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    Husky Blow Job


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    Man blowing husky

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.6 (109 votes) · 7120 views


    mmmmm I'd Love to have you both in my bed <3

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    how could u not be rock hard sucking and holding onto that perfect husky cock

    goodpup, posted

    mmmmmm good boy

    Polo74, posted

    Best video ever. Absolutely amazing.

    tonkatruck66, posted

    both of them have awesome dicks..

    tinker23, posted

    best video ever!

    portoalrs, posted

    That was so hot!!! I would have loved to be in the middle of that.

    sarasota17, posted

    Hey man! that's a hot session. Bet your doggies cock tastes good! Bet his cock is nice and smelly. What does it taste and smell like man?

    verada6901, posted

    Fucking beautiful! I so miss sucking a dog cock, lucky guy having those dogs available, I'd love to suck his cum off the dogs cock too.

    keristal1, posted

    Some kind of fine and interesting video.

    plenty, posted

    awesome shows two males totally aroused by eachothers sex...hawt to watch an actual sesson instead of a snippet i came wetloads lusting after your porn...gotta thank u privately!;) clarkeoto@hotmail.com...la calif

    sickassjeff, posted

    super das hab ich auch immer gern gemacht

    petfrau, posted

    awesome...made my clit throbb!!! I love seeing man/k9 love

    LoveCouple2, posted

    oo yes yes me to

    daddybob, posted

    Best video seen in a long time, how can a dog squirt so much!

    german08, posted

    very hot...i loved the doggie kissing

    curious_man, posted

    Wow what a nice dog and guy I'd love to join them both. I've never had a dog but would like that dog to be the first. thanks

    ChuckWilson, posted

    hot lovely dogsex

    bertel, posted

    Very nice, enjoyed it. Would love to find someonevwith male dog in Jamestown, NY area.

    aj16749, posted

    How loving. Very nice, thanks

    denbulge, posted

    This is such a hot, horny and sensual play - tell me you'd love a 3-sum sexy boys!

    tonycub, posted

    Love hearing the traffic in the background... hot knowing someone could have caught him sucking dog cock.. Also, I love it that he is a proud dog-cock sucker (just like me) and loves to show his face (the more people see me sucking dog or horse cock the hotter it makes me)

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    love this clip..

    tan69, posted

    actually, the hotest vid i.ve ever seen

    zocurioso, posted

    Damn this vid gets me off everytime i watch it...

    rlmlvt, posted

    Dam,thats hot,husky are suck beautiful dogs,love their eyes,and love this ones cock to.Very hot looking guy,if I was a dog Id have to fuck his pretty ass though.

    dogbottum, posted


    rustyk9, posted

    very hot

    firefly, posted

    Beautiful dog with a gorgeous cock. Looks delicious!

    sheathlover, posted


    k9sub, posted

    Two nice males, love this shit. And this is very sweet btw-

    shotasclub, posted


    shane101, posted

    Dinge die nur Frauen tun sollten! (Bis auf die Cumshot sache xD)

    TheSnooge, posted

    One of the finest and damn sexy videos - the sex is amazing. I would only wish I were in there with them both. Sexy guy, sexy dog. Makes me want that in my mouth. Seriously makes me hard, hot and horny every time.Watching him work that k9 cock into full arousal, taking it in his mouth and truly getting into it is damn nice to see. I am looking at finding and downloading this- it would be worth it, every time I am on gay beast I am more turned on when I watch it again. Taking that k9 cum in his mouth - he earned it. Would love to see more from him. A true cock sucking by a skilled cock sucker.

    tonkatruck66, posted

    this is out standing first he starts out licking the dog's touge the he plays with his balls then he gets licked by the dog then he licks his touge again and then he jacks off for a little bit then you sees his penis then is comes out and he jacks it off and he tryed to give it a blow job but it went back in and then he gets it out one more time and his penis flys everwhere the he calms down and he gets him to cum in his mouth then he jacks it off some more and it was awesome i want a dog to do this but i loved it so much i watch it eveyday now

    Chrispotts, posted
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