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    Horse Ass Licking


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    A man caresses and licks horse ass.

    Uploaded by Tessaboy · Rating: 4.0 (216 votes) · 77242 views


    16 m us here

    anderalex, posted

    It would be nice to find more movies like this! ;)

    jnevitt93, posted

    Can I lick a horses ass too? I love to lick ass and pussy. msg me at shwpony at yahoo Looking to get into that.

    shwpony, posted

    oh my god! i wanna do this so bad!! that ass look so DELICIOUS and kissable! i wanna eat it! lick it! and put all my hand on it!

    SeePhaniePlay, posted

    15 m us here

    anderalex, posted

    Make mid tennessee. Messageme

    lovesmen, posted

    hot to dive my hot, wet, thick tongue deep in that juicy ass, eat it out for hours. oh yeah!

    guy4horses, posted

    love to bury my face in that stinker mmm

    hogatthetrough, posted

    Pferdehintern sind einfach super. Jemand lust auf Chat?

    Natursprung, posted

    IF POOP BE grass

    HyenaFucker, posted

    suche sex mit hengsten und stuten im Luxemburger Raum, melden unter rocketstrike@live.de

    luxanym, posted

    Nice asshole and licking!! but be careful, because it could do a poop xD

    WwWitekat, posted


    furjack, posted

    immer wieder mega geil

    nitrambln, posted

    i love it

    ghasan11, posted

    anyone in northern MN with animals that i could play with PM me please

    Vincenbluetail, posted

    I want to see that in person.

    VinMax, posted

    i would love to lick a horses ass

    vossnowwolf, posted

    Oh yes! got a mare at home - if you like ... would love to lick your ass / balls so. Got a stallion, who would love to fuck me? All the best from the niederrhein area - western Germany.

    gregoraachen, posted

    3 questions what dose it feel like? and what dose it taste like? and how do you do it?

    panther590, posted

    anyone want to share their horse in scotland message me

    Frazer23, posted

    awesome i wanna do this so bad

    nicoladoggy, posted

    mega geil

    nitrambln, posted

    I would love to eat horse ass it looks so tasty. Lucky man.

    iamveryhappy, posted

    i need a horse to fuck in scotland

    Frazer23, posted

    I would give most anythng to eat a horses asshole out, it looks so hot!!!

    davescumhole, posted

    I would like to feel my cock in that asshole

    Cobratisiakum, posted

    (((( Delicia ))))))

    cpsbrasil, posted

    Oh God!, that hole is so fucking HOT!!! I want those asshole lips on my lips.

    abcde657463, posted

    16yr old wanting sex northern ireland Bi/Bottom MSG me

    joesopa, posted

    love a tasty asshole.

    priaposII, posted

    I wouldn't mind trying that. Yum.

    StAraqiel, posted

    i love kicking ass- man- dog- would love to eat a horses ass

    toungehole, posted


    k9isthebest, posted

    This is a very disappointing clip. Although it is true that there is a man licking a horse's butthole in the film, the actual licking does not take place for more than half of the clip, after the man has stroked and poked the horse anus, stroked his flank, everything but tasty butthole-eating action. This man's mouth is actually eating ass for a little less than 19 seconds. I don't know what it is, but we have not got a horse-butt-eating video in this archive in which the primary and sustained action is butthole-eating! There is no human sexual content in the film, nor are there any of the supremely juicy sounds that go with eating an equine ass. The photographic angle shows very little. I once got to eat a donkey's butthole, so I know how good horse rectum tastes (I eat dog butthole all the time!). I was looking forward to seeing this and watching someone else who enjoys eating animal tailhole as much as I do, and shown getting off on it. Sorry, this film is not doing it for me. 3.0 on my scale of 5. Next time you eat ass for us, really get into it, and let's see a cum shot.

    boyoboyo, posted
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