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    My Neighbor's Dog, Sadie


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    1 of 3 videos of my neighbors female retriever licking my cock

    Uploaded by windfire69 · Rating: 3.0 (56 votes) · 21316 views


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    welchdevin, posted

    I had to watch this video because I used to have a golden retriever named Sadie too -.-... was about to kill some bitches.

    honeyfucked, posted

    can I lick your cock ?

    megamuscle, posted

    17 year old, 280 pound male in bellefontaine Ohio that is in to anything other than scat (piss is fine). Text me if you want to meet up. 937 441 9048

    SilentFreak, posted

    Straight 20s couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted

    eyyy, genial me encanto skype sin_taboos . . skype sin_taboos . . skype sin_taboos . . skype sin_taboos . .

    _xxxxxx_, posted

    That feeling when I'm almost 100% sure I know the dude in the video.

    Zoae, posted

    U should have let her taste your cum then she'll be interest that what i did to my nieghbor's female dog too

    animal000009, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa that has a female dog that will let me fuck for the first time emali me at davischris21@yahoo.com

    chris360693, posted

    She's not into it. Leave her alone.

    poiq, posted

    yummy real 10 thick, huge inch, love to watching gays or woman's playing with the dog on cam, if u got a dog and cam add me to, blackbitop4cuck@yahoo.com or Skype under BlackBiTop

    BlackBiTop, posted

    hello is there someone in holland whit a dog or a bigger animal i am 14 and i want to get fucked in my ass bby the per and even the owner if u woulnd't mind

    dane14, posted

    nice. i had some fun with my neighbors dog one time, I was watching her at their house. u near GA? Would love to have some fun with her... Make some more vids.

    horny4dog, posted
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