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    Dog Cum


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    Uploaded by sungamolhada · Rating: 4.3 (253 votes) · 81312 views


    ...Would this be considered cheating on his spouse? O.o

    Mauler, posted

    mmmm I bet the dog felt and tasted good

    Naked_wanting, posted

    Theres got to be people doing this in Oregon. I want in on the fun!

    phreakerd, posted

    anyone in Arizona msg me

    lcksman, posted

    es ist so geil, kann mir jemand in deutschlan d kontakte vermitteln, horstw@gmx.com

    123dusty, posted

    Mmmmmmm i wanna suck that dog cock badly!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Very nice good shots want to try it myself.

    bisonny, posted

    two males. should be two cocks

    playingalone, posted

    male here with female dogs loves sharing webcam with women ,if interested add me seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    so very hot love to do that

    nitrambln, posted

    i would of loved it up in my ass big cum load in me not sucking it

    barryboy56, posted

    great vid .... dogs spurt out plenty of delicious cum.

    k9biboy5, posted

    fucking great...........

    gdhok, posted

    Very hot!

    socker63, posted

    I wonder what dog cum tastes like...

    akunato, posted

    would like to have seen the dog cum in his mouth

    1968886, posted

    when i was 14yrs old i sucked a Boxer off. he had the sweetest cum i have ever had. i have loved dog cum since then.

    jayshaw, posted

    god thats so good... love to be that guy..

    vampire27, posted

    Man. that's incredible! That's so hot.

    blubeastlover69, posted

    fucking amazing! Gorgeous guy! You don't see that a lot!

    gaydogbottom, posted

    Great cocksucking.Wish I could suck him off/

    cumpiglover, posted

    he is so lucky

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Ho schön ja blas in mmmmmm das is lecker

    raphael33, posted

    Hot guy hot dog hot vid c2c sometime

    stevebutt109, posted

    Hot dog.

    gonnushi, posted

    fantastic......... A real Hot guy working a Hot Dog what more could a guy ask for.... Love to do a threesome with them......WOOF

    K9EAGER, posted

    want to try that ..btw he is hot

    uglygit, posted

    very nice ,let me suck it with you......

    trains, posted

    good clip...loved the cumshot

    ludwigs, posted


    marylynn, posted

    Love this video

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    i would love to try that- any guys from ohio here

    eager, posted

    this is an old petlust clip. also, 42dd, imho, dog is better-tasting than man!

    deepsix, posted

    lovely clip,

    patuk_uk, posted

    awesome clip... loved the cumshot

    deedee333, posted

    i wish that was me. any ohio guys?

    eager, posted

    you can suck my dog anytime

    debra2656, posted

    seen one of the same couple, very hot

    duckychan, posted

    does it taste same as man's cum? x

    42dd, posted

    does it taste same as man's cum? x

    42dd, posted

    very hot wish i had some...

    lovinit, posted

    mm man would love to share that cock with you

    Dogiedoug, posted

    Beautiful gentle and loving. Excellent, thanks.

    denbulge, posted

    what a fantastic clip - great to see a horny guy enjoying sucking dog cock!!

    tonycub, posted

    nice clip, hot guy hot suck!

    tan69, posted

    A great movie, hot dog cock being licked lovingly until the dog cums. It is a movie of good quality and also one to make you hard and horny and cum while watching it, I did. The dog is loving his hot hard cock being licked and then sucked by his master, and the licking noise is also a turn on as it is done lovingly and nice and slow, along the shaft of the dogs cock, before being taken into his mouth, where the dog is sucked off until he cums. The dog is obviously used to being licked and sucked as there is no resistance from him. His master obviously uses his tongue and mouth on him whenever he can, and it is no surprise when the dog has such a gorgeous hot sexy cock, wouldn't you want to suck it too.

    horny63, posted

    Such a great video. I am sad it was so short. I could watch that man suck that dog all day. Really hot video. I loved both of who was in this. Both are very hot and sexy That dogs cock looked very tasty along with the cum. Although some of the camera angles could have been a bit better. AND!!! He missed quite a lot of that cum.. A real disappointment there. Quality was very good, performance was amazing and the dog must have loved it. I am quite pleased with how this video came out. I would love to see a little more next time

    blooog, posted

    This is a movie of perfection. The guy is so hot and obviously enjoys that tasty red cock his buddy has for him. The shots are great. knot too pro, knot too jumpy. I luv the sounds of the sucking and the look on his face of utter abandon. You have to wonder how the guy filming was able to control himself. The back ground sound of traffic adds to the @ home feel of the flick. Would love to see this guy in more action. He seems to know what he's doing and the dog is not whimpering to get away.Would you with some guy that cute suckin you? Smart dog. Smater boy suckin that hot red rod. 10outta10!

    jpf92170, posted
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