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    Guy Fucks Alligator


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    Boy fucking an alligator

    Uploaded by elinasunrise · Rating: 4.5 (255 votes) · 27983 views


    This is amazing. He is actually fucking his cloaca.It's the wonderful opening where the gator poops, pees and keeps his penis. So he's basically having anal sex and stimulating his sexual organs at the same time. The alligators penis seems to be responding very well.

    bmnfriend, posted

    i wonder what brand potato he used to film this

    sdgsdafhgrsdt43, posted

    Im really tired of this fucking site and everytime i click on a video it says "server not found" fucking bullshit

    chicagohotdog54, posted

    this guy was arrested actually in case no one knows :/

    xadaxa, posted

    I'd love to fuck a gator. Damn, this vid gets me hot.

    TwiztidJ, posted

    wow soo fucking hoot never thoght some one could fuck Alligator he has hot thing to that was soo hottt

    DURACELL8, posted

    I thought this was a hoax...but then...DAM

    Ziggyhoof2, posted

    it is the breathing,,the alligator cock,,, but the breathing,,yeah,,, he really enjoying the fuck,,,, good on you,thanks for sharing,,,

    biltedm, posted

    still the sexiest wildest prehistoric fuck on here,,,, awesome,,,,

    biltedm, posted

    Set the camera down in a neutral and fixed location so that we can watch the whole thing in focus. I hate POV porn.

    zeppelin9r, posted


    user3232, posted

    guy_you11 on skype.... i want to make some friends with the same interest.

    PlutosHole, posted

    I want to suck that gatorcock so bad

    NJBeastCam, posted

    wow great video sound is amazing wish i could watch x

    shygirl1985, posted

    Ah, what a hot video... but not only because of 'the sex'.... they scaclies.... when tuned in love their scales shine with the warmth of their heart.... Ah, how beautiful it'd be to make the love with one. (not only 'sex') I would have loved to see some entire hugging and humping.. with kisses, nice words... or fellating the crocodilians penis. Beautiful... sadly this is mostly seen as 'porn-ish/perv-ish' ... Ah... I do wish there were more love among species.... as well I wish they, other species like him, have rational/emotional intelligence for a more awesome and well guided relationship :D

    Syrmat, posted

    I would have loved to see him jerking off th alligator so that it came on the both of them while the man continued to fuck it's ass

    redrover69, posted

    The way the gator gets hard is amazing and gets me every time because that means he's loving taking human dick. I wish I could watch you play with that gator dick, and see the gator cum... that would just send me over the top.

    stonergirl, posted

    More.... please, more. I cum to this video so hard every time. I love seeing that gator dick sliding on you...

    stonergirl, posted

    Really weird but very intriguing. I was very turned on by your noises. You obviously enjoyed this and and so did I ;)

    acs1221987, posted

    This is something extremely rare from what I have understood and this is definately on the top of my list of epic sexy videos. regardless of the foggy lens, I love it!

    lorediang, posted

    This was different. It might would have been really good if the ligtning was different. I could tell what was what at first.

    renea7, posted

    i am loving the sound you're making, you are turned on massively by fucking this gator

    babs1487, posted

    who has one so i can try gaters r not all that mean if u give them a boner or take care of them they will be nice to u

    dog.0, posted

    No the gator isnt dead.. someone is filming it and he holds both hands on his mouth.. this the way that alligators dont move. you can see that hes alive ... he got a boner : D

    peterbilt81, posted


    Swordsdragon, posted

    It's not dead, this is a 7.5 foot male gator who was a _very_ good buddy of mine while I worked with him. Mmm...I love fucking gators!

    Gatorvent, posted

    its dead?

    blue20009, posted

    Message me ;-)

    dirtydogcumboy, posted

    my dream =)

    Meowmix55, posted

    I'd like to have some of that

    firemannate, posted

    now do the opposite and let the gator do you

    horse561, posted

    male gator

    slouchmcgee, posted

    Please wipe the camera now and then. Also, I'd like to see just what that hole looks like!

    Inu-Kun, posted

    woah first of it's kind, now fuck a female :)

    larson12345, posted

    Wow a guy fucking a male alligator, I new in a million years thought I would see that, let alone a male on male vid of it. The vid is nice the camera gets a bit fogged up as he is the one filming and fucking but to see that gator dick and him just fucking away at the gator whole well worth it and its free!!!!. The vid is short and no money shot that would have been nice but I'm sure he shot his load in the gator whole. Hoping this guy post more of these vids or just more vid this was only 7 months ago is maybe he will. All in all good lighting nice length and content is unmatched.

    aikijudoka, posted
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