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    Man And Female Horse


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    Uploaded by raulitopa · Rating: 4.4 (25 votes) · 2443 views


    what a beauty,who wouldn't want to fuck that pussy

    mgysgt, posted

    likes her daddy's cock stands still till he is done

    cfoster2190, posted

    It is actually a bitch, for those who do not know one animal from another. Still, a great clip.

    coolamon, posted

    il l'a défoncé

    a_lodie, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    A really ' Slow Pokin ' (pardon the pun), BUT, it was great ! Looked like he really enjoyed taking his time on her, and he really shot off some fireworks at the 'tail' end too

    ThinkinKinky, posted

    It's a dog you idiot.

    g-unit_666, posted

    nice video of a guy slowly pounding his deane bitch pussy. his steady pounding of her pussy shows he is enjoying every minute of it and making sure his lover is enjoyoy it as well.You can see her pussy clamping down on his cock especially when he starts to long stroke her with every inch, she taking it all and when it slipd ]s out she stands there waiting for his cock to slide back into her, He shoul have deposit his load deep insde her pussy what she was waiting for instead outsde. Wow what a wonderful shot of her swollen beautiful pussy,WOW

    mgysgt, posted

    Impressive, always have i enjoyed seeing bestiality but never was I able to find guy on horse, and then this movie comes along and changes everything. Incredible finisher, and satisfying, that's all I really have to say, but I need a Hundred words. So I think I might just spam this a little bit, to see if I can hit the word requirement, again, it's great, a must see, and well worth my time. So enjoy it, and keep an eye out for a few more somewhere, maybe more fun with men and horses, which would be excellent, but until then, this will do us all

    Lips_Dick, posted
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