• My friend's dog enjoy a broom handle in her pussy! She was a virgin!!!

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    She liked it; at that angle all you're doing is stimulating her clitoris.

    cookiezz, posted

    Cool idea to fuck her with a broom!

    doggyasslover, posted

    just think how good your cock would feel inside her virgin pussy why waste her virginity on a broom hadle when you could have the pleasure of going up inside her and filling her with your hot cum

    fmarewantedinnd, posted

    Thank you kittymyan! I wasn't abusing her, just playing with her pussy a little nothing major! It didn't go all the way in at all! Some of these people are fucking retarded lol!

    2tru2, posted

    I love how these idiots in the comment think that a huge dick inside of a dog's vagina wouldn't be considered animal abuse yet I'm sure the majority of them still watch dogs being hurt with someone's cock. If it was hurting the dog, I'm sure she could have easily walked away unlike when a man has his dog PINNED DOWN.

    kittymyan, posted

    To all the ones on here that judge me on how I pleasured my dog and pleasured myself is a fucking idiot! Some of u guys said it was abuse, everything we do sexually with an animal is considered abuse! I didn't wanna ram her with my 11.5 inch dick before I got her used to sex period! She is a virgin and besides I didn't literally ram her with the broom handle dumbasses!!! I was playing with her clit and pussy lips!!! So the next time u guys wanna judge me look at yourselves and think what u are doing to ur pet wine realize its considered abuse, and another thing this video is for any and everybody that wanna watch so if u don't wanna watch turn to a different video! So please stay off my video with the negative comments!!! Thanks for reading now lets enjoy this website for our pleasure

    2tru2, posted

    is she ready for a big cock now?

    Cbastian28, posted

    Just FUCK her with your dick. and RAM it in there! Gosh.

    rhinocock5589, posted

    Steck lieber deinen schwanz rein !

    capricornus, posted

    Good technique before you move her onto cock.

    iamveryhappy, posted

    hot!!! should ram it up in there and impale her!!!! LOL but seriously you barely shoved it in there.. may as well have used your dick,.. would have felt nice im sure..

    vincemoon, posted

    only a fuck head could do this , dont fucking do it again , use you dick , shocking stuff

    lovemydogknot, posted

    why? just why? what the hell is wrong with you? why would u use a broom not only is that stupid you could easily hurt her! use your penis not a broom!

    k9isthebest, posted

    This is clearly defined as abusive!!! What a fuck wad!!!

    atexas, posted

    WTF is this SHIT????

    Haylon, posted

    yep hits abuse and bat should be removed

    runfast, posted

    Canada anyone? Care to talk?

    454chevy, posted

    this has nothing to do with bestiality, it's animal abuse plain and simple. It should be removed immediately.

    Anima2010, posted

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