to take it, it is fucking horny

    bootedskinhead, posted

    super rüde. der kann mich sehr gerne ficken. meiner hat mich auch so geil gefickt länger her"heul"

    knoten2009, posted

    german shepherd = awesome. decent enough length = awesome. nice shepherd fucking + a quick few of his dick = you guessed it, awesome.

    GermanSheperd33, posted

    No need for graphics...no one cares who 'produced' it or even who fucked the dog. The shit was filmed with a tripod for christ's sake. Can you say one-man production? Are you starting your own dg fucking company? Have you filed for you LLC yet? lmfao.

    tonktaf, posted

    what a great dog, wish i could get mine to do the same

    das_wolfdog, posted

    Wish that was me me..... HOT!

    swallowall, posted

    love to do it any helpers zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    Nice...makes me wish that could happen..Indiana here

    coksucker0687, posted

    That was wonderful. I hope to see more of you two.

    Knot4me, posted

    Sehr geil er weiß wie es geht und läst sich schön von seinem Hund besteigen...sexy sexy...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    topp^^, suche ich auch mal! ;-)

    sweetleo, posted


    Frankfoxx17, posted

    now that is , just great, what a nice shepherd. CAn I be your bitch next.

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    How a guy could go this far and NOT get tied is beyond me! Maybe if there is further footage of this he finally does...

    Manimal688, posted

    hi add camxcam and zoophilia i'm brazilian mytchell_86@live.fr

    mytchell86, posted

    too bad he was man enuff to be tied

    shane101, posted

    Beautiful cock on a beautiful dog, who certainly knows how to use it in a willing, waiting ass...! :)

    astoriaguy23, posted

    hot !

    zndxxx, posted

    like most Germans sheperds have big cocks and know how to fuck

    ichliebe6, posted

    Love GSD .. great dogs - hot cock shot .. want it ..

    lazarusheights, posted


    jayko, posted

    wonderfull, where is my dog?

    germandad61, posted

    very nice

    punjab, posted

    pretty hot video. there's really cute dog that fucks a man in the ass and whats even more great is that there is sound! nothing too special with the audio but it is really nice to have some. not a very long video but not all that bad either. i think the camera should be positioned better but its not that bad of a view. i would give the video a three out of five. not the best, but certainly not the worst video here. you cant see the guy's face which is a bit of a bummer. but it would be great to hear more moaning or something. over all its a great fuck, and a pretty damn good video.

    Pirate7536, posted

    That guy has a really nice looking German Shepherd Dog who is very into his human sex toy! The guy gets into position and allows his German Shepherd to handle all the rest. He waits while his naked butt is poked and prodded until finally the German Shepherd makes his mark. One big ugly thrust and the guy is penetrated deeply and the knot is swelling inside of him. You can hear the guy making some noises as his anus gets worked over by his dog. The dog is getting off in him and pumping him full of love juice; his inner thighs are smashed against the dude's butt cheeks and he is driving it deep. This is one of the few videos where the dog finds the hole by himself! That makes if plain and obvious that the dog was actually in to it, and not simply masturbated into doing it. Great clip!

    Coltydog, posted

    The video begins and all you see is a mans ass sticking out there and a GSD just standing there then all of the sudden he mounts and gets it in fast and finishes...this video reminds me of me and my GSD never had a long time to do anything but any little bit counts...i think this video could of been better if the camera was a little bit closer and it would of been nice if it was longer also would of liked to see the knot or you get knotted....all in all good video 4.5/5.0

    Zenda19, posted

    What an awesome clip, just whatever lover wants a hot German shepherd going or it on a hot man hole. The dog must be very well trained, the whole time i was watching i was thinking of a beast 3 ways if the dog liked to be fucked at the same time. Can you get a cum shot next time, now that would be totally fucking hot, dam shame it didn’t go on for longer. Really hot and turned on by the setting looks like some far out euro farm or a hidden bestiality love nest, I give this movie 10/10 a must watch for all pet lovers.

    anubis_au, posted
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