• Man & nice female Dane fuck together

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    if you wanna fuck my female dogs or male dogs and horses send me mail on temmyvincent@yahoo.com

    babaooo, posted

    This is one of the Petlust videos that was banned many years ago. If you go to this website, then you will be able to view the entire Petlust videos for free. The website link is: http://www.videoszoofilia.org/ It is a free website and you can view thousands of beast videos. Just type in the word "Petlust" in the search bar to find this video and many more just like it. At the beginning of this video the female great dane pisses all over the hot guy's dick and he continues to fuck her while she is pissing on the floor, down on his hard dick and down on his legs. It is a very hot video. Check out the website in this posting for more videos. Thank you and take care.

    macholibre1979, posted

    I really do wish I had a cock down my throat right now getting it ready to slam in my ass. Read my profile and message me.

    tinypecker, posted

    Male mid tennessee. Message me

    lovesmen, posted

    my Mastiff girl loves when i do it to her. shes and her pussy are so beautiful

    mastiffdog, posted

    My dane won't let me touch her.

    beachboy27, posted

    She is so cute ! :D

    zoophilialover, posted

    This is a cool vid and I believe it may have been one of the petlust vids. I love watching vids of guys fucking female great dane's. They look so sexy and hot with their huge vulva's. I hope to fuck one in the near future. Hey Vladinator, no you can't get a dog or any animal pregnant if you cum inside of them. Humans and animals have different DNA and there's no way that you can get their pregnant. So you can fuck them a million times in a year and they will never get pregnant. Ask those on here that have fucked animals and they will tell you the same thing. Keep posting more vids on here of guys with great danes because we need more of them. I give this video a 10 out of a 10 rating.

    macholibre1979, posted

    wow that;s hot

    rgw3, posted

    what happens when you cum in an animal ? would it get pregnant

    vladinator, posted

    Dam nice movie. Im 33married & live in the houston tx area. I love female animals. I have a female dog and 3 mares that i fuck as much as i can . They got some dam good pussy! Hit me up if ya live in my area n lets fuck some animal pussy together.

    big09red, posted

    I wanna meet guys in my area. Winston Salem.

    wet1intriad, posted

    Luv to be there doing her too.

    beachboy27, posted

    Wish I was fucking that dane lol

    hungbiboi, posted

    I wish i was that dane

    Animefreak62, posted

    nice who is camera person

    oger7635, posted

    Luv how he hold it's !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare they could share? or That would like to fuck my big fat ass? I'll fuck you to. message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

    petlust dvd

    Fiber, posted

    i love the camera angle

    qhuma4321, posted

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    What a great vid the man giving the dane what she needs entering her beautiful pussy hot n wet and wrapping her pussy lips around his beast cock waiting to be filled with his wonderfull zoo spunk this vid shows us how to give our dogs a good fucking and to breed them well please send me feedback I'm seeking any UK or zoo guys around wild to share this with esp 2/ 3 guys and one fem bitch to .pound also like to hear what porn you like I started at 13 on farm with cows hope to hear from others esp guys over 50

    gayfarmerbooted, posted
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