• Just a fun, we both like that....

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    that was great love it

    shawn2185, posted

    try something like peanut butter just a little to get the dog used to licking your cock that can go till you cum once the dog gets a taste of cum he/she will want more feed your dog cum everyday then next thing you know they will beg for it daily even go so far as to lick through your underwear trying to get at your beautiful cock. and you'll both be happy forever!

    katniss007, posted

    Would love black dick:) look at my profile:)

    Thomas1290, posted

    wow i have never really seen in videos of any aimalsex with men of a black man having his cock licked by a dog woof this one is nice too but would like to see more of that if he's into gay sex with white men and animals too ...can anyone post it ? also is there black men here in arizona who likes fun like this ?????he can message me antyime if he wants to woof so any white guys around in phoenix ???/hit me up naked hugz ....gayk9lover50 that ismy member name so hit me up

    gayk9lover50, posted

    i luv when blk mn like kinky shit...im so wet.

    sexygirl209, posted

    WIsh it were me lickin that big blk cock!

    sweetsweat, posted

    mmm den schwanz w├╝rde ich auch gern lecken...

    master_20, posted

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