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    Old Mc Donald Had A Calf


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    calf sucking that cock

    Uploaded by blackkid11 · Rating: 4.0 (50 votes) · 9434 views


    Incredibly movie. Nice to see you've kept your wellies on too!

    dirtywellies, posted

    damn, too bad the calf missed most of the milk. hopefully next time it'll get the nutrition for its hard work

    pillsberry, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    I don't know what is hotter; watching the calf work on the man's cock, or the awesome sound of the calf sucking..... one this is for certain... it is HOT

    RottieFan, posted

    das ist egal, alle saugen,einer hart der andere soft

    pigbull, posted

    male or female calves, I wonder if one sucks better than the other? just a thought.

    dman63, posted

    hell yeah anykinky farmers in beds bucks ( uk ) message me would love to try this

    givemehead10, posted

    just playing... :)

    pimpaliux, posted

    Would love to experience that feeling. awesome!

    seatlman, posted

    Fuck it's ass next time!

    rascaldog1, posted

    I love your videos but If you can moan , some more it will be soooo hot:) I will explode ... with huge cum THANK YOU

    mamamia9998, posted
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