• boy plays with german shepherd

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    Beautiful doggie cock - would love to suck it

    Jim70, posted

    Looking for a cute guy that lives In Long Island ny and has a male dog message me if your interested ;^)

    coolj4456, posted

    great dog. he would have a good time with me. like my mastiffs

    mastiffdog, posted

    aww poor doggy...play with him but give him some pleasure back! that's not a blowjob!

    wolfen-geist, posted

    ..........suck him him better

    HyenaFucker, posted

    Bonjour, je voudrai trouver un copain pour pouvoir recuperer la semence de son chien et celle du maitre , j'adore!!!

    ligny, posted

    nice k9 cock. love to do you both

    dtguy, posted

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