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    Pokemon Fuck


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    i cut a slit in my old pokemon doll and fuuucked it

    Uploaded by eubazur · Rating: 3.2 (94 votes) · 26244 views


    Love that cock. Want it in me. I'm in Missouri and need some cock. Message me.

    tinypecker, posted

    my dream is to be used by multiple cocks that are huge and be dressed like a slut someone please make it come true pleaasseee

    asiansrule1, posted

    Would love to meet some new people. Message me :)

    Thomas1290, posted

    yay Pokemon <3 message me 17 yr old boyy

    frogcannon, posted

    Funny Parody Porn pokemon!!!

    Cody05, posted

    i wouldlove for you to have that sweet cock in my ass and i would love to be deep inside him too and lose my load deep in his ass too

    fmarewantedinnd, posted

    That was very hot, i loved your ass and balls, makes me wish i was the Pikachu ^^. Also any girls or guys check my profile and maybe msg me ^^

    Young_one_64, posted

    I use to fuck all my stuffed animals growing up until i bought all the different blow up animals. I fuck everyone of them nightly!

    donkeyanal, posted

    its a pi-cum-chu

    monferno94, posted

    This is so fking crazy.only dumb,sick ppl would do this

    julioma, posted

    That is f'ing HOT!!!!!!!!

    Ineeditbadly, posted

    I want that ass....

    DaddyDJ, posted

    benutzt das ding eingentlich jeder zum ficken O_o ? hab das gleiche und mach das auch

    Sakuro80, posted

    You should make more of these and make it so they are free so anyone can watch. Mayve you can also get smaller plushes so they will be tighter

    Silence11, posted

    lucky pokemon

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I hope to hell I get eaten by wolves before I get so desperate I'd do something like that.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    i Will you fuck me dear: *

    fritz18, posted

    your ass is so inviting i just want ot fuck it

    sexytabaluga, posted

    you guys are like 40 and this is a kid... UNDER AGE and you guys are all pervs..

    thatoneguy21434, posted

    Really? On a bestiality site? And looking at the vast majority of the comments like, "Ufff, love to fuck your sexy asshole" and such shit, this video would be welcome on some gay-dude site....take it down for here and put it THERE :-/

    TZwolf, posted

    Your ass is fucking sexy as hell. And your dick. Damn. Haha the pikachu doll? As much as I love pokemon, with a body like yours, I can't imagine how you'd ever need to resort to that.

    AlexLovett, posted

    like to ass fuck u

    james6226, posted

    fuck yeah let me get balls to balls with ya and double fuck it our cocks could be twins man lol identical

    knottyboi, posted

    love your balls <3

    Mawfull1170, posted

    Nice balls, I like them

    L1NU5, posted

    park dein schwanz lieber in meiner engen nassen fotze

    SexyDogGirl1992, posted

    I'll be your pikachu doll :)

    antoniog33, posted

    hot wow O.O

    tin1111, posted

    love you rass hole ^_^ put a fleshlight in there or something :P the pikachew not your ass ^^

    nephylore, posted

    You could fuck me instead (;

    yorbegas, posted

    What the fuck? This is an animal site. This video is pure shit.

    bigshep, posted

    Would love to see this boy without the stupid pikachu doll in the way

    wowjustwow, posted

    I love that pinky ass, very nice . I would like to fuck that lovely juicy ass. thank you for showing that hot hole of a nice boy.......

    nero-rosse, posted

    LMAO wtf is thiss..

    Fukmesilly, posted

    i would inserd a fake pussie in it (ich fürde ne fake pussy ((oder arsch)) da rein machen :) )

    luckyboy1, posted

    zz z z z z z zz z z z z Z z z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z z delete !

    HyenaFucker, posted

    ein richtig geiler junger Schwanz mit all seine Kraft und Hitze. Macht Spass hier zuzusehen. Wünschte es wär mein Arsch den er fickt. -)

    germandad61, posted

    nice ass

    constantin28, posted

    wat zielig neuk dan een echte hond

    marcel123, posted

    sweet :)

    Karabiner, posted

    Got to agree with the others here, fucking hot ass I would love to pound it. Very nice cock too. Please put up a few more free vids showing more of your hot ass and some of your body ;)

    sabotagehard, posted

    cute hole, man ;)

    2DXDlolD, posted

    Man, I wish to suck the ass hole from this boy! Uuufff, Hot hole!

    oroblanco, posted

    nice hole ;D

    kittyxwolfy, posted

    mmm ein geiler schwanz... =)

    master_20, posted

    Nice cock, and I'd like to lick that slightly-brown butthole clean!

    barneybat, posted

    wow i love your cock love to exchange pic/videos pollarbears@yahoo.co.uk

    domam, posted

    Great videa i like if you do that with me honey !

    GeileMan1212, posted

    Great vid, wish I were this pokemon ;-) fit teen lad, great cock and balls. nice lad cunt on show ;-)

    chavlad81, posted
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