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    Calf Sucking


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    a calf that sucked very good. this calf was in a couple of my videos as you can tell with the collar. done with a camera with no sound sorry

    Uploaded by jssam337 · Rating: 4.1 (192 votes) · 106456 views



    miranazxcvbnm, posted

    love the cumshot!

    hoybe, posted

    marry me! i love fat guys

    nicoladoggy, posted

    Damn...I want to try this so bad!

    youngcub98, posted

    this fells so good it makes your knees shake,,

    nthnreed, posted

    anyone in the orlando florida area able to let me try this?

    bucmsb, posted

    I started doing that with sheep lambs when I was 5. It doesn't work so well as with calves, though. Sheep hurt when they start to butt. LOL

    sipho, posted

    I wanna be that calf!!!

    davidboy94, posted

    Como mama polla el ternero uff y el lefazo del tio mm

    neurostim, posted

    i bury my dildo so far up my ass i cum everywhere ,every time i watch this!!

    davie2001, posted


    nicoladoggy, posted

    Orlando area looking to watch hmu

    DeeplyNow, posted

    What if it bites? o.o

    nekneeb, posted

    Love to try this and if anyone knows a farm where I can do this then please message me.

    johnk6514, posted

    Mmm sexy, made me rock hard

    Jazzyjazzer, posted


    nicoladoggy, posted

    Straight 20s couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted

    I'd love to be that calf sucking your beautiful cock ... Love messages from people here .... msg me

    Naked_wanting, posted

    good calves always swallow, they're best animal for blowjobs! and it's funny to fuck them ;)

    davidboy94, posted

    I always let my calves drink my cum. It's their reward.

    likesitbothways, posted

    The best video is where he has two calves at once giving him a blow job. Must have felt incredible, was not suprised that he could not stop himself from cumming

    donkeyboy6, posted

    It's so good ! mmmh I'll try it one day =)

    zoophilialover, posted

    ya it does make you cum quick.

    patrick-54, posted

    a good calf can make me cum quickly, but i let a calf suck for a while first to see how much it wants to suck, some calves dopn't put as much effort in to it as others do

    jssam337, posted


    nicoladoggy, posted

    luv ur videos man. a couple things, either you'd already been at it a few minutes before the clip started; you cum easily; or one extremely talented calf. your nut blew in 30 seconds.

    dman63, posted

    The only thing i hate is the video player being used on this website. Can't watch it properly as it always freezes and pauses at a time. Very disappointing!!! this website "www.gaybeast.com" should use other video player for good quality purposes---

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    wowww what a fantastic job the calf doing

    Rajakse, posted

    I want a Calf to suck me just get back to me and let get togather.

    standddd, posted

    can i suck him too ? he so cute..

    megadisc, posted

    what a bunch of shameless thieves, i signed up i videos won't load, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jerks!!

    curioso25, posted

    This vid is soo hot and makes me play everytime I watch it -- yum!!

    vachick64, posted

    man ist das kalb süß.... will auch. meldet euch aus raum bayern/tirol. stehe eigentlich auf alles, hatte aber noch nie die gelegenheit

    chang1, posted

    Yes baby suck his cock nice, damn i really want to see more.

    doggydoodles10, posted

    I think this video is hot.

    doggydoodles10, posted

    For some reason, it's always fat fucks doin the beastiality...

    hellogoodbye321, posted

    god he has such powerful orgasms, lucky calves

    niko4321, posted

    Where is this Stud from? I need to quit everything, move to his farm and help him feed these calves.

    hogpig, posted

    im a 15 year old girl looking for some animal fun willing to fuck owner and or pay videos too xxx

    kateps1996, posted

    What a cock hungry slut. Keep giving it cocks and cum in all holes!

    DoggieHunter, posted

    This is a very horny video. Love it when he starts to cum before he can put it back in the calfs mouth. I would have done the same

    donkeyboy6, posted
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