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    Anal Sex With Black Dog And Cum


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    Having anal sex with a black dog and cumming at the end. The dog also licks the cock.

    Uploaded by hardeverytime · Rating: 4.3 (261 votes) · 57826 views


    Sexy dog.... would have like to see it more from behind though, rather than straight from the side like that.

    plopok, posted

    still one of the best vids on here

    DavidBundle, posted

    That was so hot. Wish I could do that. I'm so afraid to because my dick is bigger then average. I'm afraid I'll hurt the dog, female or male.

    zionwolfspau, posted


    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    geiles vid

    nitrambln, posted

    lovely fuck anyone on merseyside got dog or bitch to fuck

    cable22a, posted

    Love to do a male

    Jacklever, posted

    love it.. would like to fuck a male dog too... from Chicago

    bobo6969, posted

    fucking amazing video - fond memories.

    subsmif, posted

    wowo very hot!! :) anyone into fucking male animals rough?

    italianperv, posted

    mmm, I want to suck this sweet dog

    ronsoul, posted

    Hot! Love it...would like to swallow his load and suck the juices off his cock. One of my favorite things to do.

    horseloverboy12, posted

    not many anal vids with male dogs- really enjoyed this one- the dog having a raging boner was a bonus! would of been nice as a threesome- the dog being sucked off at the same time!

    DavidBundle, posted

    nice dog enjoyed assfuck good video thanks :)

    pimpaliux, posted

    zo geil,kreeg er een harde van,zijn er ook mannen in nederland die ook hun hond neuken en ik neuk hem ook

    watze, posted

    sexxy as hell imma 14 year old boy looking for male and female in michigan

    c-ray12, posted

    OMG just love it ;-)

    HardBeastCock, posted

    so hot, 15 year old girl, canada msg for chat :)

    Sutton, posted

    whats funny fuckyeah415 is that humans are mammals u dumb fuck and look at ur penis's we dont have bones in ur dicks. now do we?

    Dk1239, posted

    uuuffff!!!!! look at his hard doggie cock <3 looks like he really enjoyed getting his asshole fucked.

    suppehans, posted

    holy fuck that dog is hard as a rock i would love to be sucking that while he fucked him ... goddamn nice and sexy as hell

    beastman202002, posted

    @TZwolf "Second, dogs ALWAYS have a "boner" since they have a bone in their penis." Bullshit. No mammals actually have a bone in their penis, and there are plenty of sites online that show full canine skeletons to prove this. This also suggests your claimed credentials are total bullshit. Did you seriously think no one would notice this very blatant lie? Also, If you don't like this video or these kinds of videos WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ON THIS PAGE?!

    fuckyeah415, posted

    oh yes lucky dog fuked nice cock

    k1972, posted

    @TZwolf why do you keep coming back to this video?

    regidor, posted

    oh brother....there is ALWAYS some fucking loser like TZwolf who has convinced himself that he's the do-all, end-all, all-powerful, all-knowledgeable....and since he believes he's all that, he is free to pass judgment to any and all. and apparently he also thinks he's a fucking psychiatrist, making absolutely IDIOTIC and ASININE statements ("in fact, i do believe you are one of those sock people who will one day get sent to prison for raping and killing a child..." who the fuck are YOU to say something like that?? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU....AND WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???!!! you are absolutely no better than ANYONE else in here, and you seriously need to get over yourself and your STUPIDITY. you are a NOBODY and you have no business passing judgment on anyone.

    mikef70118, posted

    @•Aluzky• @TZwolf, The dog was indeed erect, I guess he got jerked off first and the fucked. I don't like much anal sex videos, even that the human was a bit too ruff, this video is acceptable, as the dog didn't look like he was in distress.<()>Aluzky, you are really a piece of work, you know that? You "correcting" me a splitting hairs to basically give props to a guy like Rabbitfucker....who's comments promote RAPE! Oh, and you keep forgetting that I was making love with and was a breeder of dogs since before you and your little silver spoon were even a twinkle in your daddy's eye. So, what you are saying is that this guy (and Rabbitfucker) are perfectly OK to RAPE a dog's ass as long as the dog doesn't "look like he is in distress"....according to you? And since the dog's dick is out of the prepuce (and I maintain from what I know about dogs....he is NOT aroused), he was "jerked off first" ans so that also makes anal rape OK? OR is it just because it was ME who said this?

    TZwolf, posted

    the human males penis got some brown stuff on it a bit of a turn off

    Margaret4, posted

    sweet video ! fantastic the pets got a boner of his own and one up his tight tailhole ! to bad i wasnt under him sucking his knott and gettting a mouthful of his sweet necture ! western ny state here guys lets get knotty

    ballsblue, posted

    geile arschfick action xD

    TheEnforcer, posted

    Super geiles Video!

    sascha4711, posted

    wonderful Dogfuck! I love it! The dog enjoy so mutch (look the hard Dogdick). Wunderbar Hundefick! Ich liebe es! und der Hund hat es voll genossen, (so geil wie sein Schwanz stand) .

    sadfuck, posted

    Holy fuck that was hawt :3

    silentWind45, posted

    mmm baby...you got such a nice thrust...fuck him every time he looks horny...mmm gorgeous head on your cock...I bet it feels awesome mmmm....

    Pergotski, posted

    how hot is it that the dogs cock was rock hard also. then turned 2 help with the cleanup. I'd say giv him a doggy treat but, he just got the best treat a guy could giv his dog : )

    brianlaz62, posted

    yeah! OMD....

    chubinnguyen, posted

    Totally got me hard .. big fat cock up that dogs arse .. nice cock shot on both .. dog took that cock deep ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    wow! Hot, nice fuck! Good boy!

    oroblanco, posted

    •Aluzky• @TZwolf, The dog was indeed erect, I guess he got jerked off first and the fucked. I don't like much anal sex videos, even that the human was a bit too ruff, this video is acceptable, as the dog didn't look like he was in distress.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    @Rabbitfucker--First of all, don't pretend to give a shit about what a dog gets out of sex with a human. All of your comments on this site are actually promoting RAPING a dog regardless as to what they feel. Second, dogs ALWAYS have a "boner" since they have a bone in their penis. This dog's dick was NOT aroused....it was simply out of it's sheath because the guy was pulling back on the skin while he gripped the dog. At least the dog didn't struggle, but did want to leave at the end....but that little detail NEVER bothers guys like you. In fact, I do believe that you are one of those sick people who will one day get sent to prison for raping and killing a child when abusing dogs no longer "does it for you".

    TZwolf, posted

    You are a very fucker, you saw that dog's boner ? Now TELL ME again that dog's don't enjoy sex and have a big cock up their assholes !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    wow that dog is very horny, so fucking good video, let me fuck ur dog please. Alguien de MExico?

    Cbastian28, posted

    Very nice. Great to see the dog's boner at the start and the cum shot at the end. Great work.

    sabotagehard, posted

    good fuck, hot to see the erection of the dog too at the beginning. very good. made me horny.

    germandad61, posted

    You can fuck me anytime

    Animefreak62, posted

    Baby i'd rather you did that to me......;) Where you from? x

    blacknob, posted

    The video starts immedately with the action. The guy pounding the ass of his beautiful black dog, but not only that the dog is taking that cock without a problem, but we also see that the dog is hard at the beginnging, showing that it turns it on a lot. The guy continues pounding the dog and even though the hard-on of the dog deflates, the dog doesn't struggle or resist the ass pounding. The man finally finishes the job and comes outside of that hole while leaning against the dogs ass. The dog even turns around and licks his masters cock clean afterwards before cleaning himself clean. The quality of the video is good, the camera doesn't shake and the picture is sharp. The sound is a bit bad, you can't hear the guy or dog panting due to a annoying noise, but it is still worth the watch and I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed the fact that the dog doesn't seems drugged, forced or even raped (like when it wants to get away or is over-submissive). It instead just takes that cock and enjoys the fucking, taking his masters cock in full into that sweet ass. This webside needs way more man-male dog movies like this. There are 1000 "getting fucked and knotted by a dog" videos, but only about 5 or 10 marvels like this peciular video. There should definitly be more man-penis in dog-ass. Especially when it is such a nice, male dog ass. So please make more videos of that beautiful dog and yours, maybe some different angle. And try to fix the sound, I would love to hear you pant when you come!

    steinbeisser241, posted

    Now THIS, was hot as fuck!! The dog was hard and seems to really enjoy having that hard, thick bear bone in his ass!! I know everybody don't share my fetish but to me, there's just something incredibly hot, about watching a big guy fuck a male dog.... Especially when the dog actually seems to enjoy having that hard cock in him... And the way the dog licked his ass in the end and started licking the guys cock, after he popped his load on his ass, was extremely hot!! I can watch this video all day long and pop a hot load myself, just watching him bone that hot dogs ass.... I've never actually boned a male dog myself but the videos make it look so damn hot!! Even though most people on here seem to have a problem with men fucking male dogs in the ass, I don't see a problem with it. Especially in videos like this, where the dog is not only used to it but seems to be very comfortable, getting boned. The dog in this video didn't try to get away, until the very end, and even then, only long enough to lick his ass a couple of times and them he starts licking the hot guys load off his cock and fingers.... The guy, as guys go, has a VERY NICE COCK!! I'd LOVE to have that cock in me, that's for sure!! WOOF!! This video, is going to be a favorite of mine for a long time!! I wonder if he has a full video of this or just this clip? What'll really be cool, would be if there was a file sharing program, where full movies can be shared, instead of these small clips, which are very hot, for the time the clips play. I would LOVE IT, if I knew somebody in Chattanooga, TN that played with a male dog and they would let me watch them fuck they dog, doggy style..... To me, doggy style is THE BEST position to fuck a dog in..... Doggy style, for the dog!! Anyhow, again, I LOVE THIS CLIP and I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did. Again, great clip guy!! Have anymore you can send to me? Let me know!

    d_l_scorpio, posted

    Right from the start they both have hard cocks. He holds on to his haunches & does him "doggy style", the way it feels best. Good shot of your cock sliding in & out of him. Good shot of your cum. This man fucked his dog up the ass just right. He fucked him so good, he was in a hurry to go fuck a bitch. Finally someone who is willing to fuck "doggy style". He does is in a steady thrusting way, that will leave you wanting more. I'ld like to see him fuck a bitch "doggy style". He would make them both cum hard. Good work, I hope others take your que & start "doogy fucking", just like you!

    Pergotski, posted
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