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    Boar Fucks Man


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    man and boar fucking

    Uploaded by boitoi888 · Rating: 3.3 (253 votes) · 74617 views



    daddydogsex, posted

    Literally corkscrewed

    xbgold, posted

    I wish a pig with balls that huge and an ass that fat would fuck me hard!

    DBZFan12, posted

    hot and sexy

    kfurry21, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog & take both of their loads & the dogs knot.

    boatman6969, posted

    boar:UR MAH BITCH NOW!

    Warlock752, posted

    i want to sea more from start to end how it bigine and end pleas where can i find a boar like that or where can i buy a full movie like that special boar sex

    agflip, posted

    i want a nice pair of boar balls in my face now

    loverboy367, posted

    The camera angle missed the penetration of the man's ass.The huge balls and the mighty push of the boar showed that it succeded in entering the ass, but did it discharge?A lot of creams I suppose!

    mastaram, posted


    konosek, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with a large bred dog, boar or even a small size horse that would be willing to share it with me and let them breed me....email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    noretusi pabanditi toki malonuma patirti

    bulius161, posted

    Ohee look so great with those HUGE BOARBALLS .... like to see how much CUM he can give.....!

    hairyhorny-dk, posted

    wow, i want this too

    cassytravo, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    omg oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    Loved those big bouncy balls, bet they produce lots of tasty cum. I sure would love to be bred by that boar

    diggerbgh, posted

    definitely needed a side view at the very least. should have had someone else do the camera work.

    beingstrange, posted

    das würde icgh auch gerne mal ausprobieren

    sboy, posted

    My phantasm to make me fuck up the ass, penetrate by a large pig, because to feel its balls to type you the bottom and its cock to fill you with cum in abundance that must be brilliant. Would like much to be in the place of this type… am therefore to make a movie like this one

    gaydogboy, posted

    very lucky man but a side view would have been a LOT better

    ontariomale, posted

    Hot.. would love that in me.. and IF it's true how much they cum ..I'd love to suck on one when it cums too..

    ak9subpig, posted

    Loved those big bouncy balls, bet they produce lots of tasty cum. I sure would love to be bred by that boar!

    maletom, posted

    A side view would be better

    coksucker0687, posted

    omg you fucking freaks!!!!! fuck off!!!

    unclean, posted

    Hot! Would like to see more . . . especially a side view.

    bullyx, posted

    Bonita99, Did you get the boar to ejaculate inside you? That was hot reminds me of my boar days of copious amounts of spooge in my face, mouth and genitals which I used as a natural lube to jack off with after he was finished with his long orgasm, yummy! Awesome mount in the stall with the piebald boar.

    bodacious9, posted

    Check out the balls on that!! Wow, too bad we cant see much though.

    kittybom, posted

    perfecto pero como logran que los monte???

    quiros, posted

    da kann man neidisch werden

    franzw, posted

    That is so cool, lucky guy!! Did he get it in? Pigs squirt a lot of semen I hear. Looks like lots of fun. Did you get to lick his balls? They're HUGE!

    dogman1234, posted

    First of all you couldn't see anything. Second of all that was disgusting! I could see why that pig fucked you because dude you should lose weight.

    spazmanmagee, posted

    klasse! so einen würde ich auch gerne mal bei mir lassen! ;-)

    sweetleo, posted

    i wanna see that live.

    entertainme, posted

    BOARING! but in a really good way!

    maletom, posted


    PigBoi, posted

    i thought that the camera could have been better placed and that the sex would have been more hard core and rough of elegant and light anyway i think that man did a good job but wrong animal choice boars can have sex so hard that you can die anyway be more carful there was a man that died of internal bleeding for being fucked to hard so i wanna see cum and or blood or some long juicy dicks not just ass and balls thats lame so try harder sex and more sex maybe with protection you don't want a man-bear-pig baby lol they will rip your head off and fuck your brains

    taitai2, posted

    The big domestic boar bangs the guy in a shed on a farmyard. Boar fucks him very hard by huge dick and the guy loudly groans. Short, but very hot video. The video starts with a nice sideview of big boar and man who stand on knees on the straws floor. Boar without gentle beginns to insert a very good sized into his ass ... then we see him fast pump his rock hard cock in and out. Boar fucking becomes more intense as we see him begin to cum. i hope he will continue to thrill us with new videos and showing more details of their encounters.

    petone12, posted
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