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    Man Fucks Stallions Ass


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    man nailing a horses ass

    Uploaded by horse-cock · Rating: 4.3 (362 votes) · 120435 views


    fuck yeah this was hot any body want to play on Skype tonight im horny as hell I need a cock bi male want to play message me

    shawn2185, posted

    Damn this guy is hot. I wanna fuck both him and that little stallion.

    Jake07, posted

    sexy guy, nice cock, hot stallion!

    beastlovergay, posted

    I wish this was a mare.V_V Do people who own horses only like to try anal with stalions? Why not mares too?

    dn19, posted


    sana23, posted

    Great fag fucker with the great dick.Would love to swallow it deep in my throat. Lick his balls and eat his ass while he's fuckin. Fucking pervert fag looks so gracious swinging his hips while fucking.

    rexbeast, posted

    nice cock nice ass wish i was there

    ABCDE06, posted


    wu814739465, posted

    fucking poor guy

    what-the-hell, posted

    youre all fucked in the head

    ryanpoop, posted

    young horses feel best, watching this makes me wanna go to my farm and give this little colt a hard fuckin

    z1ggy99, posted

    hot stuff

    kwiz, posted

    needs to full instead of skipping.

    regidor, posted

    how do you not get kicked

    johaku0, posted

    I need a horse

    cowkum, posted

    Really great! Total pression, total fun...mmmm

    Catarina123, posted

    spare us the fancy camera angles

    horseryder, posted

    any1 in Arizona ? looking to hook up with animals, any1 local get at me

    camarodude502, posted

    I could almost feal the pleasure the guy was having and the horse didn't seem to mind. I wish I had been there in person to experience it.

    WildBillWV, posted

    I'd love to fuck that ass. maybe even the horse too. nice ass and balls. just just imagine how much the horse was loving that.

    lvmydog, posted

    fuck it was so hot

    leviathan871, posted

    Bet he was a nice tight fit.

    hardflare, posted

    cool video :D

    ashurasonic, posted

    Not bad wuld have liked to see him cum though

    aapp223, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    anyone got any horses or dogs for that matter in the Ontario Canada Area add zakkie@hotmail.ca kthnx~<3

    Zakkie, posted

    dam id like to fuck a ass like that

    badboi778, posted

    sexy ass !! i want you!!

    wagstail20, posted


    GayAktiv, posted

    mmmmm would love to be the stallion and have that cock in my ass mmm and his balls slapping against my ass to great video <3 ;)

    HarleyRider21, posted

    Fuckkkk ..hot big cock ..loved to have seen him cum up that ass..mmmm

    curious4beast2, posted

    Wow made me so wet couldn't help cumming to that vid. So sexy. Man had gorgeous cock and ass too, would loved to have fucked him from behind, or he me whilst I fucked that horses ass ... mmmmmmmm

    k9biboy5, posted

    Such a great video, made me cum all over my screen :)

    Gatlinggun, posted

    I could not tell for certain but it looked like a gelding not a stallion

    xbgold, posted

    omg so damn sexy want too

    wagstail20, posted

    I'd like to see how close he could get his nuts to my ass.

    bredmare, posted

    great !

    RainingBlood, posted

    hot stuff

    azsxdcfvgbhnjmk, posted

    i like to watch this, i love to see the man's balls hanging, such a good view of them. oh, wo, how nice is it!

    Sonora, posted

    so hot i fucked my aunts horses at her barn all the time

    animals29, posted

    da gehört ein zweiter stallion in den arsch :) sehr geil

    ColdestBlood, posted

    nice vid.

    lovefarmer_85, posted


    rammsteintor, posted

    He is hooot! i wanna him to fuck my pussyass like that!

    jerrylovesdaddy, posted

    OMG! That was so HOT. I got so turned on watching you and stallions. Wish I was there doing it with you right now. Love going deep inside that stallion. We could definitely take turns with the stallion and each other too. I am so hard now and very jealous. AWESOME!!!!!!

    amsex12, posted

    Darkwolfala;You should spend some time looking at animals, while this may be a gelding it is sure as hell a mini male horse! Good god ,a goat?

    philip, posted

    graaan peneee

    lukas16, posted

    this is ok but I would sooner see a filly or a mare getting it in the ass and have the guy take a pic of their asshole befor and after it was fucked, oh and parts of the video where the guy pulls his dick out and and shows you the hole then sticks it back in,that would be really cool.would like to see that eh.

    inthatass, posted

    very hot, geiler fick

    astroma6, posted

    can i borrow a dog

    soymilkman5, posted

    very hot

    Hurrdurrhoers, posted

    hes hot.

    asslick5, posted

    Man, you got such a nice dick, why you want to fuck a stallion when you can fuck me?

    succum, posted

    buen video.. alguien de mexico?par intercambiar experiencias?

    therealonyx, posted


    wuhanwolf18, posted

    I want to be someones fox slave message me at zachc195@yahoo.com

    fox12345, posted

    That is NOT a stallion. That looks more like a goat.

    Darkwolfala, posted


    susanjoe, posted

    what a ride, that stallion's anal hunger is as equal as the guy's love tube skill. wouldn't mind to get a piece of those 2 stallions

    analbeastguy, posted

    I agree, with sound it would be totally smashing, just made my day

    orgasmotron, posted

    Now that made me soooooooooooo wet

    Belinda402007, posted

    where is the sound ? i want to hear him moan ! if it is good

    lkp151, posted


    harhar008, posted

    thats the nicest cum covered, cock stuffed, ball pounded ass hole iv ever seen :P

    horse.in.me, posted

    This is by far the best clip I've seen,the clarity of the movie is great, the angles are supurb as well, this guy should do this for money, and make lots of it. The Stallion obvious loves it, and the guy's penis is supurb, would have like to see a cumshot, and would like to see more from him, he is fantastic. Wouldn't mind him doing this to me as well. Keep up the great work.

    RONCUM, posted

    omg that was awesome , your cock pounding that arse , now cum do mewith it

    mygoldengirl, posted

    Nice balls

    xbgold, posted

    that guy has a huge cock too. Would love to see his whole body and face to match that cock

    poundingsystem, posted

    fuck that was hot ! Great guys ass too !!!!

    stue123, posted

    That's one lucky horse. Awsome vid, haven't had a chance to nail a stallion but I want to.

    guardian2293, posted

    Man, for that dynamite Dick of Yours, I'll get on all fours. Shit!!! Give it to me. m-

    succum, posted

    wow great movie

    xmf1207, posted

    Must've felt so HOT in there

    StAraqiel, posted

    wow love it im new to animal fun but im loving it

    Nemothefish8000, posted

    Hot video, i usually fuck mares but i'd like a turn at that stallion.

    Countryfarmboy, posted

    When I was a young man on the farm I fucked many calfs and sheep cam many times at that time.It was one of my favorite past time

    opie1928, posted

    what a fuck, can I eat the horse out. and like ya clean. Afterwards

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    gooooooooood yes

    SSYYMM, posted

    Wow thats a big dick, lucky horse indeed!

    klau1992, posted

    very very lucky horse

    ontariomale, posted

    I agree with scooby22!

    tan69, posted

    should of had a threesome with someone fucking the guy

    scooby22, posted

    I loved this video <3 The camera angles are good and well done. (Mostly just doing this so I can get credits lol) Anyways it was very nice. Although it wan't a big stallion, more like a pony, better than I expected. It was a pony and I'm not very fond of them but it was ok. But I love horses so much! They're so big and they're asses are so sexy. And gotta love that horse cock which wasn't in this video which kinda bumed me out. I tghoug i already did a 100 words but apparently i didn't lol so. I would like to see more videos of this guy if you could <3

    brucy202, posted

    Just seeing this hot cock ram that tight pucker is enough to make anyone crazy. This vid is freaking amazing and with all the camera angles to go along with this great action. I bet both parties had a great time and I would love to see more post. I think a cum shot would have put the icing on the cake. Of course if you cum inside and get the throbbing dick pumping it in I will be equally impressed and aroused. Please post more videos and for the love of god stay sexy. Good night and good luck.

    boxman022, posted

    this video is great the mare seemed like she really took it well and the gay o man he pounded the crap out of her tight pink pussy good video i would have loved to be the mare i would have loved it such a great one right there if i was the guy i would have done a bit better but still he did a great job an so did his horse if it wasnt for the horse then he would have mybe did a goat who knows lol i just cant belive how he did that an how the horse just stood there an took it like a real woman in the tight ass good one

    daugdi13, posted

    So here's an amazing, really well made movie. Very well edited and shot, multiple angles and points of view. As titled, a guy giving it all the way to a small horse/pony. Not able to tell if it's a stallion or not but he gives it to it all the way to his balls. A cum shot, either outside over it's puckered ring or to see it oozing out after coming inside would have been the cream on top. The guys well hung and he stays buried till the end. No sound but visually inspiring enough not to need it. Please keep up the good work and post more of the same.

    entries, posted

    i love the quailty of the movie you see a hot guys ass fucking a stallions ass the guy look well fit loved his boots and there was no sound but just the show made up for it. loved how the horse wanted it up the ass with no problem. great camera angels, loved the close ups to the mans hard cock sliding in and out of the horse.wished it was me that he was making sweet love to. this whole movie made my cock hard and i jizzed in my pants in the middle of it.wished there was a cum shot to the horses asshole. i would rate this 9.9 out of 10 because i loved it all. keep doing what you do making people happy from you making love to animales.

    doom33, posted

    Great shots, seeing that thick cock sliding in and out of that horses ass. Would be great to have seen a cum shot, or cum ddripping or oozing out of the horses ass. Also, would have been alot better if the guy took his shirt off. Still, a great video. Nice to see a somewhat clear video for a change, instead of the usually blurry ones found on here. I don't know wheteher or not it's my computer, but it seems that I have problems with the videos on this site pausing, even after letting them run one or two times. I have noticed others having the same problem

    jk2257, posted

    I liked this video, for it was simple quick and honestly, good length for a free clip in my opinion, a good find for fans of horse sex and an even better find for those of us too cheap to pay for premiums, thought the video was sexy and fair of quality it is always true that videos like this would be great with a spruced up length (runtime) so all in all a good movie and being such a fan of horse sex I just may add this to my favorites and for his effort, the poster recieves a 3/5 from me.

    linsluse123, posted

    Alright this vid has got to be one of the best free ones on here. It really shows the guy ramming the shit out of the stallions ass and then you can, if you look closely, the outer rim is a little wet. MMM that's good stuff. This vid makes me want to cum my damn pants off if im in the mood. You can definitely tell that this guy has a surprise for the stallion and its all cummin out in one big pump action. Damn that's some good stuff. He is really anticipated in ramming the stallions ass and from here on out, it's white wetness. Happy fucking to yalls out there.

    chicken432, posted

    Just seeing this hot cock ram that tight pucker is enough to make anyone crazy. This vid is freaking amazing and with all the camera angles to go along with this great action. I bet both parties had a great time and I would love to see more post. I think a cum shot would have put the icing on the cake. Of course if you cum inside and get the throbbing dick pumping it in I will be equally impressed and aroused. Please post more videos and for the love of god stay sexy. Good night and good luck.

    spazmanmagee, posted
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