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    Guy Taking Big Horse Cock


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    Guy fucked bt stallion

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.5 (1360 votes) · 271907 views


    Well, there's a computer glitch. This belonged in the reviews, but the "post" button is inaccessible. So here it is in "comments": Well, that's KMarko. I think I reviewed this clip before under another name. I wish people would do a little research and see whether what they are uploading (wherever they got it from) was already in this video archive. KMarko is the best "male mare" going. He and I have chatted about horse-fucking, and one thing he emphasizes is that this takes discipline, preparation, and practice. He's well into his second decade of taking horse cock. This is by no means the largest I have seen him get bred by. It may actually be one of his ponies! If you want to be even more amazed, there is at least one clip here in which he takes about 6 inches of horse cock in his THROAT. I can deep throat 8 inches of dog dick and knot, but what he swallows has to be the circumference of 3 or 4 big dog penises. KMarko is a pleasant fellow, easy to talk to, if you ever run across him on the forum or elsewhere, and he IS, IMHO, the authority on getting stuffed by incredible lengths and girths of cock.

    boyoboyo, posted

    Love it! This pony has great aim. They must have been practicing this for awhile! Love to be cam man for next fuck session!

    Jake07, posted

    good god! that was tickling your throat.

    Furballs1, posted

    I guess people forget that you can die from this stuff.

    chrisdulegay, posted

    i want a BIG horse dick in my ass

    isuckdogdickk, posted

    damn i love these vids of white men getting fucked by horses..........so hot

    skeeter121, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with large K9s that would like to have them knot and breed me, small size horse? I also wanna try getting screwed by a boar...email me sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    OMG luv this vid,...there is a longer version here ooops thats fuzzyfantasy at the Y

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    OHHHH myyyy god....I want to do this....am wanting sooooooo badly to be impaled like this video..... Its so hot, and impressive to see a man take what appears to be 18-20" of horse flesh soooo easily.....Ive seen the long video of this shot,...and it is truly impressive,... I luv the way the horse suddenly gets hard and in a instant finds the mark BURRYIES it deep in one swift stroke,.......and that man just adoringly recieves it ,.......WHAT A MAN......I only wish I could do the same......someee day soon someone help me have a horsey..... Ive knotted doggy, playd with horsey,...I have a fat large 18" dong that took me a weekend to fit up in me [with grease] made me whine n moan like a lil bitch.......Please if someone needs/wants someone to breed their animals,.....Im a very kinky bi male contact me asap.....fuzzyfantasy@ yhooooo

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    female from tn looking for guys close to me. message me

    evonnem, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very hot please make more!!!!

    hotone677, posted

    This makes me wana ram my dick in there ass and watch my cum drip from them Message me 16yr

    spiral212, posted

    Mmmmmmm love sucking that cocks havent tried t ive always wanted too

    albertoalcala, posted

    damn what a cock i'd love to take something that big in my ass and get filled with cum.womder what it would be like to suck that horse off and have it cum in your mouth yum yum

    openhole394, posted

    15, Northampton, MA. Anyone in the area? I do most anything. PM

    704341, posted

    oh fuck this makes me squirt every time i watch it

    slipandslide, posted

    Would love to try and take a horse cock. This video just gets me off.

    Rotthunting, posted

    always fun to watch. Better to do it yourself.

    hardflare, posted


    bryant181818, posted

    need a stallion now!

    leviathan871, posted

    simple love

    Humboldt, posted

    •Aluzky• How much does this hurts?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    wolitdown, posted

    Big, hard, deep and wet, an unbeatable combination.

    hardflare, posted

    That was sexy hot and he took lots of beef there;)

    CherriesD, posted

    Incredibly hot -- makes me want to go horse hunting

    twitchytail, posted

    that makes me wana ram my dick into someones ass message mez ;o 16yr

    spiral212, posted

    hey thats me haha jk jk

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    volimkonjski, posted

    its seems really hard to have sex with a horse because some horses are hard to approach to. like when u want to give them blow job they flintch or freak out. it never works out. because they can be dangerous to be around by how big they are. and getting fucked especially with there jumbo cocks. scary shit. i mean yea they look nice but i can never get one.

    psyco101, posted

    i dont know what to say about this video, i just think it is absolutley fantastik, i loved it so much, to see that lovely horse cock sliding up the mans arse, and also sliding out slowly with that horse cum, i only wish i was the mans best friend so that he would be willing for me to try the horse cock up my arse also, you can see the man is enjoing the horse cock enormesly, super man that is all i can say.

    silverlight3, posted

    Does anyone know whether you are in the Netherlands by a stallion to be fucked, or rather can anyone possibly. an address? Many thanks in advance!

    Horsepenis., posted

    Love the way the horse got him deep. A little longer would have been even better

    tippyshole, posted


    sexygirl1988, posted

    Definitely would love to try this if there was anyone in Texas that had a stallion they were willing to share.

    RoyalMel, posted

    is goo

    majuo, posted

    Love to try that some day. Any SW Fla around?

    timcoyle50, posted

    fuckin lucky man mare takin the stallion mmmmmmmmm luv to take it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    my dream and your the lucky one living it. that was so hot..... southern nh message me if you have a stallion that needs to unload. I'll take it.

    lvmydog, posted

    alguin de san luis argentina que quiera compartir estas experiencias...???

    raul_eduardo, posted

    alguin de san luis argentina que quiera compartir estas experiencias...???

    raul_eduardo, posted

    pony master

    Humboldt, posted

    hot hot

    robertmadrid, posted

    Hard and deep, is there anything better?

    hardflare, posted


    beemer, posted

    I so wish i was in this guys place nothing like taking a big stallion cock up your ass i love getting fucked by a stallion:)

    horselover192, posted

    that nmusta hurt by the sounds of it, so hot

    alwaysrandy, posted

    I am in Colorado and can do this with your stallion or XX large K9. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    dit filmpje herhaal ik net zo vaak tot ik kreunend klaar kom

    gerard007, posted

    great shot...wish i had a boyfriend like him ...

    darkzoone, posted

    that was so awesome to hear the guy grunting! he was so good for his lover to open his ass up wide and just let him shove it in. lovely! i wish i had that big cock up in my pussy! thanks for sharing!!!

    timula, posted

    I'd love to know what that feels like.

    hardflare, posted

    T willingness of the horse to mount and of you taking that big cock makes me ache for the same. The fullness you felt I can only imagine.

    hardflare, posted

    i've been wanting to eat out and fuck a mare or stallion for a while now, but i'm afraid i'll contract worms. if anybody has fucked or eaten out a horse, can you please truthfully tell me if you did or didn't contract worms? pm me if you're more comfortable doing so. i would really appreciate any and all replies. thank you.

    texasranger1015, posted

    amazing any one have a horse to share?

    ltnsinner, posted

    love watching guys being taken by animals, would love to have a guy make me do it

    marcus14, posted

    well fuckin hot and i luv his moans as he is taking it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    man i wish that was me

    cowboybilly, posted

    someone lent me a horse 4 that

    aass2fuck, posted

    I need a horse cock! Anyone in Minnesota that can help me?

    maturebibttm, posted

    wow, this video turns me on like no other. especially when he turns so you an see the cock go all the way in.

    gridgang, posted

    somebody in switzerland? jemand der mir das ermöglichen kann??

    horsesucker88, posted

    i wanna get fuck like that,, anyone with a hores,, ill pay,, i am 21 yo

    wannadogdick, posted

    Loved it

    123mydoggie, posted

    In Colorado and can do this with your stallion. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    that was so fuckin hot never thought anthing like that was possible

    411er1, posted

    dam, thats hot, anyone got a horse south of sydney? emails treeflower1996@hotmail.com k

    lovezit, posted

    i love to be the man

    suckerofmanycoc, posted

    Nightmarish.Being@yahoo.com ***

    Lana-Thel, posted

    I'd love to try this sometime! Someone in Oregon!? Nightmarish.Being@yahoo.com

    Lana-Thel, posted

    wonder who liked it better the horse or the man. that must of hurt

    hiree36, posted

    hey buster1234 uh is that a valid email

    horseranger, posted

    that'll work

    newuser123456, posted

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    twofootcock, posted

    damn that guy can take cock!

    Guestx01, posted

    email me if anyone is darwin nt aus would let tere horse fuck me tourettes_25@hotmail.com

    tourettes25, posted

    In colorado and able to do this. So, if you own mini, jack or any stud at or under 14h, then get in touch with me. Would be happy to service him.

    arabianlover, posted

    Love it so hot

    Manga30, posted

    Loved it. I cant believe how DEEP he took it! Hey if anyone in California is into this send me a messege: Jackaroo26@msn-.com

    CaliBoy32, posted

    GREAT !!!. LUCKY MAN . Iwould like to be him

    todoesdual, posted

    real hot

    wesker234, posted

    great vid and love the spunk trail at end wish it was my arse that lovely horse was fucking

    dogfucked1, posted

    be nice if i didnt waste free movie if server isnt found

    ted835, posted

    In colorado and looking to service mini's on up to standard sized stallion. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    Impresive fuck. The guy's ass sure is broken after this.


    love to see asses being stuffed, thats the life, riding massive penises all day long

    bryan9410, posted

    Well Somebpdy help me to try this beastiality thing! seanbrad1@hotmail.co.uk

    buster1234, posted

    I loved this one, made me so wet seeing him take it so deep! and the horse was really enjoying himself too:")

    november05, posted

    WOW that was so hot! he took that horse cock deep! really loved this one :)

    hugh1122, posted

    Omgod! That was SOOOO DEEP! I'm just wondering if he felt it in his large intestine! Damn that's hot.

    anonlb, posted

    I almost had a stroke watching this, one of my faves, really good video and the sound makes it awesome

    Bun122, posted

    wkd vid! add me to msn for beast chat beast_boy@hotmail.co.uk

    revenant426, posted

    Wow, that was the greatest fucking I've seen on here. I sure would love to try that.

    grayfoxjohn, posted

    Wow! That horse was packin! Just think if the average human man dick was that big! =)

    royaltyizmaname, posted

    He must have taken at least 12 inches!

    bikerman3001, posted

    I love deep fucking and big cocks, and this gets me fucking hot, be good to see his hole after taking that cock

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    joao187, posted

    this video make me cum a lot

    ferksd, posted

    My heart rate went threw the roof. thanks and love the sound and appreciation. great stuff.

    majerleags, posted

    Auch schöne große Hundeschwänze könnte ich mir vorstellen.

    Californication, posted

    wow, richtig geil. auch ein geiles vid. hat jemand solche möglichkeiten? würd auch mal hinhalten und das mal probieren wollen :-) Wer kann helfen? Bitte Message!

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    bebebebebebe, posted

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    deamondsaphire, posted

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    schwanzimarsch, posted

    no way that's going in my 'semi' virginal ass, but i sure would love to taste his cum!

    fzmr9t, posted

    GOD DAMN! I wish there were more videos like this. I cant even imagine the feeling of that. The horses dick was huge! The only thing I would worry about is how he would support the horses weight.... and what if the horse goes in too far. That can do some serious internal damage. But super hot video.

    justinaadu, posted

    Einfach perfekt.

    vieleskann, posted

    The horse seems to fire twice

    ljsljsljs, posted

    contact me if you have a horse or dog who i would be able to have fun with, ill suck, swallow, fuck and be fucked by both dog and horse, ill travel to where you are and volunteerly do it, ill even pay, i want to do this so badly..... contact me by email chriscondick@hotmail-.com

    hornyhorsesuck, posted

    Toatally Awesome sure wish i had been there to try that with him. Have a mini horse stud of my own would love to train him to do that

    posure, posted

    very hot you were really tight nice job stud

    Jessbeastlove24, posted

    well fuckin hot to take a cock that size, id try it!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    A beautiful cock on that horse to bad a don't know someone with a cock like that. after a few fucks I bet his asshole is lossen up some it looked like he had no trouble taking that cock beautiful vedio

    fredpotts, posted

    move on over before you break it ,that horse can try and stuff himself in me , I may be tighter just yet ,but I think after a weekend of that cock I too maybe loosened up a little but I would ride em for every inch he can stuff in there.

    bryan9410, posted

    really nicr video

    cabecinhas_br, posted

    the sound of the horse's dick coming out of his ass made me cum

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    romesarah, posted


    claytonharreld, posted

    heres a suggestion to those who like horse cocks up there ass try using vasiline or something. Saves the trouble of the horse desel cock ripping you a new one XD P.S. Awesome vid!

    superhung, posted

    I need more others clip horse fucking guy! exerm@ymail.com

    exer, posted

    very hot.....I want more.....got me very wet

    yesplease03, posted

    Nice vid and well worth watching.

    XXXBEAST4ME, posted

    omfg this was hot as hell. I would love to see more videos like this

    RPS2012, posted

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    didiyer, posted

    @blaack why did you click it then? animals like sex as much as any human. my dog is always buggin me to rub her pussy. thats also not my imagination. she actually jumps on my arm when im petting her, walks forward until my hand is by her pussy, then pushes it up there with her paw. she then proceeds to grind on my fingers. youd be a fool to think animals dont like it.

    KoolStoryBro, posted

    Deephole, i dont think its the Mr. Hands video, that guy had studs through his ball sac, and the horse in the other vid had a bigger cock and rammed it in deeper. This vid clip so fucking hot though, as a few have said, a well trained horse, and a well fucked ass. I would love to be that guy, it would be fucking awesome.

    mdppat64, posted

    I think that is the video from Washington state. The guy got enternal bleeding and the guys watching and videoing him dropped him off at the hospital where he later died, the horse was castrated soon after by the local vet and animal rihgt group

    deepphole, posted

    how was hot i want somebody to take me to that horse to fuck my hot ass.

    tryandget, posted

    I don't care, regardless of whatever... You're all fucked up. Sick fucking people. You should leave animals alone!!

    blaack11, posted

    Awesome is my vote!! This guy deserves an award. Oops...guess he already "got it"!

    squirtwatcher, posted

    yhat was hot i bet he smiled and walked funny 4 a while after that

    damtrav, posted

    THAT looks fun.

    Lastpaw, posted

    very hot luv to see for real esp with yung sucking horse off

    adventuretop, posted

    i loved the movie wish more people would get in touch to discuss them

    daneboy2, posted

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    wedgiewizard, posted

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    barnboy78, posted

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    getmeoff9999, posted

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    fredog51M, posted

    Man that is hott. Anybody in Kentucky that is into this. Would love to watch and maybe try.

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    DJNato, posted

    What a wonderful sight to see. I know the man has taken a many a horse cock since I didn't hear much moaning and groaning. I wish there was somewhere in middle Georgia area where I could experience some of it. I believe the horse has serviced him many times as well cause he wasn't much of a load on him as far as weigh goes. I would of thought the horse would of put him to his knees. I did the man pulling on the horse cock so it must of penetrated pretty far. Just an all round great display for me to watch. I really got hard for this one.

    Lanc0101, posted

    This was great so fucking hot. You can see that the horse dropped his load into him wish this was longer. I cam so hard on this one I thought the hourse was doing me

    getmeoff9999, posted

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    Jacoger, posted

    i love how the horse walks away like "there you got it bitch"

    kalle007, posted

    OMG, this is so fucking awesome! Hot ass, hot horsecock, nice audio...yeah, he was feeling it...yummy!

    jayko, posted

    wow, would love to get the chance to do this one day, if only some1 offered me the chance ;-) I live in england btw xx

    DJNato, posted

    fucken hot... the way this horse mounted him was hot. Watching a man take a huge horse cock like was hot and the moaning turn me on with out a dought..Nothing better. Watching any man take it the way he did is a turn on.. and i would love to see more movies like this one..

    wow1030, posted

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    nrgnrg, posted

    wow. this was truly the BEST video I have ever seen. I'm a young female and I swear, nothing has ever made me cum as hard as this did. the way the man makes those sounds, somewhere between pleasure and immense pain, god it was insanely sexy. and just how dangerous it was, was so appealing. anyone can take a human cock or a dog cock, but not very many people cane take a horse cock. especially not as much of it as you did. this was such a treat. please post more videos, I loved getting off to this. it was the loudest, best orgasm I've ever had.

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    cocowhore, posted

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    beastigirl, posted

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    asshole11117, posted

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    At least the camera was stable, not like one other vid that I saw where the camera must have been held by a (poorly) trained monkey with a jack-off fetish.

    Carstairs, posted

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    so HOT, want that to happen to me. I'm from the Netherlands is there annybody who can invite me to let his pony do that to me ?

    aass2fuck, posted

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    ButtKnuckles, posted

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    One of the greatest videos of horse that i can find. Love how the horse Penatrates and how the man just takes it. This video has sound, which i was happy about. some don't but this one does. the man gets a huge horse cock shoved up his ass and made me feel like i want to be their;) looked great. The man looks great too, even though u dont see his face. but both make me want to get a horse! Very great vid. I was glad for it to be the first video that i ever watched on this site.

    Horses111231, posted

    VERY HOT! It is a shame it was so short, but that was really, really, extremely, intensely hot. How that guy with stood that level of punishment from a cock that big is amazing. Extremely hot! If only you got to see that horse shoot its load inside the guy, but never the less great clip. Would have been fantastic to see that guys rock hard cock while he gets fucked by the horse; Still one of the better clips I have seen. Fantastic. Fan-Bloody-tastic! I thought I’d seen just about everything, but that horse blew me away. Literally. Amazing!

    Bartimeaus, posted

    very good one.... the minuite i saw it i fell in love...but then it got better and more 'close up' never could have imagined the quality or sound from this one. very cool entry from the mare and very very good exit. love it going in and out i should say.the quality would have probably been better in daylight. but i would have liked it anyway. this one was my very first fav for my profile....the mare looked good and hard, made me want to be their. made me feel great afterwards. i've always wondered if when the horse mounts you, if it would hurt. arn't they heavy??

    111231Anime, posted

    Very nice cock, I loved the way the horse mounted this guy and the guy took it willingly. The horse seem well trained, and was horny too, because he mount him multiple times. The guy's grunting turned me on and as a female, I really enjoy hearing guy's moans and grunts in pleasure. This truly is a great couple showing man and beast, I think more should be around here! I sure hope there are more vids because not only do I like it, many others do too. Just wish the vid was longer is the only downside to this vid.

    Lovedemanimals, posted

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    chuckgobelle, posted
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