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    Eating Out Mare Cunt Yum


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    Now if you are goign to eat some mare cunt, this is how you better start off. Get that shit going until she starts to wink, after the third or fourth wink in a row put that whole clit in your mouth and wait for her to wink when she does start suckign that shit hard and what she start to cum and her labia swells and get hard on the outside. When you get her like that she will wink and cum nonstop for minutes, and you can fuck her cunt like there is no end insight. this bitched need to be fucked good every other day by a man that knows what he is doing. A big ass bubba type on the farm with big ass forearms.

    Uploaded by hot4animal · Rating: 4.2 (265 votes) · 73910 views


    this may be one of the hottest things I have ever seen...

    tinker23, posted

    The best.

    dickeater, posted

    wanna dive my hot thick warm wet tongue deep into mare pussy and stallion ass. oh fuck, yeah.

    guy4horses, posted

    wow that mare is waiting for cock!!!! Alguien de mexico que tenga animales y me deje penetrarlas?

    Cbastian28, posted


    rick1973, posted

    Awsome!! Anyone in the MD area have a mare to share, I coulld eat some more! Been awhile!

    lonewolfricky, posted

    So artistic near the beginning. Love to hang that artwork on my wall. Thanks for sharing a precious moment with your animal friend. That's a nice twat to suck on. real juicy and perky. yummy!

    horsecock84, posted

    That is awesome clip ,,,i love to eat and fuck her pussy

    mickypitt, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ON region of canada need a camera person? if so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    WOW !!!! Fantastic Video ! Only done that once years ago wish i could do it now and video so i could post it here !

    new_dist, posted


    helios37, posted

    I come back to this clip time and time again! I can't get enough! So fucking hot! I empty my nuts every time!

    dickeater, posted

    made me cum 25 seconds into it

    MF62257, posted

    This clip is way beyond hot! I love it!

    dickeater, posted

    so sexy

    tkelly24, posted

    That was so hot. Her cunt is so juicy. Loved the way you licked it and sucked on it. Peter why view to make negative comments. if you are not into mares do not watch videos titled for mares.

    wetkittycat, posted

    I serously wonder wat it tastes like omg that looks fun to do I would dot that alll day long me 12 and I have 14inch dick

    cooot, posted

    Sooo hot want to see more please

    Cawblen, posted

    That was fucking sick. I wanted to puke and just about did.

    peterpervert, posted

    that was so hot, i'll have to give it a try!

    petfucker1995, posted

    Hot sucking!

    eduardozui, posted

    I thought the camera work was good. The sound of the man's mouth on that horse-pussy was, to say the least, hot. That pussy was just mouth-watering. Keep up the good work.

    Wm.Mayfair, posted

    anyone need a cameraman? message me

    this1, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario reigion of canada need someone to hold the camera for them? if so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Still, the hottest thing that I have ever seen! The sound of him breathing through his nose and the wet sound of him eating that pussy is nothing short of awesome.

    boxsniffer, posted

    awww its so cute and sexy when mares wink for you...I loves this clip!! I wanna try out giving a mare pleasure, being female helps..we understand exactly what girls need :P

    marylasher122, posted

    Man there is nothing better tasteing out there then a winking mare pussy it taste like a high quility perfume and when a mares winks in your mouth it completely fills up your mouth god i love licking mare pussy i would reccomend it to everyone:)

    horselover192, posted

    This could be the hottest clip that I have ever seen. The sound was top notch. I could actually hear the man breathing and the wetness from his tongue as he was eating that hot mare pussy. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate as a definite ten. My compliments to this man and his mare and to whomever is responsible for sharing this. I will be watching this until it is off the site. I hope it is always up. I just cannot get over how hot this clip is! I hope I dream of this of every night!

    boxsniffer, posted

    He can eat me out any day!!!!

    commonground, posted

    fuck that is hot bro, would love to do that after we fuck her, hot creampie

    1cockluvr, posted


    CHOOSE, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Made me play with myself. Damn my pussy is wet

    mia_sands27, posted

    Mare pussy tastes so good. Especially when in heat. This is how I do it.

    moosebuttlover, posted


    gregordiesel, posted

    love to eat a foreams cum out mare pussy.

    dickboy, posted

    If anyone wants a pic or video of me jerking off email me at TurdLeaver@yahoo.com. I enjoy the trill of someone else looking and my dick. Please email me.

    TurdLeaver, posted

    Ummm how would that taste?? *shudders* I prefer not to think about. I rather stick to creamy man pudding.

    spacealien22, posted

    WOW !!! I need to do that again ! Used to do it to our mares on the farm ! I really miss it ! Fantastic video !

    new_dist, posted

    liked the fact he eat her pussy out really turns me on

    fastdraw, posted

    would be good if guy stretch her cunt and put his toung inside her cunt

    kamaaagni, posted

    This was one hot vid. Loved seeing this guy so into his mares pussy. So very wet now.

    betty3226, posted

    thats exactly how I love mt clit sucked up and down guys take note !! not too hard not too soft just up and down baby aaaaah wish I was that mare!!

    aaaaah, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm me next

    sissumikee, posted

    Damn. I would love to eat a mare's pussy until she cums! What a lucky guy.

    lelu, posted

    omg i wish i could suck that mare pussy

    iamthebeast2, posted

    I'm SO jealous!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    mare's pussy licking is wonderful ! Stuten-Pussy schmeckt gut. Wenn sie einen lässt.

    PetOlli, posted

    supergeil diepaardenkut

    janwillem, posted

    This is still one of my favorites...I love eating mare pussy!!! I wish that I could hook up with someone in upstate NY that has a mare that I could eat and fuck!! Is there anybody out there that can and would help me out?? You could film it if you could keep me from being recognized!!! I am at buggerboy2008@yahoo.com

    buggerboy, posted

    i reely wanan fuck a horse or cow haha I'm sick of hum chicks pussy an ass

    playaplaya6969, posted


    JOSMA_19, posted

    looking good ;)

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    Never thought much about eating out a mare's pussy but this really turned me on and makes me want to try it!

    billysgoat, posted

    I love it!

    Gustavo192, posted

    super mare eating and likking

    henkhenken, posted

    damn i wood love to eat out that pussy

    GSDguy, posted

    Wow, that looks delicious; I'd love to eat a stallion's cum out of that pussy.

    zelif, posted

    i wish he was hrer with me now my pussy is so hot i dont know what to do can someone help me. sexyred

    sexred, posted

    Oohhh her pussy looks big and deep like mine! I love when guys eat me out, can't believe they don't mind my yeast infections or when I'm on my period. Super hot video! Now that's a real man for you! He can cum and lick me anytime, anywhere. xx, erin e. fitzpatrick

    erinfitzpatrick, posted

    Been there, done that, wish I could again, but alas, have no access...does anyone in upstate NY have a mare , cow, goat or female dog (tame whietail would be great, too) that I could eat and fuck??? Message me, if so, Thanks...

    buggerboy, posted


    shinangil, posted


    joaddict, posted

    thats what i wanna watch . sit on my rim chair with one pig eating out my hole, while i kick back, smoke a cigar and watch animal pussy and animal hole eaten out good.

    entertainme, posted

    I've done that. It was better then I thought it would be!

    madmoose, posted

    meg basznám rakjatok még ilyet fel köszi,,

    tuta, posted

    sexy and pervetick

    janusz, posted

    Just great, I love eating mare pussy. It tastes so sexy. I wish there were more vids of guys eating mare cunt.

    maremount, posted


    animal38, posted

    I have eatten out a mare and it is very erotic and tasty. It's much better filled with man-cum!!

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Very nice; good licking sounds and a couple good winks from the lady.

    stableboy1962, posted

    Mmmmmm delicious!!!!

    sunrise100, posted

    Gee I would like to see him cum inside then lick and suck his own cum out Got my fanny throbbing... man what a turn on!

    ricky_66, posted

    Yeah, hopefully I'll try that before I pass on. There's no fun in being a city boy. =(

    night_mares, posted

    so hot!

    tan69, posted

    so hot. i wish to see some scat games,like piss drinking and cleaning asshole with tongue after she has shited

    anuslicker, posted

    super hot mare cunt eating!

    sflstud4k9, posted

    that vid reminds me of the first time I licked a mare

    SuperSwede, posted

    amazing video! loved seeing how wet the horses pussy was his fingers pushing deep inside her. his tongue darting between her wet swollen lips. the sukcing sounds of his lips on her pussy pretty sure she orgasmed on his tongue the video is deffinatly edited it jumps a little but still an awesome vide. loved it made me so hot and wet. i am sure you will enjoy this video if you love horses as much as this guy does.yum yum yum makes me want to lick her next. but yes awesome video camera angle wiggles a little but still good

    XxSilverXxFox, posted

    Aside from being a tad on the dark and shadowy side, i mean literally, this is hot. a man fingers for a moment and then starts eating pussy. he stops to let you see that the animals cunt is squirming and gaping. he keeps eating, then looking at the camera over and over again, it was a little confusing. it didnt really have an ending but the action is definitly worth it. i would recomend this video if you are a fan of enthusiastic pussy eating. thats all i wanted to see and it clearly delivered. i want to do this now!

    mrbungle145, posted

    I highly reccomend this movie to anyone looking for a quick cum, the man knows what he is doing. The mare loves every bit of the action. She winks with her vagina showing she loves this. Her sweet pussy opens up for the world to see ;) If you like this video, go buy credits and check more videos out! You can see the way this man eats her lovely pussy, the moisture and cum building up, she wants this! she wants to be fucked and licked by this man. She is his women and she has no problem being his women.

    kakanatasha0909, posted

    The short-movie was good, but the quality of the movie is a bit too low. Ex. the lighting in it is a bit wrong. The topic is good. It was great to watch but the quality took a little out of the joy. Shame that it was a short movie, since it really can turn someone on. It would be better if it was a little longer, but not to long since if it's too long, people might get tired of watching the same thing for too long. And it could've been better to have something more in it, like another man or something like that, but it depends.

    Naanaah84, posted

    Now if you are goign to eat some mare cunt, this is how you better start off. Get that shit going until she starts to wink, after the third or fourth wink in a row put that whole clit in your mouth and wait for her to wink when she does start suckign that shit hard and what she start to cum and her labia swells and get hard on the outside. When you get her like that she will wink and cum nonstop for minutes, and you can fuck her cunt like there is no end insight. this bitched need to be fucked good every other day by a man that knows what he is doing. A big ass bubba type on the farm with big ass forearms.

    dane333, posted
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