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    A Guy Takes The Knot


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    guy gets knotted by rottie

    Uploaded by cowboy74 · Rating: 4.3 (578 votes) · 125524 views


    Very nice. love it.

    sweetthing, posted

    Was that blood at the very end when the knot came out??

    cumfuckme278, posted

    why is the quality so bad, please re-upload in a better format

    horseryder, posted

    i wank everyday watching that ...i want it too

    ringovergudo, posted

    Sound!!! So much better when you can hear the grunts, moans and oh yeah...all that fucking!

    Astarte, posted

    Hot. Would have been better with sound though

    sexy...best45, posted

    yes, it would have been good with sound

    MisterEATX, posted

    That just bring the real animal out in me. Great knot from a well hung dog.

    hogpig, posted

    amigos cerca san diego o tijuana? correo james arroba mill punto net. kiero perrros macho

    boleto, posted


    submissivemommy, posted

    hot video but not like me getting fuck by my wolf high breed lol

    1silverblood, posted

    Big dog knew what he wanted. shove his seed deep in that ass.

    marsharp, posted

    so geil ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    i like to take the seed of dog

    stringhom, posted

    I love this video. anyone in Ireland interested in this, message me.

    hammersl, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with dogs or boars to let them breed me. Email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    oh wow. takes me back to good memories. I miss my big dogs.

    breakitnow, posted

    I want to do this too! Anyone have a big dog that would mount and knot me?

    RoyalMel, posted

    wooooowwwww great video!!!!

    titocordoba, posted

    how do i get to do this?? cliff caroa412245@hotmail.com

    johnallen7171, posted

    great movie, i love to see guys with dogs , it a great video. make more ,it wonderful .

    sweetthing, posted

    perfect movies ! realy like it

    naidu202020, posted

    Oh I wish that was me

    phuqmehard, posted

    Iwant that. Any willing dogs in Chch?

    wanting202, posted

    mmmmmm i wish that was me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Lucky guy !!! That dog is just the right size. I want him to fuck me too....

    mrmikemoe, posted

    Wow, that was a damn good clip, shame about the sound though. Would of loved to clean out that guys arse after!!!

    cocacolabitch, posted

    did you see the explosion of cum....mmmm would love to be underneath with my mouth open wide!

    kittykitty38, posted

    I want some of that !Would love to have a dog pump my ass full of cock snot !

    new_dist, posted

    18 y/o virgin looking to be fucked by a dog. In and around roswell GA

    wuffpaws, posted

    All i can say is that is one lucky man. Wish it was me in his place

    dallas1938, posted

    wanna get fucked by the dog

    nitrambln, posted

    i love getting fucked by my german shepard he has the biggest cock i have ever seen.and i love it!!!

    SAHARAQ, posted

    love too be able too take it and take all the cum it can pump in me feel so good

    barryboy56, posted

    That is hot i wish it was my ass taking that knot. Have never experienced this but it turns me on big time

    piercedrider, posted


    ht4dgsx, posted

    linda follada..quiero un perrito asi!!

    antinovs, posted

    linda follada..quiro un perrito asi!!

    antinovs, posted

    This is so hott and sexy,wish it was my ass,love to be his bitch,feel his hott cum in me,take that knot,feel the sexy pain when the DOG GOD,pulls out,please make me hurt,hott babe,SEXY!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    A great knot! I just wish there was sound...

    Cockstrapped, posted

    Big dog fucks him hard a buries his knot deep. I just wish the video had sound.

    Cockstrapped, posted


    freesecond, posted

    that dog had a huge cock it must feel good inside

    charls69, posted

    wish there was sound

    romeom80, posted

    awesome fuck,but wish the knot would have lasted a bit longer

    fredpotts, posted

    i just have to keep watching i love that knott

    damtrav, posted

    thats so hot

    damtrav, posted


    lividdick, posted

    Oh yeh that is how you do it. down on your hands and knees and let the dog have his way. only thing that makes it better for me is doing a 69 with a girl at the same time.

    dude4mk9, posted

    That final reluctant pullout is the sum of all the passions. Chat anyone? My mail is under my profile.

    sipho, posted

    me too

    jake091, posted

    that is what we dream about,straight in-knot especialy.

    buster1937, posted

    nice,need model ?

    eroticbeast, posted

    Wish i was knotted

    lucyblack25, posted


    loveporn2, posted

    awesome fuck, well knotted. wish it was me anyone in scotland who can help, get in touch

    bareback53, posted

    good action good camera position film quality could be better.

    calcrafty, posted

    i loved making this movie for you hope you enjoyed me getting knottted

    knotty4dogs, posted


    schwanzimarsch, posted

    Great dog, Great KNOT, Great fuck. Just the way I want it.

    olderbi, posted

    tut das nicht aua?

    quarcki55, posted

    i was made to take the knot liek that!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    That was cool. Looked very fun and always wanted to try that

    spursfan, posted

    would love to be that guy

    dewayne64, posted

    Love it! Wish it was me. Anyone in Virginia Beach have a K9 that would like to mount and knot me, let me know.

    bendover_23456, posted

    ja en mij ook ........

    joch1, posted

    wie kan mij helpen om zo een keer geknoopt te worden

    gerard007, posted

    awesome fuck, well knotted. wish it was me

    bareback53, posted

    awesome knot i love to have it im me pump the cum in lol

    damtrav, posted

    we uv been made to take like that u kno how it is!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Alguien de Bogota, Colombia, con perro disponible. Escribeme. Soy serio y sano.

    hummerdog, posted

    wouldlove to have that dod up my ass and to lick himp clean - his cum and my shit after

    kokkyd, posted

    jeeze I'd have loved that big dog fucking me... .. would have to spin around after he pulled out and suck his cock clean.. wouldn't mind getting my mouth on that guys ass too.. suck out all that great dog cum and ass juice!! Love sucking any cock and being fucked by any cock.. Love eating asshole even a pussy if full of cum!!

    ak9subpig, posted

    i have been fucked by my dog for 2 years...he knots up in me all the time....when he fills my ass with come thats when he pulls out...i love it when he wants me to blow him....and he loves to cumm all over my face...

    lovehardcock, posted

    i wish i was him, i need someone to share their dog in california with me! :)

    deraven, posted

    Been fucked by three different dogs but have not been knotted yet ! I need to have that huge knot trapped inside me holding his spurting cock inside till my hole is filled with dogcum

    new_dist, posted

    made me cum

    dtguy, posted

    das war ein so erregender clip.... den hund hätte ich auch gerne mal zum aufpassen *fg...

    viancaro, posted

    if its worth filming it's worth using something better than a cell phone cam, motherfucker.

    tonktaf, posted

    very very fucking hot

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted


    yoilovebeast, posted

    lucky guy wish i could have a dog fuck me like that

    helloall, posted

    makeing me hornie nice

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    very nice if theres anyone in PA in the Media area with a male dog look me up. simbakovu@hotmail.co-m ive always wanted to try.

    Steve22222, posted

    I love being hung up with a huge dog like this guy. nice dog seems like he likes fucking guys. Those knots feel great inside.

    dogsuckerman, posted

    any guys in the uk who want to chat about k9 stuff give me a shout...

    fitwelshsub, posted

    nice vid, but needs a close-up

    fzmr9t, posted

    wish it was my dog,or even a freinds.mmmmmmmmm

    desires71, posted

    i agree with every one

    jerod, posted

    Great fuck, great knotting!

    dogsex169, posted

    Sweeet.That bitch was well fucked.must feel so good!Liked fucking my grandmothers bitch when i was a teenager.Happy days!

    davedeprave, posted

    was so sweet thaks fore the vid keep m posted

    jaspergriffen, posted

    really hot! the end just made me shriver all over and exlpode! thank you cowboy, fan in la la land.

    esparzascc, posted

    That was hottt would love to find someone with a large dog like that or Great Dane who would be willing to contact me and bring the dog to me. May be willing to be videoed. Send me a message. Also would consider miniature horse, Donkey or Stallion.

    StudDogLuvr, posted

    that dog knows how to fuck send him to me

    dtguy, posted

    this is a hot movie I would love to get fucked by a dog sometime. I have never had it before..

    lovetogetfucked, posted

    Please find me a dog like that, I want to be fucked and knotted.

    shaitanx1, posted

    so fucking hott

    pepsi123, posted

    extremely hot. Damn wanna fuck that dog cum filled ass afterwards!

    dancerman, posted

    very well done, nice shot at the end

    SynShadowolf, posted

    Lucky man. I wish I was him. Good clip

    doglover21, posted

    being knotted is great and this movie schow it well!! excellent!

    nonshocked, posted


    hbjst, posted

    From what I can see, the guy got a small cock. Good vid though.

    darksoulcashx, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Please please please let me be knotted and tied like this up my tight arse xxx

    Belinda402007, posted

    Would like to feel that rammed up me

    st_benard, posted

    like a dog fucking my arse and knotting

    budgieboy, posted

    oh yeah lovely i love a dogs knot up my arse i just clinch my arse and hold on too it..get in touch johnnyc_6@yahoo.co.uk or johnnyboy474@live.com there is no dash between the 7 and the 4

    jc1, posted

    Anybody out there around San Francisco that"s got this going on? Let me know. You'd really like me! Adam adamabc@pacbell.net

    adambac, posted

    WOW! That was some hot action.

    maxguevarra, posted

    I love this movie, wish I could find someone in Minneapolis who enjoys this as much as I do,write me andywil55 that could be me or you but I haven't been that lucky

    andywil55, posted

    black screen!

    own, posted

    nothing but black screen!

    flagger1, posted

    Ive benn watching this site for a couple months and dont know where to find stuff like this in ohio so checking with people to find out how many animals i can put on my 3.5 acres then its all game. horse cow pig donkey and goat. Ill let everyone know thy say. Then the trip will be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any other ideas

    anel101, posted

    awseome video, lucky guy and dog, they seems to love eachother

    babypet3, posted

    i like to get fuck like the this but don't know where to find

    zangliana, posted

    Great video!! Very nice and hot! Love the way he pulled you around. Thanks!!! :-)

    Sassy4Animals, posted

    wow! seeing the pull out would have been awesome! Still a good clip! Kudos!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    What a lucky guy. Would love to have see the nice cock and cum.

    Knot4me, posted

    its very good when a dog tie with the boy's bitche

    frany1953, posted

    I agree The video could have been a few seconds longer.That is a lucky dog.

    kobidobidog, posted

    i just wish it was my ass knotted like that

    rabbitman, posted

    muy maala calidad de video

    rio462, posted

    man, hot, but what a let down. clipping the end so we can't see the full k not pull....you lucky dog.

    hungdaug, posted

    wish you let us see the whole pullout

    esparzascc, posted

    oh my god. this guy takes it like a champ! it makes me so horny! i cant stop watching this. this dog is ready to fuck this guy with his large cock. the guy goes down and the dog is in his tight waiting ass. and the dog fucks him hard. he has no mercy. that dog owns this guys ass. his ass must be tight as hell to because that knot just does not want to come out. that dogs dick just stays in there... god so yummy. and then when it finally does come out it looks like it hurt a bit. i love when it hurts a bit. u know its real when u see that.

    dragonrider75, posted

    This is an incredibly hot video. You can tell the man is experienced, and thoroughly enjoying it. Watching how eager his dog is to take his owners ass is an absolutely major turn on. Just watching the dog still grinding the mans back side while his tool is buried knot deep made me want to get up, go out, and find a dog to take me. There is a lot of love between these two that you can see as the dog calms down and the owner strokes and pets the dogs leg as to say good job and thank you

    knottyfantasy, posted

    omg, i want to be fucked like that i just have to keep watching ' It never stops making me horny seeing a dog mount and knot a guys ass. Theres no stopping this hound, he's straight there cock straight into the guys ass. Even the knot seems to go right in his waiting hole, then you see the dog knotted on the back of the guy. Cock tied right into the guy, filling him with that gorgeous hot dog seed. Eventually the dog, turns around and starts to pull away, with the usual plop of a large knot slipping from a well fucked and filled ass. All i can say is that i wash it was me, getting that lovely red juicey cock in my hole.

    saotroi0100, posted

    This stud really knows how to pump an asshole! His backside motion really gets my blood pumpin in all the right areas if you know what I mean! The only thing missing is some great panting and moaning! I wanted to hear this stud pantin while he was poundin this guys asshole! Always a plus when they get the knot! This stud has a big cock ready for cum! I love seeing a tied up love couple. The grand finalie was the removal of knot The great explosion of cum drippin down was a masterpiece. I can only imagine what fun this guy and stud are still havin..I wish I had this stud in my stable and only regret that I was there to drink up all that wasted cum!

    kittykitty38, posted

    Diz or this vid or video iz or is gud or good bt or but nt or not gud enough it needs sound it needs 2 or to b or be longer nd or and it needs mo or more positions the man does nt or not luk or look lik or like he iz or is enjoying it at all it makz or makes it luk or look nt or not real at all but the vid or video is pretty much good u or you jst or just need 2 or to fix doz or those lil or little minor thngz or things

    immesofyou, posted

    This clip is brilliant. I love how it starts with the dog already part way over the mans ass, plus the dog's knot is already showing. The man must have done this plenty of times before as he takes the cock and shoves it into his waiting hole. Once inside he begins to rock back and forth on the cock as if milking it dry! for a few minutes we see a few good close up's of the dog's cock penetrated deep within the mans hole, only to be followed by the cock slipping free and a nice trickle of cum running down the mans ass crack. All in all a very good move with an excellent camera angel for the filming.

    michael129, posted

    This is a hot video guaranteed to make you blow your load. The guy is on the floor ready for the dog to dominate him. The knot pulling scene was the best part of this video. I wish we could have seen the guys face as the dog was screwing him. It also would have been better if his shirt was off or if the doggy came inside him. It also would have been better if the camera was under the dogs cock. I think over all the video could have been better but this still hits my pleasure button in a strange way. The dog looks very sexy. I would love to be in the guys place have the dog yank his knot right out of me and leave me cum filled.

    cummypuppy, posted

    I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. I applaud you for doing it though. I must say that it was nicely done, but you could have used a better camera. There was quite of a bit of good action there, though you could have added noise. Gives it a more realistic touch to it. Then some people like hearing the noise as well. Also you have to do it from a wider shot as well, just so everything can be seen. Everything was well put together and ran smooth, though I wouldn’t have cut to a different angle, I would have left it where it us the first time. Makes it look like there was no knot.

    crazygood, posted

    Wow that was so amazing and so hot. The dog was just humping away and its cock looked like it was in deep. And then when they are knotted together the dog is trying to pull away but obviously the man doesn't want that big knot to be yanked out of his breeded ass hole. The lighting was okay and you couldn't really take in any details but the motions and the energy was so hot I came so hard. The man looked totally reamed and satisfied and I bet that he and the dog do that alot. So much that his ass hole is all soft and gaping open. Just, wow

    ck608, posted

    it wasnt bad but i suggest abit more sound and maybe a close up only cause u can see the not more and alittle bit more length maybe add something more like giving the dog a handjob first to get it ready and then let it fuck but thats just my opinion really otherwise in all it was pretty good the quality was okay but like i said could have been better, i would maybe suggest watching this once atleast. i think this was good also because even non-members can watch it due to being such a short time.

    Mihawk0186, posted

    It never stops making me horny seeing a dog mount and knot a guys ass. Theres no stopping this hound, he's straight there cock straight into the guys ass. Even the knot seems to go right in his waiting hole, then you see the dog knotted on the back of the guy. Cock tied right into the guy, filling him with that gorgeous hot dog seed. Eventually the dog, turns around and starts to pull away, with the usual plop of a large knot slipping from a well fucked and filled ass. All i can say is that i wash it was me, getting that lovely red juicey cock in my hole.

    bitchboiuk, posted

    the guy is on his knees on the ground and the big dog mounts the guy. the dogs cock is out and ready to fuck. and it look like they have already been fucking. at once the dog enters the guys ass and begin to fuck him quick and long. the guy he like this and hold the dog until he is knot and it will not come out. the dog try to leave the guy but he hold him in his ass for a long time. the guys cock and balls are not easy to see and it would be good if he toss himself at the same time as the dog fuck him.

    gryff1n, posted
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