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    16 year old. Want to be fucked by man or dog. And would love to be sucked or fuck a dog too. If you can come to me please message! I'm in Arkansas

    minecraft2013, posted

    17 male in bellefontaine, ohio. i wanna find someone with a big cock to stuff my ass or a girl to let me play with their pussy . gender doesnt matter. Willing to trade pics and skype chat. im 275 pounds so yeah i am fat. message me if you want to fuck. ill do anything. age (older the better in my opinion) and size dont matter. fat or skinny im all good. my dick is 5 inches long but not very thick. if you want to fuck me or if you want me to fuck you then send me a message. im open to anything other than poop play.

    SilentFreak, posted

    waste of time

    summerrayz11, posted

    Anybody in indiana wanna let me fuck their animal or them. Hmu

    greenday114, posted

    to bad he did not enter her

    dogvet2765, posted

    hi for all im so hot men from syria eny girl wanna me add on skype ibrahim73772

    bob_bob1973, posted

    15 year old here gonna be 16 in one month and i would love to get fuck by a man pm me

    macho02, posted


    zippo91705, posted

    @PTP--You keep openin' the hole in your face and sayin' words, but all anyone needs to see to get your gist is to look at your name here. And OF COURSE you "give a shit" what I have to say, because you KEEP ON REPLYING TO IT....LOL :-> And FYI--the videos that I "favorite" are there because: 1) I like the fact that they show MUTUAL and loving sex between a bitch and a person....not to wank off to since I have so many bitches to satisfy that I have no need to do that :-) and 2) There are a COUPLE which I was keeping track of to see if they ever got removed since they are so obviously rape. And the answer to your last "question" is that since I am a ZOOPHILE (not like most of you who are "pooch-pounders" here), I want to speak out about some of the SHIT which is uploaded here since the mods do not care. Why? Maybe there will be a person who is considering whether sex with a dog CAN be mutual....I want them to not be turned off by what they see because they think a shitting rape video is the "norm" for "zoos". I want them to see MY comments and then make a judgment. Get over it.

    TZwolf, posted

    Sind hier jungs die jünger als 18 sind? alle in skype melden : poati.dream7 ist der name am besten aus bayern

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    lmao @feran i'm not talking about aluzky's comment on this video, i'm referring to his comments in general!obviously you're just another one of his sheep.haha ''learn some manners'', seriously?how bout you grow the fuck up!and @TZwolf actually i don't give a shit what you have to say, i just don't understand why you keep repeating it over and over again (like aluzky) ''I make comments to videos which show dogs being used and ESPECIALLY abused'', really?well you didnt seem to give a fuck that a dog was being 'abused' in a certain few videos that you enjoyed...you AND aluzky.also if you feel so strongly about the mods etc on this site then why keep coming back?

    PoundThatPooch, posted

    If you wanna share my mare pm me

    glpasswords, posted

    Great vid, you should have fucked her though.

    likesitbothways, posted

    too bad there wasn't any spreading :( It would be nice to see this pretty virgin pussy :)

    Bozar, posted

    @PoundThatPooch--Uhhhh, SERIOUSLY, I'll say what I wish to say about these videos I don't agree with....and I do not give a flying FUCK if "nobody gives a shit". Obviously YOU DO, or you wouldn't say anything about it, now would 'ya :-> As far as my "dick too small to fuck a woman"----I'll have you know that I'm nearly 7.5 inches and would give a good deal of $$ to have my girth and length lessened. The women I've been with have been quite satisfied :->....then again, so have the BITCHES I've been with :-> AND @feran--are you the self appointed "porn site policeman"? I make comments to videos which show dogs being used and ESPECIALLY abused since the mods on this site care not one whit about that. I would have actually made no comment to this because I agree that this poster may just want to show her off a little and is waiting for her to grow up a bit before trying to penetrate her. BUT I'm sick of Rabbitfucker taking EVERY opportunity to PROVE what an abusive, rapist shit he is by posting a comment like he did.

    TZwolf, posted

    ok everyone shut the fuck up about drama shit and enjoy the goddamn video the guy was showing she was a virgin prolly wants to wait to take her so he dont hurt her and the one guy that is soo fucking stupid pound im talkin to you here you really need to shut the fuck up aluzky wasnt talking down to anyone so stop being a rapist retard and learn some goddamn manners

    feran, posted

    sick of hearing the anti respect gestures towards just shove it in there , dogs are not there just for abuser's , abusers just anit getting it thats why they say the dumb things they say e.g poundthatpooch, somebody should pound him see if he likes it

    lovemydogknot, posted

    Push that cock and take her cherry .. virgin cunt needed to be fucked .. so hot - tight cunt needed to be stretched !!

    lazarusheights, posted

    hahaha exactly @Rabbitfucker! and @TZwolf is your cock too small to fuck a woman?is that why you only fuck the smallest dogs possbile?between you and Aluzky, this talking down to others crap is really getting old.seriously like...GTFO!!nobody gives a shit what you have to say because its all bullshit!

    PoundThatPooch, posted

    •Aluzky• Maybe she doesn't want top be penetrated and that is why the guy didn't do it. Either way, that pussy looks sweet ,would love to see the rest of that body. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    You two first posters are a couple of SHITS. You know that? Rabbitfucker I so hope one day, when you get to prison, a HUGE guy fucks you in the ass until you need a colostomy bag in order to dump your feces. And please note that I used the term WHEN you get to prison. Where in fuck do you get your whacked ideas? Too scared to rape a woman and treat her like you seem to want to treat an innocent dog? They too big and strong for you?

    TZwolf, posted

    Well said, Rabbitfucker.

    stogieguy73, posted

    What are you waiting for ?! Give a huge shove with you hard cock in her cunt, and take her virginity, she's lying there waiting to take cocks, that's a slut, so give her a hard deep fuck

    Rabbitfucker, posted

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