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    Mounted By Stallion 2


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    late night barn fun, guy gets fucked by stallion

    Uploaded by shylatin · Rating: 4.3 (251 votes) · 55542 views


    anybody up near toronto canada

    artac1, posted

    I'm 17 and live in Scotland,looking for male dogs and stallions I could play with.,text me:)

    stallionsboy, posted

    Bin Hunde besitzer, ich suche leute die mir ein wunche erfüllen das mich mal ein pony oder ein hengst oder ein eber fickt vieleicht hat ja einer die möglichkeit mir denn wunch war zu machen dann pn mir bitte Komme aus NRW

    Catm318, posted

    Boy in Perth, need to get fucked, wanna suck and swallow stallion cum

    Akumastta, posted

    searching a stallion to be fucked in mouth

    Wasabi21, posted

    Anyone around Warrenton Oregon that's got a horse stud like this? Want horsecock up my ass for the first time!!<3

    Loobka, posted

    19 M in NYC. looking for doggies to come fuck me. PM me ;)

    NYC_Knot, posted

    16 Y/O male looking to suck/fuck a stallion. Western North Carolina. Message me

    horsebreeder98, posted

    Hey, I'm a YOUNG guy, horny a lot. lol I'm hoping to meet up or just chat with someone. If you want to know my actual age just PM me. I live in Louisiana, also Bi. I'd love to fuck a horse, mare or stallion. If you dont have any pets, just you is fine ;)

    cm439, posted

    Wünschte ich könnte so was auch mal machen. Wenn mir da jemand aus Bayern helfen kann bitte melden :)

    Sepp123, posted

    Anyone around Warrenton Oregon got a horse? I don't care male or female horse I'd love to experience my first time with a horse! Message me! :D

    Loobka, posted

    wow that was some length of dick he gave you!!and you managed it!!! Loved to hear you grunt on his thrusts,,painful I feel.

    talmine100, posted

    mi farei montare anch'io da un cavallo. chi mi fa provare?

    dado06, posted

    South central Texas sub would like to try this or something like it. Anyone want to force me to submit?

    satxsub56, posted

    im gay and i wish i had a man or animal to pump my 16 year old virgin ass. I would do anything you want. Id let you get friends and gangbang me, suck you and your animal off, let you piss and cum up my ass, suck you off while an animals fucking me, eat the cum from your ass after an animal fucks it, but i realy want someone or something to piss and cum in me please. if you like these message me,im in aberdeen washington and if you can come to me or if you live very close i will show you and your animals the best time you will ever have.

    piggybob121, posted

    I love the way you were the horse bitch, in stocking and all, good job, being his bitch

    lovehandlers, posted

    18 Male Va, Us Message me and maybe we'll hook up for some fun for just us or involve a furry little friend

    Dash24, posted

    anyone in west sussex area i will do anything and take anything but i wanna have a horse cock up my ass and in my mouth so bad

    master123456789, posted

    wish it was me getting horse cock and cum deep inside me 07825380898 thats if you have what i need k9 or horse i am genuine and descreet

    jackthestaff, posted

    i am a horny 18 year old text me if you want some fun ;) 18312045445

    Fatdickdrew, posted

    Just what I am looking for - stallions - guys : Mount me till I cry - come on around the Niederrhein area - northwestern Germany!

    gregoraachen, posted

    Looking for Virginia guys and animals. Willing to fuck you and your animal. Message me.

    Sassy4Animals, posted

    Wow thats painful

    Firetruckyou123, posted

    poor man :D looks like hurts :D

    malfoy88, posted


    wanchaihmosang, posted

    i wish that was my. need to meet meet some on in uk with a horse

    buster1234, posted

    Been on the receiving end of a ponys dick, brings out the mare in me.

    bredmare, posted

    Hi im looking for K9 sex with dog or horse im on skype -stevebutt69 or stevo1953@ive.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    I also wish it was me & I would not mind fucking the guy as well.

    wannagetinme, posted

    18yo interested in talking w ithers (619) 259-6582... text me ;)

    mario09876, posted

    The guy getting fucked is Kmarko and the horse is named Bibi, this clip is about 5 or 10 yrs old

    tsmith5143, posted

    this bibl pony !!! repost over and over over n over

    HyenaFucker, posted

    Not your's Old clip.

    philip, posted

    13m horny as fuck wanting to fuck any and everything. All that cum out of his ass <3

    BullDawg555, posted

    fucken lucky man wish it was me, can i take??

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Perfect video x3 Shame it will probably be a members video soon x( I am a horny male, look at my profile and maybe message me and i am bi x)

    young_one_65, posted

    great clip,,,man holds pony cock in till all cum is in him...big long cock goes in all the way,,a great clip..

    farmjim, posted

    An amazing video, a really large stallion, and a mere man, the man entices the big horse to engage in sexual activity, once getting the horsse interested the man prepares himself, and on seeing the stallions weapon the man must have had to use quite a bit of lube, because the stalloins member is huge a real quality horse cock15 to 18 inches. the man assumes the position and waits till the horse shows an intrest in his hole , the horse then mounts him in true horse fashion, and after a couple of missed stabs finds the poor chaps hole, and with one almighty push he rams his mighty monster right up inside the man. The sounds from the man mean the horse is doing his job admireably, fucking him good and deep. After the horse has cum and i mean cum, he pulls his still half erect cock out of the man and you can clearly see the size of it, a really big horny cock, and you can also see the gush of mighty horse spunk run out of the mans well fucked hole. i'm sure the man has felt the wrath of this horse's mighty cock and will be sore for a few days if not longer, but he must be experienced to be able to accept that huge member in the first place, I'm experienced with men and can take a good 12 incher, but seeing this horse i definatly would need some practise with a smaller pony or little donkey to get me ready to be able to accept this monster

    bareback53, posted
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