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    Gang Bang In Mid Night


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    Some thai guys fucking bitch

    Uploaded by ericphuong · Rating: 3.8 (270 votes) · 61761 views


    damn hot! they can use my cunt when ever they want

    BareSlut, posted

    we need more bitch cunt rape vids with more bleeding.

    jackerbater, posted


    iLoveBigFacials, posted

    Just a hole. Pure and simple.

    iamveryhappy, posted

    would be good to see the 2 guys fuck it at same time ass and fanny, its a great feeling

    aceriderfun, posted

    looks like 2 much fun im going to fuck my dog now that i seen this video (:

    footlove, posted


    maddog20, posted

    She is bleeding you fucking rapers. Go to jail an get raped there and then when your asshole is bleeding you know what it is for her.

    ZetaWolf94, posted

    Makes me hard everytime, they are so hot wich nice body's, and fucking that hole so good, gang bang is the best, had like to see them all cum in her, using her like a cum dump

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    San angelo tx

    bttt, posted

    blood? i was loving it till that happened. thank the lord i had already caame

    bebet, posted

    da hätte ich gern mitgemacht ;-) suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    De esta página he visto que quieren a sus perros, vosotros quereis a a la vuestra? porque si es así no saldría sangre. Gastaros las perras en putas y dejad en paz a la perra. Los animales son para quererlos, no para llamarlos zorras

    solenecarlo, posted

    I dislike these clip because the dog has no fun of that. It`s like a rape in midnight. She is half in sleep and then fuck the asholes her. That`s garbitsh and don`t rape your dog`s. They have lust to and can have a orgasem too.

    Petfun2012, posted

    i like your watch

    robertBruce, posted

    hahaha you people are so stupid saying this is wrong but some other kind is not, just because you are fucking your dog and its not bleeding its just as sad so deal with it

    xadaxa, posted

    so hot passing her around

    Dazed69, posted

    Great show! Nice to share, especially with young friends

    Allenhigala, posted

    LOVE this & the hot guy & wish you/he would rape my ass like that!

    wannagetinme, posted

    this video needs to come off no good

    jjbigdog, posted

    The poor dog bled...

    1010haley, posted

    Haha I love how she says we are going to hell, then says she would shot every singer user here... Logical.

    Heyheyhey777, posted

    absolut geiles vidoe gerne mehr davon

    funnky, posted

    Remember Sodom and Ghomorra??? I'm a girl and I didn't believed that this kind of pages are existing! I'm shocked and this makes me really sad! calling yourself "doglovers" and dogs are bitches??? you're all rapers! you abuse and missuse animals! I swear - if there is a god - you will all rot in hell!!! you're beasts, you're fucking ugly bastards!!! verreckt in der hölle ihr schweine! you're just disgusting! I'm speechless! if anyone wants contact me: tayo@gmx.ch - I will do something against you and this sort of page... If I could I would shot every single user here! you shoud all die!!!!!!!

    Tayo666, posted

    hot fuck - loved it when he lifted her up .. awesome .. rode that bitch hard and deep ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    anyone in uk that would let me fuck there dog

    watts77, posted

    in heat guys clam down!

    HyenaFucker, posted

    alguien de mexico? envien mensages

    Cbastian28, posted


    digilover, posted

    Looks like there is blood from her pussy

    boomboom84, posted

    whene the second guy was done did anyone else notice the blood?!

    darkkid17, posted


    anthony1228, posted

    I just love to see a man go at his female dog,it's so fucking nice how the dog just stay and enjoy it.It turn me on every time.Keep up the good work.

    hungrypussy1, posted

    anyone in phx az? let there dog fuck me and get some more dick in my ass from you? film myabe

    azstir, posted

    Ich finde es nicht gut, wenn die hündin hinten hochgehalten und dann im handstand gefickt wird ! Es gibt doch schonende, angenehme stellungen für hündinnen

    capricornus, posted

    @TZwolf I agree to a degree. However, the condoms, especially when putting your penis where another human had its penis, seem like a smart idea. the idea it pushes about zoosexuals, however, is not exactly a positive one.

    humacyrnus, posted

    Yep, just what I thought it'd be.....2 naked apes using a bitch like she is a piece of dead meat to pop a wad into. Wearing condoms no less. What a waste, but at least she is in heat and so is not protesting this cold and uncaring treatment. Videos like this show the "fence sitter" visiting this site that what they always thought bestiality was is correct....the use and abuse of an animal by retarded sickos only to get of their rocks. Very sad and frustrating for those like me :-/

    TZwolf, posted

    Mmm, love it when guys team up with a dog! Done it myself and it is without a doubt my favorite way of fucking them. But this movie have already been posted here on GayBeast.

    DoggieHunter, posted

    thats so wrong seems like she was forced not much care taken

    bellhill1950, posted

    Great gang bang movie! Two well built guys take turns stuffing the doggie with man cock. Doggie really likes it. (so would I) Both guys have rubbers on so they can save their sperm to rub all over their cocks and let this lucky dog lick them clean. The movie wasn't that long and had no sound but all in all it was pretty good. Wish I was there to enjoy the dog with them! Can't wait until I find me a good dog like this and a few guys to share her with. Might be fun to do a little E and fuck the lucky dog all night long. Ummmmmmmmm.

    mah1956, posted
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