• Cum fucks one mare, cums in her then moves onto his next girl!

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    brate, jednu po jednu! koji kralj!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Du hast so recht, Krushnak, er hätte die Gebährmutter vollspermen sollen! so muss es sein!

    Pimmelmann, posted

    wow so hot! he's a great fucker!

    Pimmelmann, posted

    so anyone dreams to fuck a horse. he gets two..

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    Warum spritzt er nicht rein ? Die Gebärmutter hätte sich sicherlich gefreut. :)

    Krushnak, posted

    This is so hot I lovebthis video gets me off everytime I watch it. Kudos my friend. I wish I was there to fuck them behind u. :-)

    theoneonone, posted

    Anyone in raleigh nc?

    HornyDude00, posted

    uff que suertudo ese hombre que verga tan gruesa y dos yeguas para el, alguien de mexico que me deje coger su yegua o perra?

    Cbastian28, posted

    if you want to become movie star or porn star or you want to fuck bitch or dog, horse, sheep, you can mail williamclark420@yahoo.com or message me here

    williamc, posted

    i wish i could put my dick in that horse ass

    TachikomaO_O, posted

    thats my boy! - 2 horses 1 session fucking hot!!

    subsmif, posted

    Oh my Gawd nice making her squirt and made her get horny andqueef :3

    ddevon, posted

    I can only dream. Would like to see more videos like these, but longer though.

    VOND3, posted

    wow fantastic

    whattheeff, posted

    my turn :D

    mrzambie9, posted

    20 yr old male here looking to fuck or be fucked by animals, Sandwitch IL Message me if ya have one to share

    shaysire22, posted

    mmmm i want that!

    floflo081, posted

    This is what we need to see: one fuckin' hot insatiable stud who can't get enough. Dumps a hot, creamy load in a slut mare's cunt with his huge succulent cock, then moves onto his second mare. Can see why these mares would line up for this stud - he'd go all night!!

    thataboy, posted

    i like that

    SeriousSam115, posted


    43688, posted

    Lovely video. Two mares to fuck, how lucky can you get

    donkeyboy6, posted

    13 years old looking for an animal to have sex with

    Crazy121, posted

    So lucky that guy is

    Mare117, posted

    anyone got any horses or dogs for that matter in the Ontario Canada Area add zakkie@hotmail.ca kthnx~<3

    Zakkie, posted

    so was such ich in RLP

    brunner1, posted

    Yea! More of these vids please!

    petting_my_dawg, posted

    would love to have a row of mares to fuck

    mike767, posted

    once I fucked a docent of a cowes at least about fifteen

    kolbeinnp, posted

    Please make a longer version!!!

    Mare117, posted

    ad my msn ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    para verla completa

    dragococo, posted

    this is an awesome video dude i love it more please???

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    very hot

    nesta2010, posted


    rojase, posted


    PAUL59, posted

    Awesome clip.. I will be doing my girlfriend in a few days, she is a mini and has a small vagina, not like a full size mare and she is such a beast to root with, she loves me going down on her for as long as I can keep out of her vagina, and she lays on her back all the while I am doing her. When I am going into her she is winking and it is so sexy, I feel her vagina tighten up inside as I am inside her and I need to make an effort to not come in her too soon..this mare is the most beautiful mare I have ever had and she loves being fucked by me. This clip is good, just like my mare.

    bravozulu, posted

    Love the teas at the start but damn what a good fuck!

    oneoneword, posted


    luviana, posted

    Two hot twitchin pussies and only one dick? He could use some help...

    maletom, posted

    They just seem to be lining up for him.

    Ratty, posted

    Ja schön den Saft verteilen :)

    beastfan81, posted

    thas prety good

    chapo460, posted

    i can be your mares stud we can tape it it wud b good conanthecinnimonroll@gmail.com i will cum inside anyones dewormed mare

    bbdog999, posted

    I have the ilucion of someday being able to have sex with a mare!

    corr4546, posted

    lucky guy.

    mikeymoo, posted

    Sehr geil zumal wenn man zwei Stuten zur auswahl hat und beide decken kann das hat seinem Schwanz sicherlich gut getan einfach sexy nur länger hätte es sein können grins...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    nice tight pussy wow

    animallover225, posted

    is there no stoping the beast! lol

    groberhane, posted

    wow great that was a great fuck and no pull out just filled her up great

    pussey, posted

    Wow! What a lucky guy.

    strawbale, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    What a nice pussy to eat; go for it dude

    yiling, posted

    nice video

    7645, posted

    i wanted a creampie!!! but its still good

    Dog_88, posted

    Wow great clip would love to try that!

    Zeus44, posted

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    enjoyed the slow in and out thrusting, careful fucking and liked watching the cum action. the mans dick seemed to get the desired penetration to be able to come to climax, clever move to the second mare, would have liked to see the culmination in to a double climax. the running time is not too long, but long enough to bring man to cum, that mare hole must have been hot and wet enough to make him cum so quickly, I almost came right away by watching, I can only imagene what the guy doing the fucking must have been enjoying the double fuck. the sound is good too.

    trainwell, posted

    Awesome movie were you start out seeing a nice huge cock just about to enter a tight black pussy. First slowly fingers then rubs his head around to tease them both for whats to come soon. As thrusting in and out you can see a flash of pink and more of the guy's member as he is pounding for more. Start out with a slow rhythm just for him to get a warm, wet feel of the mare. Then it becomes overwhelming; he then gives no mercy and pounds until he cums. Claiming this pussy for his own, you see his seed drip at the end of a long good fuck. Sound would be a plus but the action makes up for it.

    wowarthas, posted
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