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    Man Fucks Male Dog's Sheath


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    part 2

    Uploaded by Dog_Fucker · Rating: 4.2 (38 votes) · 3571 views


    mmmmmmm Hot!!

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    Man Fucks Male Dog's Sheath

    www.petsex.com, posted

    Showed this to my neighbor. He and my K9 are lovers. He decided to try this, and they loved it. After he came, the dog f***ed him, and now they're asleep. lol

    vonCaldwell, posted

    i would have ate the cum myself

    seancody86, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    xman24173, posted

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    elitepoo, posted

    sehr schoen, der Hund hat zugelassen, dass sich der Junge in ihm befriedigt. und der junge Mann war so richtig geil in action. hat mich sehr erregt und war schoen anzuschauen. danke.

    germandad61, posted

    Aside from the human being a hot looking young man, and a beautiful dog, I really like the interaction. Clearly the dog is quite calm, not upset at all. And the man is just too hot in this video. Loved it.

    JimOZ9, posted

    Just like the first part, this was a very enjoyable movie. The whole interaction between the the man and the K9 is very well done... it's not just a one sided event it's a ordeal were both party's seem to be enjoying it greatly... The K9 seemed zoned when ever the camera got a look at the dogs face but there was no resistant or hostility even as the man got a but rough in the lovely K9's sheath. The K9 has a very well developed ball sack and looked very plump and almost back up. The man in the Video is very nice looking as well... He's not to big or to small and is not the perfect man but he looks very attractive all on his own... I still praise the camera work though. Just like in the first part the Camera work was amazing and the lighting was amazing the sound was very good as well.. the sluthing in the sheath was very hot and very sexy it showed that even before he had let his load go that the sheath was already wet and gushing with pre-cum. The whole video was a video I would rank as grade A material and one of the best video's on the site. It's well worth the watch and I would recommend it to everyone. It's hot,Sexy,Great Quality,Great Sound,Great Lighting and the best part of the Video was the Camera Angles and over all camera Work. I've seen others that could of been great as well but the Camera work was very poor... So this is by far from start to finish and both parts... it's a fucking amazing Video. The Camera work is something I would love to see in more Videos. Camera work is critical in a video and this one Aced it.. Great Work Camera Guy/Gal. It was amazingly done. To the Performers. Great job as well, Bot very handsome and sexy in there own rights

    RakaTakaWoa, posted
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