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    Man fucks dog

    Uploaded by Keto · Rating: 2.5 (101 votes) · 62204 views



    chriskDeane, posted

    Okay I am not gay, just to be sure that I know this isnt just a gay site right? Because I enjoy watching people fuck animals, no matter the gender

    Calientemas, posted

    man...where is your dick?

    horsepornjerk, posted

    wot aload of rubbish

    royboy255, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    he doesnt fuck

    gregm128, posted

    slow very slow

    Jerry1209, posted

    dog sleeping?

    maitaidd, posted

    THIS A GOOD VIDEO i like it

    BLINKO69, posted

    good one

    DanU6699, posted


    Bmil, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    shouldve eaten her pussy first

    tibby, posted

    damn sexy bitch you got there!

    darkwolfvito, posted

    OK... that's better

    golden1wolf, posted

    for me does not open any video

    francek11, posted

    This is an old vid, not the highest quality but very clear. We can see a naked blond man laying on his bed with a dog playing and fingering the female pussy. The dog looks very relaxed, and maybe a little bit drugged, but enjoying what he is doing to her! At the end we can see him licking his grilfriend for a few seconds before action. It's a shame we can see the next part! No sound, but sure you will enjoy the image by itself. You can also see the other vids from the same user and see other kind of dog games.

    Mextop, posted

    This was one of the best videos i have seen in a long while! I loved the way he fucked the shit out of the dog. The dog was beautiful and had a nice hot pussy for the guy's long dick to fuck all day long. This video made me hot and I wished I was the one have sex this that beautiful dog instead of that guy but this video was still hot and I would recommend to anyone this video. It just hits the spot when I masturbate to it. Once again, this video is definitely a five out of five on the hotness scale!

    plmoknijv1, posted
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