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    Squirting Mares Are Always Fun


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    feeling of a squirting mate u will never go back to human trust me on that!

    Uploaded by hot4animal · Rating: 4.3 (258 votes) · 87350 views


    25fNJ id love a man to use my musky cunt like a mares...mmm sloppy seconds

    inncontrolmale, posted

    Anyone with an animal i could use in the UK message me, Im 16 and would do anything for the opportunity

    glpasswords, posted

    15 yr old will show ass message me and have dic pic rrdy !

    marios2222, posted

    god im getting tired of this every vid i try watch either doesnt load or does and plays for 2 seconds

    Darkurthe, posted

    lucky asshole she cumed & squirted I know he will too

    shorttom, posted


    hpnc8430, posted

    Any dudes who love fucking mares as much as I? Give me a shout on SKYPE: farmlad60. This is a great vid; just too short.

    farmlad48, posted

    hot animal

    gul-para, posted

    LOL. has audio, decent quality and camera work, as soon as the camera gets in close it squirts haha

    drakeino, posted


    tterrell_82, posted

    Anyone interested in chating with 16mom year old male or sending pics look me up

    Dogglovver6996, posted

    It looks like she likes her human stallion and you enjoy horses and it is obvious. Thanks. You are a good stud. I would like soppy seconds. If interested look me up.

    13859gaybeast, posted

    wow love that squirt...she really loved that fuck and so did I

    Maikol, posted

    anyone in the upstate south carolina willing to let me fuck there animal and cum inside it?

    fordkid302, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    Yeah baby, He was right on her hot spot, She could not control herself, His dick was feeling so good to her she had to squirt.

    kandyman22, posted

    alguien de mexico que me preste a su yegua para darle asi o mas duro? envien mensage

    Cbastian28, posted

    Supergeil !! Schade --- warum nur so kurz? Ja! --- auch 4-beinige freundinnen k├Ânnen einen orgasmus haben :>)

    capricornus, posted

    I would love to suck his cock after and clean her juicy cunt cunt with my tongue . Fanfuckingtastic video !

    new_dist, posted


    zecazoo123, posted

    man that was fucking hot

    dwolf414, posted

    fuck me i have a facebook my number is 724 859 5215

    zzyouknowme18, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Love your hairy hole dude. I want to hold your camera just to see your ass

    macnamara83, posted

    hot, very hot

    mehere37, posted

    Even only 15 seconds, I love this vid. Very hot.

    ponylove3, posted

    i love this video because it shows the mare having an orgasm while being serviced by her stud. i have the longer version of this video and other videos that are in this series. they are really hot. if you would like to see them, then send me an e-mail at powerpennell21@yahoo.com

    macholibre1979, posted

    very hot!

    echidna, posted

    wish we could hear yall moanlike it feel good

    tinyheavy6, posted

    Very hott

    D.A.G, posted

    One can only imagine the pleasure.

    catscan, posted

    very hot!! juicy pussy!!

    bbdog999, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooood

    charwak, posted

    WOW !!!!! She could squirt that in my face anytime

    new_dist, posted

    That mare must have really been lovin it.

    jake31110, posted

    wow thats great

    huntsccr8769, posted

    fantastico...molto sexi...qualcuno parla italiano?sono un ragazzo che cerca amici di questo genere

    maremmano, posted

    that is fucking awesome wow!!!

    kalichief, posted

    super lekker zoon spuitkut

    janwillem, posted

    anyone have a willing mare or two and want to make movies email me ill be stud for your mare. conanthecinnimonroll@gmail.com lets get it on tape.

    bbdog999, posted

    yes longer

    hottass, posted

    She must have loved that :3

    Sheogorath13, posted

    a wee bit longer clip will be great

    dogmate, posted

    Would love to lick that!

    doggyass, posted

    what does it feel like? i'm not gutzy enough to try.. :/

    Razorbeast, posted

    I would have lost my load right there!

    horsehumper2112, posted

    does that mean she had an orgasm??

    tempure, posted


    puton, posted

    good squirt lol

    Hornylinda, posted

    mm nice wand more

    hottiekoen, posted

    Great video. Starts with a view of the guys legs and a nice hairy ass and great sound, some good heavy breathing. The squirting cum is a huge turn on. You can also see a glimpse of the trousers of his buddy holding the pony. I fucked a small pony mare about 2 months ago and the same thing happened; lots of cum squirting out. Anyone wants to talk mare fucking add me on YIM as farmlad48 or on SKYPE as farmlad60. And if you happen to have a mare and want to share with an experienced stud, hit me up. farmlad48@yahoo.com

    farmlad48, posted

    Hot, hot, hot and once again hot! This video is just great. It is short sweet and to the point. Great camera angle as well. It starts with him banging her right away. You can hear some moaning and groning from him as he is getting into and so is she and then BAM! She squirts. Talk about amazing. One of my favorite videos on the site thus far. The audio could have been a little better and the video maybe a bit longer, but all in all this video is hot. Good quality and the content is absolutely fabulous.

    MissKittehKat, posted

    This video starts out with the stud pounding in and out of his mare. You can hear the guy start to moan a little as the mare's pussy starts to tighten up around him. He keeps going and the mare starts to have an orgasm around her studs cock. The mare squirts and it shoots toward the camera lens. If you look real close you can see the mare's pussy and anus contracting. One of the best video's I have seen on this site. It shows that the mare and the guy is having an amazing time together! Great video and nice view of the action.

    sexydoesit, posted

    This is a video of a man fucking a mare that's so hot it will surely make your hard cock swell even more. Watch in great lighting (and a great view) as he shoves it into her soaked pussy nice and deep, clearly turning her on enough to squirt! You can hear every hump of wetness as she literally cums all over him! Just imagine having a tight, wet, pulsing horse pussy around your cock, doing that to you! She covers his balls in juicy cum; makes me want to lick it all right off them. If you aren't into that already after watching this video you will be! I know I'm wet just watching this action!

    lovetoplay, posted

    the movie was a very good clip even though it was very short. i would definetly like to see more videos from this person. oh and when the mare started to squirt it just made me want to see so much more. it also could have had a couple different cmaera angels also. the staring actor of this video clip definetly has the potential to go along way and get many more responses for this clip and hopefully many more to come. i would just like to thank the person responsible for this video clip and hope that they post many more of these videos.

    cherick, posted
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