• Goat gets the dildo

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    any farmers in middle to east tennessee who will let me play with their animals ?

    capuanosteven, posted

    would u lick it wolf?

    baybeast321, posted

    I love the messy hole. =)

    roughwolf, posted

    Everyone likes to get a little kinky once in awhile, but Knot Nice (clever play on words!) is for those who are really into fetish and BDSM. I admit I'm a little on the dark side myself sometimes, I really like to see filthy whores take a good punishment. So I can tell the difference between a quality bondage site an one of them that is just thrown together for someone looking to add the obligatory bondage site to their hardcore porn reportoire. I have to mention that all of these pictures and movies are exclusive to this site. In my opinion, that is the single most important feature you can offer on a bondage site. With all the "faux bondage" and "vanilla" BDSM that is out there, I think that having exclusive content on your site shows that you are really into the fetish and know what your viewers really want to see. The site appears to be updated a couple times a week, although I can't figure out a pattern to the updates. That doesn't matter to me however. As long as the site is frequently updated, and it is. That being said, let me tell you about some of the things I saw inside of Knot Nice. Plenty of young ladies bound with professional rope work. The pictures appear to be professionally shot by a real photographer. They are great lighting and posings. The girls are whipped by riding crops, horse hair whips, canes and several other bondage utensils. Some of them are also mildly tortured with spurs and wooden ponies. The sexiest thing I see them do is fuck the girls with a fucking machine while they're all tied up. One girl even had a vibrator tied to her pussy so she was forced to orgasm several times and there's nothing she could do about it! Hot! All of the movies are in RM format which is the format supported by Real Media. This is an interesting choice of format because I thought these types of movies were no longer made. Apparently I'm wrong. I'm wondering if these movies have some kind of Digital Rights Management encryption on them. That means that they have encryption inside of each clip that only allows the clip to be played on the computer that downloads them. That way it prevents file sharing.

    madirish, posted

    mmm warm hole

    dan.west1990, posted

    Nice messy hole =)

    roughwolf, posted


    Enggal, posted

    sure why not...

    newuser123456, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    poopy! i love beast sex, love the visuals of the beast genitalia, but i guess i dont get the toying animal stuff though. your opinions, or explain to me why this excites you? message me.

    browneyedog, posted

    i like it

    jarumblack, posted

    ad me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted


    salim2233, posted

    should go deeper

    sandra23perv, posted

    thats an alpaca ive seen the original post on Elite zoo

    bloodoceanftw, posted

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    First of we start to see a sort of dildo. You can see that he used it before and didn't washed it because it very dirty. Then he starts to penetrate anus of the goat i suspect its a male goat, you can't see a vagina. The ass of the goat is very dirty, you can see some shit hanging there and make me puke. another problem with the vid is that you can't see allot of the goat you only see his anus and a bit of his tail and you can't see the dildo going deep he is just penetrating him with the head of the dildo. just to say it this is a very bad video i don't like it but i would love to see another vid of him where he fucks the goat and films it in a good position.

    bas1313, posted

    i loved this, it was so sexy. it really made me ha=ot and want to fuck a bitch myself. i mean, i'm more in to penis, but fuck man, this was hot as hell. and the guy, his cock was like amazing!! i wanted to slobber all over his cock and balls till he was screaming for mercy. then fuck him until he cried out. but then when i noticed all that green stuff, it made me sick to my stomach, and the i wanted to barf a little. but i still love that guys cock, over all it was just down right one of the best things i've ever seen on this sight, so great

    miskitty, posted

    The way he shoves this dildo into the goats ass is really a turn on. It's quite an amazing video, even if the ass isn't top quality. The guy still does a really great job at working it. I would totally let him try this on me if he were willing. The way he starts off very gently with it, just slowly pushing it in, then softly working it around inside the animals ass is so awesome. If he had gone deeper it would have made it better, but still a great performance for what he had to work with.

    genius1207, posted
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