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    Ants On Cock 1


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    It was fun to see the ants going all over my cock. I just put some suger in the jar and they come.

    Uploaded by standddd · Rating: 3.1 (30 votes) · 11731 views


    I have done that with fireants and WOW those fuckers bite hard !

    new_dist, posted

    Would love to see them tickle your cock so much that they make you cum.

    Werner33, posted

    Horny. Have you tried bigger?

    wankit2, posted

    Really sexy! Love it!

    latexbear, posted

    try the bigger ants. mmmmmmmm

    wankit2, posted

    i mean just that!!..we all sick in our own way

    hungbiboi, posted

    Love it.....

    bbwshavedkitty, posted

    do it with fire ants XD

    henry100nx, posted

    some kind of ants dont bite. i guess those are one of them

    max_adam, posted

    Wtf lol

    abborock17, posted

    wow i loved it! more plz!!!

    csaken, posted

    Are you seriously calling someone sick on a site that's meant for animal on human porn?

    2awesomedood, posted

    Dude, you're sick. You're lucky they didn't bite/sting you.

    AnimalLover8333, posted
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